Life of Hazrat Syedah Fatima Zahara AlahisSalam..part 3

The sad demise of Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam and the final bath and burial

Six months after Huzur ﷺ departure, she also left this finite world on 4th of Ramadan ul Mubarak, Hijri 11 and met her holy father. At that time, she was 23. Holy Hasnain AlahisSalam. Hazrat Umm-i-Kulsum Hazrat Rukaiyyah, Hazrat Zainab SalamUllahAlaiha and Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam were all sunk in an ocean of sorrow.

As Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam was very much modest, some days before her final departure, she told Hazrat Asma-binte-Umais Radiallahu anhoo “While taking male or female’s bier to the burial ground, it is kept open. I do not like that. The open bier exposes woman’s veils.”

On this, Hazrat Asma requested Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam, “O’ part of Holy Rasul ﷺ existence, I have seen a tradition in the land of Negros, where the bier of a woman is covered. If you permit, I may show it to you.”

Then she asked for some branches of date and tied them with cloth, which looked like a veil. Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam liked it very much, and on her bier, the same type of veil was put on. Till today, the female-bier is covered with the sheet of cloth. This tradition has been started by the suggestion of Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam.

It is given in Akmal fi Asmai Rlrijal that Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam. was buried during the night and her funeral prayer was led by Hazrat Abbas Radiallahu anhoo The author of this book agrees with this point. “The tradition in our city of seeking permission from an elderly person from the family to offer funeral-prayer of the deceased is a good practice.” Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam made Hazrat Abbasiert lead Hazrat Saiyeda’s funeral prayer because he was a respected older adult of the Hashim tribe and uncle of Huzur veti and Hazrat Aliff. That is, the elderly and respected person of the family should be honoured.

Where is the holy grave of Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam?? There are many reports and rumours about this. Generally, it is believed that she has been buried in the paradise of high grade (Jannat-ul-Baqi). Near her, there is a holy grave of Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam. Holy graves of Hazrat Abbas Radiallahu anhoo Hazrat Imam Baqir AlahisSalam and Hazrat Imam Jafar AlaihisSalam are also there. Besides this, there are various opinions about this matter. One opinion is that she is buried at “Dar-i-Aqeel.” Another opinion states that her shrine is in the mosque of Fatiman (Masjid-i-Fatima), which is in Jannat-ul-Baqi. Still there are two opinions, one of which says, it is in the holy shrine of Huzur ﷺ (Roza-i-Nabvi), while the another believes it is behind it. Mulla Qari has said on pg#341 of his “Al Maslak-ul-Mutaqassit Sharh Lubab-ulManasik” after paying tribute to Huzur ﷺ, the pilgrims visit its rear portion with great hopes and expectations, because it is said that Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam holy grave is in that area. He says and believes that this only is the authentic and holy opinion.

Glories of the Children of Saiyeda Fatima AlahisSalam

Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam had six children . Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam Hazrat Imam Husain AlaihisSalam Hazrat Kulsum, Hazrat Zainab SalamUllahAlaih and Hazrat Ruqaiyyah SalamUllahAlaiha The sixth onė, i.e. Hazrat Mohsin, died during childhood. Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam and Hazrat Imam Husain AlaihisSalam are among the most important personalities of the History of Islam. All the Muslims are under their great obligation. Hazrat Zainab SalamUllahAlaiha and Hazrat Kulsum SalamUllahAlaiha were present during the Karbala-episode; hence, they too are equally popular. They have shown to the ladies of the Muslim world, how calm and patient they should be during the calamities that snatch away all their belongings, including kith and kin. In fact, there is no other example of such a great sacrifice and patience in the whole history of Islam. This is a glaring and unique test for the training of self-realization.

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