Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)

  • Name : Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah (R.A)
  • Titles : Dada Miyan (R.A.)
  • Silsila : Qadri, Chisti
  • Predecessor : Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen (R.A)
  • Successor : Hazrat Rahat Hasan Shah (R.A)
  • Date of Birth : 25th Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1284 Hijri
  • Date of Wisaal : 24th Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1329 Hijri
  • Date of Urs : 24th Rabi-ul-Awwal
  • Resting at : Dada Miya Road, The Mall Avenue, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001, India.

HistoryHazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah (R.A) far-famed as Dada Miya (R.A.) was born on Monday, 25th of Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1284 Hijri in Village- Bhainsodi Shareef, Rampur, UP, India.
Three signs of saintliness and holiness were noticed since his birth.

  • He always stayed away from childhood games and fun.
  • At the age of 4 years and 4 months he recited Bismillah Shareef (to start read to holy Quran).
  • In the next few years he got perfection in Islamic and universal studies.

In 1886 Huzoor Dada Miyan was married to the daughter of Khan Bahadur Sahib, the District Magistrate of Village-Darao, Nainital. A year after his marriage Huzoor Dada Miyan R.A. joined service with the Second Regiment of Bengal Lancers. During his service period the English Officers saw his spiritual virtues and miracles and remained very generous to him.
Once Hazrat Shah Mohammad Abdul Hai (R.A.), of Islamabad and Chittagong (most popularly known as Fakhrul Arifeen) intentionally came to Calcutta to travel across India and there he stayed at the palace of Deputy Badi-ul-Alam Sahib, disciple of Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen. During Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen’s stay at Deputy Sahib’s residence Dada Miya met Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen and at first sight Dada Miyan’s heart begin to burn with the devotional love of the Almighty. In the immediate night Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen specially prayed to the Almighty to bestow Hazrat Dada Miya upon him as his disciple and his prayer was fulfilled. In the morning the next day Dada Miya appeared before him and became his disciple. After becoming the disciple, Dada Miya lost his attachment to the wordily desires and affairs. After sometime with the permission of Nawab Sahib (in whose association Dada Miya was) Dada Miya started his prayers for the spiritual strife (i.e. Riyaaz-o-mujahida). Now, his routine was entirely changed. The entire night he offered prayers (qayamul-lail) and during daytime kept fasts (saayerun nahar). At times, he used to offer morning prayers (Fajar Namaz) with ablution of Isha (last prayer of night). Over the time he absorbed in the thoughts of Almighty which became sign of his life. He performed several Chillas (forty days of solitary confinement in the thoughts of Almighty for spiritual attainment). Huzoor Dada Miya performed one such Chilla at Mirza Khel, Bangladesh. During the stay he kept fast and used to open his fast with little food and his entire night used to pass in prayers. In the all forty days of his Chilla he ate a very simple vegetarian food.
merely after a few years of Bait (becoming disciple), on seeing the inner purity of soul, devotion and spiritual performances of Hazrat Dada Miya, his Peer-o-Murshid realized that this disciple has conquered complete control and purity, and then bestowed upon him KHILAFAT (Lieutenancy) and Ijazat as destined during the Urs Mubarak of Mukhdum-e-Aalam Sheikh Abdul Haque Rudolvi (R.A.) and instructed that “live this life with mujahida (crusade) for the benefit of mankind and for the blessings of God Almighty and his beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H.).” After his Khilafat and Ijazat, he went to pay tribute to Ajmer Sharif i.e. at the shrine of Ataa-e-Rasul Khwaja Hindal Wali. At the occasion Amama Poshi (turban of Honor) was done in a special way by Sajjada-Nashin of the shrine.As per the command of Almighty and commands of Peer-o-Murshid Sayyedna Fakhrul Aarifeen, Dadamiya came to Lucknow in the year 1904 and selected this city as his permanent abode. Dadamiya kept himself away from rich people. As far as possible he used to stay at the house of poor people. He never used to keep money with him rather he distributes it among the poor people or in mehfil-e-sama, whatever money would come to his possession. Huzoor Dada Miyan always ordered his disciples to regularly offer prayers and keep away from vices. He said that the love and respect of Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H. is the highest peak of faith (Imaan).
It was Sunday, the 24th Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1329 Hijri at 10:30 A.M. in the house of Nasir Khan alias Chunnemiya, resident of area called Sadar Bazaar, Hazrat Dada Miya left for heavenly abode. The bed and the room in which Hazrat Dada Miya breathed his last breath is preserved even today as holy memoir. His brother Inayat Hasan Shah became his Sajjada-Nashin. Inayat Hasan Shah nominated Hazrat Rahat Hasan Shah, his son, as the spiritual successor of the shrines here in Lucknow and Bhainsodi. Who was succeeded by Fasahat Hasan Shah and the present Sajjada-Nashin of, both shrines, Lucknow and Bhainsodi Shareef is Hazrat Mohammad Sabahat Hasan Shah. Who is a picture of all traits what ancestors possessed
Additional InformationA saint Janab Maulana Shah Sahab, disciple of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif R.A. also lived in Lucknow. Hazrat Shah Sahab was fan of Dada Miya and at times he used to remain in the service of Hazrat Dada Miya. He said that several times he had seen that the parts of the Dada Miya’s body separated. I was afraid. Later on I came to know that it was due to the practice of Zikr-e-Asadi.
How to Reach: From Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Lucknow the Dargah is approx. 14 km, from Lucknow Junction Railway Station it is around 3 km. The Dargah is 2.7 km approx. from Bus Stand, Qaiserbagh, Lucknow. City buses and taxis are available easily to go the Dargah.

“Bismillahir Rehmanir Rahim”

Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah

“Ba khitab Asad e jahangiri (Dada Miyan QSA) Qadri, Chishti, Abul ulai, jahangiri Assalaatu Wassalaamu Alaa Sayedil Mursalin”

In this progressive age of twentieth century in which man is conquering the universe, is flying high in the skies, is ruling the seas. wealth, dignity and luxuries are available to him. surprising inventions in the name of modernization are popping up day by day. The need of these luxuries and inventions was to serve mankind with peace, love, harmony and feeling of relaxation. But alas, in toady’s modern age these humanitarian needs (love, peace and relaxation) prevails nowhere (is rare to be seen). These days peace and harmony are surpassed. The leaves and branches of the tree of integrity (unity) has fallen off, and the leaves and branches of hatred and diversity are growing day by day. It seems that the feeling of that and enemity are covering house by house. Gaps are widening between human hearts(feeling), and it seem impossible to fill up thegap. Everyone is living in an atmoshphere offer, searching for peace. Today in our country (India) horrifying communal riots are spreading in the name of religion killing and bloodshed are spreading all over.

Have you ever thought why is it happening, why is our struggle for peace and harmony not showing any impact, why is peace not prevailing when we deeply study the reasons behind this, not us alone but every intellectual, literate and concious person can come to the conclusion that the reasons behind the presence destruction of humanity is the darkness of his soul. The spiritual light of the inner soul which guides him thru the path of life has turned out. Man has turned away from spiritual teachings. So before the destruction from the almighty swaps us away, save this spiritual inner light of your soul and don’t let it turn of. Seek passage in the ship of safety (NIJAAT) which will guide us to our destination. Which will rid us of our fear and depression. India has always been and abode for Auliya allah (Allahs beloved friends). Great Auliya e kiraam and sufiya e ezam has enlightened the Indian soil. Whose great lives have been and are a guide towards enlightenment of us. Then they were guiding the seekers of enlightenment and now their Astanajaat (Holy and Lighted graves) are centre of hope for the grieving humanity. One such personalityis Qutb e dauraa, Sultanul Aarifeen, Raeesul millar wad deen, Fakhrus saalikeen HUZUR SAYYIDUNA WA MURSHIDNA KHWAJA MOHAMMED NABI RAZA SHAH AL MA ARUF (commonly known as) DADA MIYA REHMATULLAH ALAIHI, who is a well known and famous personality of the sufi chain (Silsila) of Jhangiriya Abul luli path (Tariqa). whose personality has uncountable specialities. His services to his followers and mankind and his miracles cant be detailed in this short book, although as an introduction we are privileged to present a short biography of Huzur Dada Miyan.

BIRTH: Hazrat Khawaja Nabi Raza Shah was born on Mondaythe 25th of rabi ul awal 1284 hijri at bhainsori shareef district rampur. His honourable mother who herself was very religious and fully practicing Muslim says that when hazrat was born (due to his holy personality) there was increase of benefits in many things. Our whole house was glowing with his glorious being and 3 signs of wilayat and holiness were noticed since his birth. He always stayed away (hated) from childhood games and fun. At the age of 4 years and 4 months hazrats bismillah ceremony (starting to learn to read quran shareef) was performed and whin a few years he expertised in the eastern (Islamic studies) and western (school studies) education. MARRIAGE: In the year 1886 hazrat was married to the daughter of khan bahadur khan sahib the district magistrate (tehsildar) of darao village of nainital district in a grand ceremony.

SERVICES: A year after his marriage hazrat joined service with the second regiment of Bengal lancers. During his service period the English officers saw hazrats spirtiual side and mniracales and remained very generous (meherban) with hazrat. One such incident of hazrats miraculous personalities of allahabad barracks. One day hazrat along with 10 or 12 soldiers went to a garden. There was a well in the garden water was drawn from the well through jaras (an old system to continuously draw water from well) and it was pulled through bulls. The soldiers tried to pull the jaras to draw the water but all the soldiers together couldn’t do it .Hazrat pulled them back and climbed the wall of the well and all alone pulled the jaras from the well and surprised everyone. Such similar incidents took place many a times through which people came to know of Hazrats khudadad (gifted) might. After a long time he was transferred to calcutta barracks.

BAIAT O KHILAFAT: Once Hazrat Sayyed us Saalikeen, Zubdatul Aarifeen, Faqhrul Kaamileen, Sayyidi o Maulaae Shah Mohammed Abdul Hai Islamabad Chaatgaami Rehmatullah Alaihi with an intention to travel across India came to Calcutta and stayed at the place of deputy Badi ul Aalam sahib .Deputy sahib was Hazrats disciple(mureed).During Hazrat stay at deputy sahibs house Huzur Dada Miyan first met Hazrat and at the first glance of hazrat, huzur dada miyans heart started burning with devotional love of the true lord (ALLAH TALA). Hazrat Faqhrul Aarifeen specially prayed to Allah Rabbul Izzat to give him Huzur Dada Miyan as his disciple and the prayer was fulfilled because in the morning Huzur Qibla Mohammed nabi Raza Shah (Dada Miyan) became the disciple (mureed) of Hazrat. After becoming the mureed Huzur Dada Miyan Heart and feelings turned away from worldly affairs and after some days with the permission (Ijaazat) of nawab sahab Dada Miyan started his prayers for spiritual attainment (riyaazat o mujaahidaa) and his routine was totally changed, whole night he used to offer namaz (qayamul lail) and at days he used to fast (saaem un nahar).At times he used to offer fajr prayer with the abolution (wazu) of esha.Remaining in the thoughts of Almighty had became sign of his life.He did many chillas(40 days of solitary confinement in the thought of almighty for spiritual attainment)and aetekaafs which has been discussed in details in many of his biographies.Huzur Dada Miyan performed one such chilla at mirza khel.At days he fasted and used to open his fast (iftaar) with little food and his whole night passed in prayers(ibaadat).He the whole forty days he only ate bhaaji prepared from banana leaves.

He performed second chilla at Dhaka(Bangladesh)and third at bhainsori shareef. During the days of chilla no one was allowed to speak to hazrat. Forth chilla was also performed at bhainsori shareefs masjid in which hazrat opened the fast with only a date(Khorma) and a quarter glass of water. Huzur Dada Miyans younger brother Hazrat Inayat Hasan Shah remained at the service of Hazrat during this chilla.When Hazrat come out of chilla he(gale mile)with Hasrat Inayat Hasan Shah and said I have completed your inner spiritual teachings and it will be declared at the proper time. For four years Hazrat toured Hyderabad, Gulbarga, Khuldabad, Aurangabad, Jhansi, Ajmer Shareef and Bengals different cities and gave the message of the righteous path.During his tour once Hazrat stayed at an old and damaged mosque of khuldabad shareef.It was winter season and only an old blanket(Kambal)was available to keep the cold away and in such a situation a scorpion bite hazrat.Hazrat was in pain, he spent the whole night walking in the mosque in the thought of almighty Allah.But in the morning bleeding lose motions started.after namaz a fajr the imam of the mosque presented some medicine from which the problem was a bit relieved and with the suffering.Hazrat continued his journey and touring various places Hazrat reached gulbarga shareef in the Holy shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Banda nawaz Gesudaraz Rehmatullah alaihi.At that time Hazrat had only an old and tourned blanket(Kambal)with him.A man devotionally presented Hazrat a new and costly blanket.Hazrat said tekeaway this blanket and bring it tommorrow.At night Hazrat went to the Holy Shrine(mazar e aqdas)of Hazrat Khwaja Banda Nawaz said humbly Huzur I have not come for a blanket you know what I have come for so please complete my wish.In the same position Hazrat started meditating(muraqba)and during meditation Hazrat felt as if a light has started releasing from his chest, now the condition(feeling)of the heart was mystic, what was bestowed upon him and what he had taken was known only to the bestower and receiver.Next day the same person with the new and costly blanket came and hazrat excepted his blanket but during mehfile samaa donated it to the qawwals and continued with his journey.Touring different places Hazrat reached Ajmer e muqaddas,the shrine(Dargah) of Khwaja-e-khwajgan, Ataa e Rasul,Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Sanjari Alaihi Rehma. Once Hazrat Sayyidna Faqhrul Aarifeen was at Ajmer e Muqaddas during the urs shareef,Hazrat Khwaja Mohammed Nabi Raza Shah Alaihi Rehma also reached there during his journey and stayed at a room(Hujra).Peer o Murshid Sayyidna Faqhrul Aarifeen himself came to his hujra(room),but at the time Hazrat was not there.He asked some people that a person with such appearance is halting at this room,where is his luggage.The reply was that person is having only a blanket and a cloth baggage,he keeps the blanket with himself and the cloth bag is available.When the cloth bag was searched only a pair of wooden slippers(choubi na-a-lain)was in it.Peer o Murshid announced Hazrat Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah is my true disciple(mureed)and mystic lover.The way he was followed my complete orders and did the spiritual practice my no other disciple could do.This small biography doesn’t provide space to discuss Hazrat conditions,practices(mujahidat)and miracles(Karamat).

In short only after some years of baiat(becoming a mureed)seeing the inner purity(pakeezgi nafs)devotion and practices of Hazrat,Peer o Murshid realized that his disciple has attained complete control and purity,bestowed (gave)Khilafat and ijaazat as destined during the urs mubarak of Makhdum e Aalam Shaikh Abdul Haq Rodolvi Rehmatullah Alaihi and announced live this life with mujahida(work)for the benefit of the people and for the raza of Allah Rabbul Ezzat and his beloved prophet Rehmatul lil Aalameen Salallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.After Khilafat and ijazat went to pay salutes to Ajmer Shareef the dargah of Aata e Rasul Khwaja Hindul Wali.At that occasion a Amaama Poshi was done in a special way by the sajjada nasheen.

Noor Mohammad sahab who lived at gwalior and was a campanion of raja bagli says.I go to Ajmer e Muqaddas every year.Once on the night of 7th rajab after namaz e tahajjud I was reciting my wazifa under the mulsari tree in front of the eastern door of the shrine of Khwaja e Khwajgan Huzur Garib Nawaz.I was fully awake,I saw that a tall and good looking buzurg come in from the eastern door and loudly offered salaam.I looked towards him carefully,suddenly a pane of the door opened slightly and a mystic(noorani)hand appeared and gave some glowing thing to the buzurg and disappeared and the door closed.And the buzurg asked for permission to leave and passed by me.I was dazzled viewing this scene.Immediately I kissed his feet(qadam bos hona)and enquired about his name and address and the buzurg said Nabi Raza rampur.

Hearing this whole details from noor mohammed sahab everyone believed that the personality was of Hazrat Khwaja Nabi Raza Shah Alaihir Rehma who was receiving blessings(faiz) from Bargahe Ataa e Rasul.After the stay at Ajmer e Muqaddasa home at bhainsori shareef.Hazrat Khwaja Nabi Raza Shah Alaihir Rehma who was receiving blessings(faiz)from Bargahe Ataa e Rasul.After the stay at Ajmer e Muqaddasa home at bhainsori shareef.Hazrat always remained busy in zikr o muraqaba.Hazrat was very much attached to mehfil e samaa.whoever saw Hazrat, his heart started flowing with eternal love of almighty Allah Ta alaa.Thousands of people searching for enlightenment floated towards Hazrat and became disciple of Hazrat in the sufi chain of Jahangiriya and fulfilled their search of religious desires and wordly desires.For a year Hazrat bestowed this land(bhainsori shareef) with his spiritual blessings(ruhani fayuz)and after a year travelled towards mirza khail shareef.After preaching and guiding towards the light of islam in Dhaka, bihar, bengal,chaatgaam etc.Hazrat returned to his home land(bhainsori shareef).It was Hazrats routine to attend the urs shareef ceremony of Hazrat Makhdoom Sabir Alaihir rehma every year.From rurkee Hazrat used to walk till kaliyar shareef.During the urs shareef from 10 to 14th of Rabi ul awwal He used to fast and in the evening opened the fast(iftaar)with only a cup of tea.On the urs days He used to to meditate(muraaqib)at the sirhana(northern side)at the tomb(mazaar e mubaarak)of Hazrat Makhdoom e Paak at kaliyar shareef.

HULIYA MUBARAK(APPEARANCE): Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah Alaihir rehma was very attractive, handsome and tall heighted, only in thousands, surmagee(the eyes applied with surma)lotus eyes which had red veins running, colour very fair,mouth medium, gap in between the tooth,broad and wide chest, hands and feet attractive and likewise,beard ghani(haired)and round shaped ,mo e mubarak(hair on the head)were long till the end of the ears,voice sweet and loud, simplicity in the appearance, royal speed of walking,sagely style(andaz faqeerana),same style of living in solitude and crowd .Over all he was a symbol of beauty and attraction ,purety and holiness.He ever saw him gaveup self to him.Everyone thought that hazrat was most meherban to him.His personality lighted in every mehfil, glowing in every gathering, listener for the creations of the creater(Allah),saviour for the poor.

As per the command of Allah and force from Peer o Murshid Hazrat Sayyidna Faqhrul Aarifeen Razi Allahu Anhu Hazrat came to lucknow on 1904 AD and selected this city for his abode. Actually all this happens as per the command of Allah Ta ala(destiny). Aulia e kiraam are followers of the command of the lord.Because of this Hazrat selected three cities,first lucknow,second bhainsori shareef and third nasirabad,later as per the command destined hazrat gave bhainsori shareef to Shah Inayat Hasan Saahab,Shah Abdul Shakoor Saahab was given nasirabad,and Himself went to glorify lucknow and selected a place at lucknow for eternal rest and the same place for Khanqah Shareef during his life.And today the world can watch that what ever is said by Aulia e Kiraam,happens.The place Hazrat selected for mazaar e aqdas(holy grave) is a center for the grieving humanity.

When Hazrat came to lucknow he stayed at masjid mohammad khan in sadar for some days.Later babu Abdul Aziz sahab station master invited Hazrat as a guest to his house,after that on the request of Munshi Abdul Ghani sahab stayed at his house for years.but it was hazrats habbit to visit the place occassionaly were today the mazar e aqdas is situated and meditated there for hours which shows that hazrat liked that place very much.After a year went to stay at the house of mohammad nasir khan,in between many people had become disciple(mureed).Hazrat stay at lucknow brought about a revolution in the hearts of the people.Many a times Hazrat had said that my stay at lucknow is as per the wish and command of Hazrat Peerane Kaliyar Shareef,Hazrat Shah Abdul Haq Radolvi Rehmatullah Alaihi and Qutbe Awadh Hazrat Shah Meena Alaihir Rehma.

It was due to the prayers(Dua)of these buzurgane deen that the area of sadar where sins,drinking,betting and other illicit things were ordinary things,After Hazrat arrival a revolution came about in the habitants and people turned out for forgiveness and became true and practicing muslims.

Gradually people started entering the silsila(sufi chain),who ever got Hazrats company for a moment came out to be a fearing and practicing muslim.some times Haji Mohammad wazir khan sahab remained in Hazrats service.Once along with Haji mohammad wazir khan,Hazrat came to ajmer shareef.During urs he gave away all his clothes,belongings and cash and even Haji sahibs cash to the qawwals.After urs,told haji sahab come we got permission to leaves lets go to the station.Haji sahab was in dismay that we have got no money how will we buy the tickets.Hazrat reached the station and at the guest room drew his bed and sat down,after a few moments a person came and asked Huzur where will you go,Hazrat said lucknow.That person brought two tickets of enter class and gave it and went away.when the train left that person came again in the same boggie and the whole way he served(Khidmat Ki)Hazrat and at kanpur he presented five rupees to Hazrat and got down.Hazrat gave that five rupees to Haji sahab and said buy something for your children.Haji sahab just smiled.

A Buzurg(holy man) Janab moula shah sahab disciple (mureed)of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Rehmatullah Alaihi also lived at lucknow.Hazrat shah sahab was very fond of Hazrat and at times remained at the service of Hazrat said that many times I have seen that Hazrat’s body parts divided I got afraid,later I came to know that it was the practice of Zikr e asadi.

KARAMAT:Once at the urs period of Hazrat Qutb e Aalam Makhdoom Shah Abdul Haq Radolvi Rehmatullah Alaihi,Hazrat along with a peer bhai Hafiz Maqbool Sahab Banarsi was staying at a hujra(room).One night Hazrat Hafiz sahab went out for some need at the time of tahajjud.Hazrat Qibla was sitting at the musalla and the night lamp was lighting.When Hafiz sahab came back he was surprised to see a lion sitting at the musalla,he was frightened and turned away.After a while Hazrat called Haji sahab that come in don’t be afraid I am here. Haji Hafiz sahab went out for some need at the time of tahajjud.Hazrat qibla was sitting at the musalla,he was frightened and turned away.After a while hazrat called Haji sahab that come in don’t be affraid I am here.Haji sahab narrated this whole incident to peer o murshid Hazrat Faqhrul Aarifeen.He replied that no doubt Mohammad Nabi Raza is a lion(asad).From that Hazrat got the title of Asad Jehangiri.

One of Hazrat’s Lady disciple(mureeda)of qasba shahi was suffering from a jinns possession since twenty years and she was in great pain.Once in Hazrats presence she started laughing and speaking in an unrespectful manner from inside the ladies quarters.Hazrat immediately understood that she is in possession of some jinn.He said in a strict and loud tone,don’t you know that she is my disciple leave her immediately or you will not be spared,That jinn immediately left her,she lived for twelve years after this incident but the jinn never came back.

He always kept away from rich people,He stayed at the places of poor as much as possible.He never kept any money with him,and gave away what ever cash was available with him either to the poor, or would give it to qawwals.He always ordered his disciples(mureed)to strictly offer namaz,and to stay away from sins.He always taught that the love and respect for Huzur Nabi e karim sallahu alaihi wasallam is the heighest peak of Imaan.He was very much attached to mehfil e milad,Hazrat would always teach about the importance of love and respect for Sahaaba e kiraam and Ahle Bait.He always pressurized to stay away from people whose belief was disrespectful(bad aqeeda) and munkireen e aulia.He said that stay away from minors and naa-mehram women or you may get into trouble.Make it a habbit to speak little and eat little.Hazrat said do not pray just to show off.He said do not be proud of yours prayers and practices.He said if nafs is pure the whole life will be pure,hundreds of Hazrat’s such comments can be seen.If todays man starts practicising Hazrats comments and make it a sign of his life,His life will be glorious and lighted.

WISAAL: Alas,the time of this great and famous Durvesh of hindustan Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah Rehmatullah Alaihi when a beloved gets restless to meet his beloved came.

One and a half months before his time of wisaal Hazrat came to daulat sara at bhainsori shareef and stayed there for two weeks.At that time he was not well and suffering from cough and cold but planned to leave for lucknow because in lucknow a ceremony of fateha of Huzur Sayyidna Muhiyuddeen Abdul Qadir Jilani had been fixed.So planned to return to lucknow.When people tried to stop Hazrat ,He said that if I wont go now ,I wont be able to go there later,and said I have to stay at lucknow forever,all the work here has been completed and I have been handed over all the charges to Inayat Hasan Shah and Hazrat started his journey for lucknow.When ever Hazrat went for a journey,the respected,relatives,disciples and followers of the village would give company for half a mile.Taking some close companions towards the station.Hazrat would send the others back.During this journey Hazrat turned around and looked back many times towards the village which showed that Hazrat would not come back again.It was the last days of the month of safar when Hazrat come to lucknow from bhainsori shareef.At that time Hazrat Shah Inayat Hasan Shah was not present at bhainsori shareef.He was quit on a job as per hazrats wish when he had come to know that Hazrat had come to bhainsori shareef.He came there but Hazrat had already left for lucknow.

Hazrat Inayat Hasan Shah wrote to Hazrat asking for permission to meet him.Hazrat wrote back don’t come to lucknow now we will soon meet here.This time it become Hazrats routine that he regularly went to the place where Hazrats Mazar e Aqdas is situated.He would sit on the shades of banana trees there and say that this place seems good to me.I can smell fragrance from this place ,I feel like building my house here.The people at Hazrats service would not understand this sign.Letters were constantly coming from nasirabad so Hazrat replied to them and on the day when he was planning to leave,high fever arose and next day the temperature increased very much.But Hazrat didn’t lose a times prayer(namaz)even in high fever. On Friday 22nd Rabiul Awwal the fever and pain decreased in the morning.Hazrat offered juma prayers(namaz e juma)but in the evening the fever rose again.On Saturday morning Hazrat ordered to inform his house about the illness via telegram and also said that now my last time has come.On Saturday night Hazrat said that no one will stay with me tonight I am feeling well now and asked the servants(Khuddam)to stay out of the room.On Sunday after namaz e fajr the pain increased again and Hazrat was restless till 10 am in the morning in that condition Hazrat said that Khwaja Ajmer is calling me but Shah Meena didn’t allow me to go,Now I want to rest and raised his finger towards the sky his lips were reciting kalma e taiyyaba.In this position he left for his heavenly abode to meet the etrenal love.It was Sunday 24th rabiul awwal1329 hijri, at 10:30 am,at the house of nasir khan chunne miya a rich man of sadar Hazrat left for his heavenly abode.INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAAJIOON.The bed and the room in which Hazrat expired is safe even today as a holy memoir(tabarruk) People flocked on hearing the news of Hazrats demise and preparation for burial started.Every one agreed that Hazrat must be buried on the same place which he had predicted and was attached to.So the work to build a marqad(grave)started at the place.Hazrat had expired at the house of mohammad nasir khan sahab of sadar.So the funeral procession after tajhiz o takfeen started from his house towards a ground near the river.Lakhs of people gathered for namaz e janaza, Hundred of buzurg were also present who were never seen before .Noor (glorious light) was falling on the janaza the atmosphere was 17 fragrating with musk,tears were flowing from the eyes and the hearts were restless,campanions and servants were greiving every one had become a symbol of grief.On the night o Monday, amongst lakhs of people, after namaz e janaza at 0:25 am Hazrat rested at his last abode.What a coincidence it was that Hazrat was born on 25th Rabiul Awwal and left on 24 Rabiul Awwal means He liked the, Holy month of Rabiul Awwal very much.Bade wisal bhi jaari hai faiz-e-aam unka Woh apne baad bhi ek chod kar bahar -Qaiser Warsi(His faiz for everyone is flowing even after his demise).After him,he has left a flowering era.Raahe maula mein qurbaan jo ho gaye Ab bhi zindaa woh apne mazaaroon mein hai- Qadir(Whoever sacrificed himself in the way of maula are living in their mazars even now) Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah expired(wisal)on 1909.After Him,His brother Alhaaj Mohammad Inayat Hasan Shah Sahab become sajjada nasheen.He expired on 1941 and his tomb(mazar) is situated at bhainsori shareef.He had selected Hazrat Rahat Hasan Shah Sahab as sajjada nasheen of Dada Miyan in 1940.Hazrat Rahat Hasan Shah Sahab expired in 1975.In his life in 1975 He had declared his elder son Hazrat Mohammad Fasahat Hasan Shah the sajjada nasheen of lucknow and bhainsori shareef through his will.Shah Mohammad Fasahat Hasan Shah expired on Monday 17 September 2001 according to 28 jamadil aakhir 1422 hijri.In the juloos e janaza thousands had gathered.His mazar e aqdas is situated at bhainsori shareef. In his life,Shah Mohammad Fasahat Hasan Shah had declared his son Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Sabahat Hasan Shah sajjada nasheen for bhainsori shareef and lucknow shareef and at present he looks after the urs ceremony.The mazar shareef(tomb)of Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah has been constructed very beautifully and the fame of Khanqah Shah e Raza and Aastanaa e Shah e Raza has spread far and wide.

HIS URS CEREMONY:Every year at Khanqah Shah e Raza dargah Dada Miyan road mall avenue lucknow uttar pradesh (india) the urs ceremony is performed in a grand manner under the guidance of Misbha Miyan and Farhat Miyan S/o Hazrat khwaja mohammad Rahat Hasan Shah (QSA) and sajjada nasheen mohammad sabahat hasan shah from 21st to 25th of Rabiul Awwal Shareef.

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