Unique greatness and majesty of Hazrat Saiyeda Fatema Zahara AlahisSalam.

The spiritual practitioners have described three points of Huzur ﷺ nearness with Allah, the Almighty viz. the vicinity in (i) obligatory duties (Kurb-ul-Faraiz), (ii) voluntary duties (Kurb-un-Navafil) and (iii) physical duties (Kurb-ul-Vujud). The references of first and the second are in the Hadith-i-Kudsi wherein Allah, the Almighty says,

Translation: “None of my followers has come near me through any aspect which is better than the duties fixed for, and loved, by me. If my follower tries to come near me through the obligatory deeds, I will love him. And, once he acquires the nearness, he will be fortunate enough to get my Divine Light. This Divine Light will be his ears through which he hears, his eyes through which he sees, his hands through which he works and his legs through which he walks. Whatsoever he wishes, I will give him. If he requests for the shelter, I will keep him in my protection. (Mishkat, Bukhari)

In this Hadith, the voluntary (Kurb-e-Nawafil) and obligatory (Kurb-eFaraiz) duties are described. Below is given its explanation.

(1) When someone performs these duties with honesty, sincerity and commitment, he is bestowed with the nearness of Allah. These works are known as the obligatory duties (Kurb-e-Faraiz). (ii) With the obligatory duties, if one does the voluntary duties (Kurb-e-Nawafil) also with the same honesty, sincerity and commitment, he does get the vicinity of Allah, the Almighty

In addition to Kurb-e-Faraiz and Kurb-e-Nawafil, there are a third means of acquiring proximity of Allah, and it is known as the nearness of being or existence (Kurb-e-Vajud). The very being or the existence of man itself is containing the nearness of Allah, Man’s very existence, his devotional and pure nature, the divine spirit in him, etc. contain the essence of the Holy Prophet ﷺ. Such a person is very near to Allah, is loved by Allah, and there is none other like him, for, he has the essence of Nabi. In the Hadiths, it has been said for Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalamFatema AlahisSalam is a part of my being. One, who displeases her, displeases

This is because; she has the essence of Nabi Pakﷺ This is the nearness of existence. None can be compared with the one who has been fortunate to have this privilege. It is for this that Imam Malik Rehmatullah alaih said:

“Because of this, I do not consider anyone better than the existence of Rasul (Bud’at-ul-Rasul).”

On this subject, Shaikh Abdul Haq Mohaddith Dehlviste writes in Ashiatullm’aat Vol-4, p-684:

“Nobody can be put on the level of Hazrat Fatema AlahisSalam and Hazrat Hasnain AlahisSalam in respect of purity of pedigree, nature, spiritual values, higher virtues and ethical norms.

The unique greatness and majesty of Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam is that she is Bud’at-ul-Rasul. Some people have translated Bud’at-ul-Rasul as the part of the heart of Rasul ﷺ and piece of the heart of Rasul ﷺ Sheikh Abdul Haq Mohaddith Dehlvi Rehmatullah alaih calls it, the corner of Huzur ﷺ heart (Gosht Par-i-Rasult’). (Ashiatullm’aat Vol-4, p-685)

On this virtue of Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam Allama-e-Hind Hazrat Allama Ghulam Azad says with great faith.

Translation: “Last night a person said, ‘Hazrat Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo daughter Hazrat Ayesha SalamUllahAlaiha is better than Rasul-i-Khuda ﷺ daughter Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam In the reply I said, the relations are one thing, and the part of existence-very being is absolutely another thing.”

As Hazrat Ayesha SalamUllahAlaiha had been fortunate to get the proximity of Huzur ﷺ she had equally been privileged by the blessings of Allah, the Almighty in the matters of fruits of obligatory and voluntary prayers and deeds. She had been, in short, bestowed upon with all three means of nearness. There are so many secrets of Allah in these.

One and the great secret was that such a pious and divine motherhood and the lap was necessary for bringing up a personality like Hasanain AlahisSalam from and through whom the spiritual tradition of seekers started and who never skipped over the obligatory and voluntary duties. Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam devotion, worship, observing the principle of greatest welfare of the others, sacrifice, patience and moral commitment were such great that no woman could be compared to her throughout the human world and history.

Let us send Peace and Blessings to Huzoor ﷺ and her pious and noble daughter Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam

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