Maula Ali AlaihisSalam ka Zikr e Jameel 3

“Hazat Shuaba Salma bin Kuhail Radiallahu anhoo se riwayat karte hain ke maine Abu Tufal se suna
ke Abu Sareeha……ya Zaid bin Arkam se marvi
hai (Shuaba ko raawi ke mutaalliq shak hai) ke Huzoor Nabi Kareem ﷺ
farmaya: Jiska Mai Maula hun, uska Ali Maula hai.”

Is Hadees ko Imam Tirmizi ne riwayat kiya aur farmaya: Ye Hadees Hasan Saheeh hai.

Hazrat Imran bin Hussain Radiallahu anhoo taweel riwayat me bayan karte hain ke Huzoor Nabi Akram ﷺ ne farmaya: Beshak Ali Mujhse hai aur Mai usse hun aur Mere baad wo har musalman ka wali hai.”

Is Hadees ko Imam Tirmizi, Nasai, Ahmed aur Ibne Hibban ne riwayat kiya hai. Aur Imam Tirmizi ne farmaya: Ye Hadess Hasan gareeb hai. Aur Imam Haakim
ne farmaya: Ye Hadees Imam Muslim ki Sharait par Saheeh hai.

Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqqas Radiallahu anhoo se marvi hai ke maine Huzoor Nabi Akram y ko ye farmate hue suna: ‘Jiska Mai wali hun uska Ali wali hai’.Aur maine AAPﷺ ko (Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam se )ye farmate hue suna Tum mere liye usi tarah ho jaise Haroon AlahisSalam , Musa AlahisSalam ke liye they, magar mere baad koi Nabi nahi’. Aur maine Aap ﷺ ko (Gazwa-e-Khayber ke mauke par) ye bhi farmate hue suna: ‘Mai aaj us shaks ko jhanda ata karunga jo Allah aur Uske Rasool ﷺ se Muhabbat karta hai’.”

Is Hadees ko Imam Ibne Maajjah aur Imam Nasai ne Khasais-e-Ali ibne

“Hazrat Buraida Radiallahu anhoo se marvi hai ke maine Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam ke sath Yeman ke gazwah me shirkat ki jisme mujhe Aapse kuch shikwa hua. Jab mai Huzoor Nabi Akram en ki khidmat me wapas aaya to maine Aap ﷺ ke saamne

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam ka zikar karte hue unki tankees ki to maine dekha ke Huzoor ﷺ ka Chehra Mubarak mutagaiyar hogaya aur Aap up ne farmaya: ‘Ay Buraiada! kya mai momin ki jaano se zyada kareebtar nahi hun?’ To maine arz kiya: ‘Kyu nahi, Ya RasoolAllah ﷺ (beshak Aap hain).’ Is par Aap ﷺ ne farmaya: Jiska mai maula hun uska Ali maula hai’.

Is Hadees ko Imam Ahmed, Nasai aur Ibne Abi Shaiba ne riwayat kiya hai. Aur Imam Hakeem ne farmaya: Ye Hadees Sahih hai.

Umarin Zee Murrin aur Zaid ibne Arkam Radiallahu anhoo se marvi ke Huzoor Nabi Pakﷺ
ne Gadeer-e-Khum ke makaam par khitaab farmaya. Aap ﷺ ne farmaya: ‘Jiska Mai maula hun uska Ali maula hai, Ay Allah! Jo Isey dost rakhe tu usey dost rakh aur jo Issey adawat rakhe Tu bhi ussey adawat rakh, aur jo Iski nusrat kare uski Tu nusrat farma aur jo Iski
e-aanat kare Tu uski e-aanat farma’.”

Is Hadees ko Imam Tabrani aur Nasai ne Khasais me riwayat kiya hai.


Hayat‐e‐Waris part 1

(Daughter Married to Hazrat Ali­ Murtaza)
Hazrat Imam Hussein                                Hazrat Imam Hassan  
1. Imam Zain‐ul‐Aabedin 
2. Imam Baqar 
3. Imam Jafar Sadique 
4. Imam Musa Qazim 
5. Seyad Qasim Hamza 
6. Seyad Ali‐Ba‐Raza 
7. Seyad Mohammad Mehdi 
8. Seyad Mohammad Jafar 
9. Seyad Abu‐Mohammad 
10. Seyad Askari 
11. Seyad Abu‐ul‐Qasim 
12. Seyad Mehrooque 
13. Seyad Ashraf Ab‐e‐ Talib 
14. Seyad Aziz‐ud‐Din 
15. Seyad Allo‐ud‐Din Ali 
16. Seyad Abd‐ul‐Aahad 
17. Seyad Abd‐ul‐Wahid 
18. Seyad Ummar Shah 
19. Seyad Zain‐ul‐Aabedin 
20. Seyad Ummar Noor 
21. Seyad Abd‐ul‐Aahad 
22. Meeran Seyad Ahmad 
23. Seyad Karam‐Allah 
24. Seyad Salamat Ali Shah 
25. Seyad Qurban Ali Shah 
26. Seyad Waris Ali Shah 


Unique personalities and those near to God rarely appear in the world and take birth in most 
respectable  and  distinguished  families.  From  such  personalities  fountains  of  blessings  and 
bounties gush forth waters of immortality and revive the dejected morbid souls. 
He is a direct descendant of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him), Hazrat 
Bibi Fatima‐tuz‐Zuhrah, and Hazrat Hussein, as illustrated by his genealogical table. 

Our  Saint  SARKAR  WARIS  was  born  on  1st  Ramadan  (Islamic  month)  Friday,  1228.  Hijrah, 
according  to  MAROO  SHAH  alias  KAMRAN  MIAN,  This  version  is  regarded  as  the  most 
authoritative as KAMRAN MIAN was  the son of SARKAR WARIS’ own aunt. He was born  to a 
family  of  learned  and  distinguished  Syeds  of  NISHAPUR  (IRAN)  an  off  shoot  of  twenty  six 
generation of Imam‐ibn‐e‐ Imam Moosa Kazim. Hence authoritative and persons of eminence 
of Deva Sharif avow that his ancestors belonged to the noble and distinguished family of Syeds 
of Nishapur. Syed ASHRAF ABI TALIB migrated to India with his family. 
Maulana Syed Muhi‐ud‐din Rasoolpuri, a venerable scholar and aged person of this family and 
a  descendant  of  the  fourth  generation  of  Hazrat  Ala‐ud‐din  states  in  his  book  a  Persian 
manuscript titled “SEERUL SADATS” (Biography of Syeds) in [02] Hijrah that HILAKU KHAN, a 
family  enemy  of  the  descendants  of  Hazrat  Bibi  Fatima‐tuz‐Zuhrah  sacked  Baghdad  in  657 
Hijrah  putting  an  end  to  the  rule  of  caliph  Muhtassim  billah,  The  last  ruler  of  the  Abbasiya 
dynasty.  When  he  ravaged  the  city  and  its  surroundings  by  fire  and  sword  Sarkar  Waris 
remote ancestor Syed Ashraf Abi Talib, a contemporary of learned scholars and savants, their 
chief leader and mentor migrated to Nishapur and then to India.
He settled in the outskirts of KUNTUR town of Bara Banki District. He built a home there, now 
known as Rasoolpur. Its main gate still survives and is called “ALAUD‐DIN GATE” because Ala‐
ud‐din was the grandson of Syed Ashraf Abi Talib, a venerable person held in high esteem as 
one of the deceased Caliphs of Shah Nasir‐ud‐Deen Chiragh Dehlve. It is universally admitted that Our Saint Sarkar Waris’ remote ancestor Syed Ashraf Abi Talib, 
when he migrated from Nishapur to settle at KUNTUR was a pure Kazimi Syed maintaining his 
descent of pure blood  from the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) intact, 
without any intermarriage in any family other than Syeds. Even our Saint SARKAR WARIS ALl 
SHAH  spoke  about  the  distinct  dignity  of  his  family  circle. He  gave  some  concrete  examples 
about his assertion. For instance one of the Syeds of Nishapur was apparently suspected to be 
an addict of wine drinking. To corroborate this allegation, burning  fire was placed on the out 
skirt of his garment but it did not catch fire. 

Similarly when ladies of Syed’s family were invited to participate in some ceremonial dinner to 
pray  for  the dead such as  “Bibi Fatima  ki SANAK”  (MAKING OFFERING TO God with prayer) 
were  given lime  (calcium‐oxide)  first  to  eat  to  test  their  blood.  If  they  did  not  feel its  biting 
effect  or  doubting  the  purity  of  our Saint’s ancestor’s  blood. In  spite  of migration  the  family 
tradition with great care.  
For instance  Janab Bedam Shah Warisi who is a mendicant of Sarkar Waris since  forty years 
said,  “During  the  Winter  I  came  to  Deva  Sherif.  Sarkar  Waris  was  resting  in  his  room  and 
Maulvi Abdul Hai Sahib Warisi Jigori was pressing his feet. I also sat beside him, Directing his 
gaze at Maulvi Sahib Sarkar spoke: Our ancestors thought of coming to India but first went to 
Khorasan and keeping their hands on Hazrat Imam Raza’s tomb pledged that in spite of going 
to India would maintain the purity of their blood under any condition and would never mar its 
purity. Likewise our ancestors kept  their word and it so happened if no boy was born in our 
family, then the girls remained virgins and died but never married outside. In case a girl could 
not be secured in the family, then the men grew old but did not marry in other Syed families. In 
fact  my  paternal  grand  father  married  at  the  age  of  sixty  to  my  grand  mother  who  only 
After  four  centuries  of  stay  at  KUNTUR,  Syed  Abdul  Ahad  due  to  some  reason  (eighth 
generation  descendant  of  Syed  Ashraf  Abi  Talib)  shifted  in  1127  Hijrah  to  Deva  Sherif.  The 
people  of  Deva  Sherif  felt  happy  at  this  change  of  residence  of  our  Saint’s  ancestors,  whose 
bounties and generosities had already won the hearts of the people. Besides, Syed Abdul Ahad 
was a learned savant of Islamic Jurisprudence, a well informed mystic and a qualified teacher 
as well as an apt religious guide, to turn the attention of the people to traverse on the path of 
rectitude. Miran Syed Ahmed Ali was born at Deva Sherif in 1141 Hijrah. He was the father of 
Syed Karmullah whose sons were Syed Salamat Ali, Syed Basharat Ali and Syed Sher Ali. 
Syed Salamat Ali had  two sons, one was Syed Qarram Ali, whose descendants are in Bareilly 
the  other  was  Syed  Qurban  Ali  Shah,  the  father  of  our  Saint Waris  Ali  Shah. He married  his uncle Syed Sher Ali’s daughter Syed Bibi Sakina alias Chandan Bibi on whom God bestowed the 
honour of being the mother of such an inimitable personality as our Saint. 

The glad  tidings of  the birth of our Saint Sarkar Waris Ali Shah, it is said was predicted long 
back  by  exalted  saints  during  their  respective  periods,  even  his  attributes  and  bounties 
including his way of life. 
One day while Miran Syed Ahmed was sitting on the tank parapet engaged in discussion with 
his  mystic  companions  an  unknown  Dervish  approached  and  announced  in  Arabic  the  glad 
tidings of the birth of the spiritual mentor of world‐wide fame and a prodigy of divine favour 
who would lead the astray to the right path of love of God and humanity. The dervish said, “As‐
salaam  walaika  wa‐Aala  wo‐Zaalikallazi,  Fi‐sulbika  innallaha  bizahoori‐hi  Fatooba  lakum  Ya 
Syedi  Miran  Syed  Ahmed  Farmoodare  mibinam  Shamim  Mashk  barishi  dar  chamanistan‐e‐
Alam munthashar wo zia‐e‐husn wo jamalish choon Mehr_thaban mun fashar. 
Meaning of the Prophecy of the Dervish. 
“My  greetings  to  you  and  the  same  to  him  who  will  take  birth  in  your  family. 
Undoubtedly  the  glorified  God  has  illuminated  your  forehead.  By  His  light  and 
manifestation  has  enlightened  the  world.  Oh  my  Chief  I  offer  to  you  my  hearty 
Hearing this Miran Syed Ahmed said, “Yes I am seeking the fragrance of his musk emitting and 
spreading throughout the world garden and the lustre of his beauty has spread like the rays of 
the sun.” 
His companions asked the significance and explanation of this talk as they could not make out 
to  which  child  the  venerated  dervish  referred  the  good  tidings.  And  he  said,  “You  have 
confirmed the happy news. If you do not mind may we be informed about this sacred talk?” 
Miran Syed Ahmed said, “God by His kindness has bestowed on me a son. He will open his eyes 
in this world after five generations. It is a true fact that he will be the light of his soul and heart. 
The numerical figures of his name will form two words. His name will be one of the beautiful 
ninety nine epithets of God Almighty. His name will spill over the boundaries of  two worlds. 
His behaviour and kindness will resemble the light of Mustapha’s (chosen Holy Prophet’s title) 
bed chamber and Hazrat Ali Murtuza’s a beautiful tree of his garden and his hut of final stage of 
his  penury.  In  his  tavern  the  secret  of  the  Creation’s  Day  is  hidden.  He  is  the  lion  of  love’s 
jungle.  He  is  the  popular  from  East  to  West,  Youths,  Magus  (Fire  Worshippers)  Jews  and 
Christians will acknowledge him as their leader and he will be the guide of every religion. He 
will  fulfil  the aspirations and hopes of everyone. Those who  trek in  the path of unity of God, those mystics who meditated on the mat, those who dived into the ocean of truth; those who 
unravel the secrets of mysticism those who love to sit on the throne in their mansions; the lion‐
hearted; horseman and those riders who ride on the plane of knew the secret of the association 
of  angels;  those who  sacrifice  their  heads  on  the  plain  of Omnipotence;  those who  aspire  to 
annihilate themselves on the acme of annihilation all these will form the circle of this Head of 
the Spiritual Tavern. 
The Numeral of Sarkar Waris Name is 707. 
It is a known fact each Arabic letter common to the Persian, Urdu and Pashto script has a fixed 
numerical number. The derivation of numerical figures of SARKAR WARIS’ and which is 707 is 
shown as follows from the words of the dervish and Miran Syed Ahmed’s reference to Sarkar 
Waris as “Noor deeda” and Jigar Band. 

Noor deeda  279  Jigar Band  279  707
Miran Syed Ahmed  482  Miran Syed Ahmed  482  707
  Jim   3  Noor   50    Mim   40 
Gaf   0  Wau   6   Ye   10  
 Ray   200  Ray   200   Ray   200 
 Bay   2  Dal   4   Alif   1 
   Noon   50  Ya   10  Noon   50
 Dal   4  Dak   4   Sin   60 
279 Hay   5   Ye   10   
  279 Dal   4     
        Alif   1     
        Hai   8     
        Mim   40     
        Dal  4     
Since the letter ‘Gaf’ is not used in Arabic the numeral of ‘Kaf’ is used. 
W    A   R    I    S
Wau   6 
Alif   1 
Ray   200 
Sat   500 


*بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ*


*Imam Baqir(as) ne farmaya*
*Allah (swt) ne H.Ali (as) ko* apne aur apni makhlooq ki darmiyaan *nishani karar diya hai. Jo inki marefat rakhta hai vo momin hai jo inka inkaar karta hai vo kaafir hai*….. Aur jo ( Khuda ki bargah me) inki wilayat ke saath hazir hoga vo Jannat me dakhil hoga.

Imam Baqir (as) said
*Surely Allah, Mighty and Magistic be He, made Ali (as) as a sign* between Him and His creation. Then the *one who recognise him (as) is a believer and the one who rejects him (as) is a disbeliever*… and the one who reaches ( Allah) with his Wilayat (Mastership ) will enter paradise.

Holy name; Abu Turab – its explanation.

Holy name; Abu Turab – its explanation:

The verbal meaning of ‘Abu Turab’ is ‘Father of Earth’ (Mitti ka Baap). In all the four elements, only the earth is such an element that absorbs the element of light. Rest of the elements does not have this attribute. It can be tested. Let us take the example of water. If a light is thrown through the raining water, it will pass through it because water does not have the power of absorption of light. In the same way, neither fire nor air can absorb light. It is seen that in all the elements, water, fire and air do not have the capacity to absorb light. Now, only the earth is left that absorbs the light.

In short, in all the elements, it is only the earth that absorbs light into it. It is because of this that Allah’s Caliph, Hazrat Adam AlahisSalam was made of clay, for, the existence of Allah’s Caliph, should be competent enough to bear the Divine Light. It should have this capacity because then only Allah’s Divine Light can be received by it. It should have the capacity of absorption.

Thus, the peculiarity and unique attribute of clay should be understood properly; that it has the ability to absorb light. That’s why Allah’s Auliya (plural of Vali-a person very near to Allah and knows the secret of spiritual life) are humble and mild like clay. Their hearts are filled with divine light. Saiyedna Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was the great spiritual father and Imam (one who leads the prayer) of such noble and pious people. It is for this that Huzur ﷺ had addressed him as Abu Turab. Turab does mean clay or earth, but here the meaning implied is not that. The implication is that he has the qualities and attributes like those of clay, i.e humble, mild etc. It indicates that Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was so modest and honest-to-goodness. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam though was the spiritual father of all the believers and people of the righteous path. Without his support and nearness, none could achieve the highest stage (manzil) in Sufi practices. The logical explanation has already been given of this through wide discussions in the Hadith-i Saklain. The explanation given above is not the contribution of the writer of this book, but it has been quoted from Hazrat Mujaddid Sarhindi’s spiritual master, a perfect saint (Vali-e-Kamil), a very learned person (Arif-eAkamal) Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Baqi Billah’s literature. The pioneer of the time, Shaikh Abdul Haq Mohaddith-e-Dehlvi , in his very basic book “Sharah Safrus-s-sa’ada” has discussed this point at a great length. Hazrat Baqi Billah’s thoughts also have been quoted. The whole discussion is worth reading. First of all, Hazrat Shaikh has written its Persian translation, wherein, he has stated, when, Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was honoured with the title “Abu Turab.” While translating this Hadith, we keep before us the interpretation given by Muslim. Hazrat Sahal Bin Sa’ad has described in Sahih Muslim, “Once, Rasulallah ﷺ came to Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam house. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was not present there. He said, ‘Where is your Ibn-i-Amm (Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam)?’ She said, ‘On a particular point, there was a difference of opinion between us, which made me sorry. On this, he left the house, even without having his usual afternoon nap.’ Now, Rasulallah ﷺ told a man ‘See, where Ali .’ The man returned and said, ‘O’Rasulallah ﷺ he is sleeping in the mosque.’ Rasulallah ﷺ came to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam in the mosque and saw that he was sleeping by the side. The sheet covering him was displaced and his back was dusted. While cleaning the dust, Huzur ﷺ said, “Abu Turab, wake up! Abu Turab, get up!’

Hazrat Mohaddith Dehlvi says, “Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam enemies and opponents used to address him as Abu Turab with a view to insulting him. But, in fact, these words indicated great honour and respect. Many researchers of the path have interpreted this as a symbol for a deep secret of spiritualism. The secrets of Sufi practices are indicated by this, which provide strong support of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam having a very high state of spiritualism and the realization of the self.”

The word “Turab’ for him implies his love for the unity and annihilation of Allah. Therefore, finally, from the above points, the meaning of word“Turab’ that was derived shows that Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was the spiritual leader, master and Imam of the contented, ready for sacrifice and the unique people of the path. This makes him the last loop of all the Sufi traditions of Spiritual Masters-Traditions. (Mashaikh-i-Tariqat)