Hazrat Bahauddin Shah Baba (r.a)

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(Rehmatullah’ Allaieh)
(May Allah Shower His Mercy Upon Him & His Family)



Over 305 Years Ago if We Calculate By Today Udru Date (Zil Hajj 1436 Hijri) 
Hazrat Peer Sayyad Sultan Haji Bahauddin Shah Asfahani (Rehmatullah Allaieh) Dargah is 305 Years Old By the Records Of The Land.

It is Said By The Source that Hazrat Bahauddin (rehmatullah Allaieh) used to be A Arabian Merchant (or we can say a Traveller or We can say Islam Spreader) 

In Other sources Which Is Not Authentic which Refers as Fabricated that Hazrat Bahauddin Born In Seven Island (Mumbai) and became an Merchant While The References states he is An Arabian..

But at last Its All Considered him as a Sultan of His era and A Well Merchant of His Era.

(Allah Knows Best)


some of Says By the Old Peoples of Centuries that Hazrat Bahauddin Shah Baba (rehmatullah Allaieh) is a Peaceful Type Personality , He Always used to Call for an Peace Whoever surrounds Him. Dhikr or Zikr of One (Allah) Is His Routine Method of Praying.

If Anyone wants to Meet him so he /she have to Search him near by The sea Side because As Per as Says Hazrat Bahauddin Shah Used to Be near by sea for Zikr e Ilahi and His Merchant Works.

It is Said By Alim of Today Era that He is A Personality Surely who became an Wali in the age of Childhood.


After the Death of The Saint by the Act of World (Quran States That All Muttaqun or Lovable to Allah Never dies because they are alive In They Graves and Enjoying The Bounty & Reward from they Lord)

Saint Is Buried in the Place which Later became one of the Most High Profile Area of Mumbai.

The Income Tax Commissioner Offices & Hospitals & Etc Most Important Building & Sea Side Destination with High Profile Houses.

In the Era after the Independence Government Tried Many times to Destroy The dargah Or flat it up the tomb if No One Is Considering …

But By The Miracle (Qaramat) of Awliya Allah By the order of Allah 
No one be able to Move his Tomb nor be able to destroy nor be able to Permit Rules Over the dargah.

Even Its A Great That Later Mosque Is Built it Up next to dargah in such type of Area.

All of Government Officials & High Profile People used to Visit him In the morning when They are Relating to they jobs.. For example : Income Tax Commissioner Used to pay his visit To dargah and Even doctors of Bombay Hospital Opp. Of Dargah.

Dargah Located: Dhobi Talau, Opp. bombay Hospital, Marine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

•Dargah Structure.

A Small Green Dome With an 800 Square Feet area of Land While Containing Mosque (Masjid) within It.
The Facility of Wadhu I.e Wazu Khana And even well Space for Offering Salah,
Well Marble Covered The Tomb or Mazzar e Mubarak. The Tomb is Flat In actual But The Box of Silver which Is Denoted by Some of Lovers its Used to cover the Flat part of tomb and Shows as Risen Tomb from Ground.
Most of Lovers of Saints (Muslims & Non Muslims) denoted beautiful Chandliner (Jhumbar) with an Silver door To the dargah Which even today can be seen.

(Note: The History of Saint is still Unclear , We only Comment this History by referring some of Elders Who knows About Dargah, if You knew anything about it Please Comment it or Inbox us so we can edit it. Because we don’t want people to be with wrong history if we were wrong)