Miracles (Karamat) of Hazrat Sayyed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar (Rehmatullah alaih)

When Sayed Badi’uddin Shah Madar Sahib reached Ajmer for the first time, it was the 300 hijri era. He stayed on the kokla mountains of Ajmer. Before his arrival to Ajmer, Hazrat Hussein Khing Sawar Sahib and his followers had sacrificed their lives. And their bodies were just lying on the mountains without the kafan, and people used to hear voices of the takbir from them. It was so intense that the one who heard it became deaf. The residents were afraid and also tried to get out of this by calling magicians for stopping these voices with their powers.
But some people who were serious about the matter came forward to Madar Sahib and made him aware of their problem. Madar Sahib assured them that they will be soon out of the current situation as this night very these voices will be stopped. He ordered his followers to go on the Taragadh mountain where these bodies were lying since a long time who’s suffering if known only by the almighty Allah. He asked them to attend the funeral of the ones with all respect and burry according to the rules of Islam. The followers obeyed their master’s orders and the voices stopped.
Next day many people with the curiosity of this miraculous act, came to Madar Sahib and accepted Islam.
Reference: (Sirat-e-Madar, a book of Silisilye Madariya written by Alhaj Syed Mahzar Ali Jafferi Waqari Madari)
Subhan Allah

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