There  was  a  remarkable  incident  during  the  voyage,  which  throws  light  on  his  spiritual 
eminence  and  nobility  of  his  conception  of  life,  devoted  to  uplifting  his  soul  for  the  correct 
guidance  of  erring  humanity.  He  was  at  that  time  fasting  and  would  break  his  fast  with 
whatever was available. 
He boarded the ship while fasting and took nothing to break his fast suddenly the ship lost its 
propulsive  motion  and  was  becalmed.  It  is  narrated  that  very  night  Mohammed  Zia‐ud‐din 
Saint a prominent merchant of Bombay travelling in the same ship saw in this dream our Holy 
Prophet (peace be on upon Him) saying, “Zia‐ud‐din you are eating, but at the same time think 
of  your  co‐passengers.”  Opening  his  eyes  the  fortunate  Saint  recalling  the  command  of  our 
Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) bestirred himself to carry it out. To obviate the difficulty of 
searching the real person on whose behalf the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) came in his 
dream, finding none he searched every nook and corner of the ship. Finally in a dark niche he 
found a  solitary  figure lost in deep meditation. He entreated Sarkar Waris  to honour him  by 
accepting his invitation. 
It was a marvel of Omnipotent Divine power that as soon as our Saint conceded to accept the 
invitation of his host the ship resumed its motion and the journey was continued.The co‐passengers stunned at this Divine miracle, were captivated and became attached to our 
youthful Saint. Saint Zia‐ud‐din and many joined his cult holding him in highest estimation. 


Zikr e Hazrat Waris Pak Rehmatullahi Alaihi part 6



Hazrat ka nasab naam padri moula e kayanat imam auliya hazratoali karamallahu wajahul kareem par is tarah muntahi hota hai.

Hazrat haji saiyed waris Ali shah bin saiyed qurban Ali shah bin saiyed salamat Ali shah bin saiyed karam Allah bin meera saiyed umar hamad bin saiyed abdul ahaad bin saiyed abdul alaad bin saiyed noor bin saiyed umarshah bin saiyed jainulaabdeen bin saiyed abdul wahid bin saiyed alauddin ali ahmed bin saiyed azizuddin bin saiyed ashraf abbe talib bin saiyed marook bin saiyed abu kasim bin saiyed aksari bin saiyed abu Muhammad bin saiyed Muhammad jafar bin saiyed Muhammad bin mehndi bin saiyed ali raza bin saiyed kasim hamza bin imam musa kazim alahissalam bin hazrat imam jafar sadiq bin hazrat imam baker bin imam jainulaabdeen alaihissalam bin hazrat imam hussain alaihisslam bin imam auliya hazrat ali karamallahu wazahul kareem bajah damad e sarware aalam Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa sallAllahu alaihi wasallam is tarah hazrat walid ki taraf se husaaini saiyed hai.


Hazrat ka nasab nama madri bhi moula e kaynaat imam aulliya hazrat ali karam allahu wajahul kareem par is trah juntahi hota hai.

Saiyed bibi sakina urf chandan bibi bint bibi saiyed shair ali bin saiyed karam Allah bin miran saiyed ahmed bin saiyed Abdullah had bin saiyed umar noor bin saiyed jainulaabdeen bin saiyed umarshah bin saiyed abdul wahid bin saiyed Abdullah bin alaauddin ali buzurg bin saiyed mardook bin saiyed abul kasim bin saiyed askari bin saiyed abb Muhammad bin saiyed Muhammad jafar bin saiyed Muhammad mehndi bin saiyed ali raza bin saiyed kasim hamza bin hazrat imam musa kazim bin hazrat imam jafar sadik bin hazrat imam Muhammad baker alaihissalam bin hazrat imam jainulaabdeen bin hazrat imam hussnain alaihissalam bin imam e aulliya hazrat ali karam Allahu wajahul kareem damade sarawre aalam hazrat Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alaihi wasallam is trah walida majida ke silsile se bhi hasni saiyed hai,