Does Book only give knowledge???

Learning the religion is different to that of reading and listening the religion. Most of the Ummah has stopped learning and they became dependent on a few pages of a couple of books they have read and made their own conclusions about various Islamic issues. We urge the children to learn knowledge through Teachers, the Masters of their Subjects of study. To learn those one needs to seek it thoroughly, seek the knowledge with your heart and soul, seek it with the intention to please Allahﷻ and His Beloved Messengerﷺ not for the sake of world and its reputation. For the knowledge sought for this intention becomes fruitful in hereafter.

People often claim that spirituality doesn’t depends on knowledge and it is just the matter of inheritance. How is the inheritance of such a valuable fruit possible on the barren lands i.e how can the spirituality be transmitted to a person who has no knowledge in his heart and mind? How can be the fruit produced on a tree that hasn’t been given any water?
People should understand that seeking knowledge raises a person to the highest positions of spirituality, as one of the most glorious of Saints, the one of most gifted, Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (May Allah be pleased with him) himself said:

“I acquired knowledge till I became a Polar-Star (Qutub), And I attained Good Luck through the Great Lord.”

By Allah! Knowledge doesn’t comes until and unless one seeks it in the company of the learned, there’s no knowledge from any source, other than this is just information that had been collected.

My teacher, Shaykh Ahmed Saad Al-Azhari (May Allah protect him) said:
“Books do not give you knowledge. The Nur (Light) you take from a teacher cannot be found in books.”

May Allah bless us with the Nur (Light) of the Master of entire realm Prophet Muhammadﷺ, and the Nur transmitted through His blessed family, companions and those descendents and scholars who carried out Prophet’s knowledge to the rest of the world. Aameen!

💖 Ya Rasool Allahﷺ Salaam Alayka 💖