Volume 1, Parts 1.49.1
Muhammad Ibn `Umar al-Aslami informed us; he said: Muhammad Ibn
Lut al-Nawfali related to me on the authority of `Awn Ibn `Abd Allah
Ibn al-Hàrith Ibn Nawfal; (second chain) he (Ibn Sa’d) said; `Ayidh Ibn
Yahya related to me on the authority of Abu al-Huwayrith; (third chain)
he (lbn Sa`d) said; Muhammad Ibn ‘Abd Allah, the son of al-Zuhri’s
brother related to me on the authority of his father, he on the authority
of `Abd Allah Ibn Tha`labah Ibn Su’ayr al-`Udhri; their consolidated
narration is:
When the Quraysh witnessed the manifestation of Islam and saw the
Muslims sitting round the Ka`bah, they were bewildered. They went to
Abu Talib, to whose presence they were admitted. Then they said: You
are our chief and noble in descent; have you observed what these fools
have done with your brother’s son, by abandoning our deities, taunting
us and belittling our intelligence? They had brought with them `Umarah
lbn al-Walid Ibn al-Mughirah about whom they said: We have brought a
youth of the Quraysh who is handome, of noble descent, and a poet. We
want to hand him over to you so that you may enjoy his support and
inheritance and we request you to hand over your brother’s son to us so
that we may slay him. It will be a source of unity in the family and will
bring happiness in the end. Abu Talib said: By Allah, you have not done
justice to us; you want to hand over your son to me to be fed by me for
you and hand over my brother’s son to you to be killed. Is this justice to
an humble and poor person? They said: Send for him, we will ask him to
judge. [P. 135] Abu Talib sent for him. Thereupon the Apostle of Allah,
may Allah bless him, came. He (Abu TAlib) said: 0 my brother’s son !
they are your uncles and are the leading men of your tribe, and they have
come to ask for justice. The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said:
Speak, I (am ready to) hear. They said: Leave us and our deities, and we
will leave you and your Lord. Abu Tálib said: The (leaders of the) tribe
have done justice to you, so accept it. The Apostle of Allah, may Allah
bless him, said: Will you like to pledge your word to me, if I give this to
you. By that word you will overpower Arabia and the part of Persia that
adjoins it. Abu Jahl said: Verily, that word must be advantageous. By
your father ! we will repeat it and ten others like it: He said: Say: There
is no god but Allah. They grew angry and displeased and got up saying
(among themselves): Keep fast to your deities, verily, that is our ultimate
objective. It is said that the person who uttered these words was `Ugbah
Ibn Abi Mu`ayt. They said: We will not approach him again and it is
better if Muhammad is slain deceitfully. On the evening following that
night, the Apostle of Allah, disappeared. Abu Talib and his uncles came
to his dwelling but did not find him. He (Abu Tàlib) gathered the young
men of Banu Hashim and Banu al-Muttalib, and said to them: Every one
of you should take a sharp sword, and then follow me. When I enter the
Ka’bah every young man of you should select one chief from among them
including Ibn al-Hanzaliyah i.e., Abu Jahl; because if Muhammad is slain
he cannot be ignorant of it (plot). The young men said: We will do it. In
the meantime Zayd Ibn al-Harithah stepped in and saw Abu Talib in this
condition. He (Abu Tálib) said: 0 Zayd ! have you seen my brother’s son?
He said: Yes, just now I was with him. Abu Talib said: I shall not enter
my house unless I see him. Zayd went back hastily till he approached the
Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, who was in a house near al-Safa
talking to his Companions. He conveyed the news to him. The Apostle of
Allah, may Allah bless him, came to Abu Talib. He said: 0 my brother’s
son ! where had you been and were you all right? He said: Yes. He (Abu
Taiib) said: Enter your house. The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him,
entered (the house). When Abu Tállb got up in the morning he came to
the Prophet, may Allah bless him, caught him by hand and stood near the
place where the Quraysh used to assemble, and the youth of Banu
Hashim and Banu Muttalib were with him. Then he said: 0 people of the
Quraysh! Do you know what I intend to do? They said: No. He conveyed
the news to them and said to the young men: Show what is in your hands.
They showed; and lo ! everyone had a sharp sword. Then he said: Had
you slain him (Prophet), none of you would have remained alive and you
and we would have perished. They all ran away and the quickest to run
was Abu Jahl.

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