Khalwa (Spiritual Retreat) of Imam Al-Aidroos

Khalwa (Spiritual Retreat) of Imam Al-Aidroos:

al-Imam Habeeb Abdallah bin Abu Bakr Al-Aidroos (May Allah benefit us through him) used to retreat himself very often. This is the very place where he would worship alone, he used to pray all night reciting one complete Qur’an in each couplets of prayer alongside Nasheeds, Qasaid, Remembrance (Dhikr) and supplications.

He chose such a place for retreat that the one offering inside could find that once stood it is difficult to sit and vice-versa. This was the part of spiritual struggles (Mujahidah) of Imam Al-Aidroos for self-abandonment to reach the Divine presence of Allah, the Exalted.

For those who are not aware of what Khalwa means, we provided some details that may give quite a sense to the understandings.
Khalwa is an Arabic word that can be translated into English as “seclusion” or “separation”. In Sufism, khalwa has the specific meaning of leaving everyday life behind for a period of time and going into seclusion with the goal of altering one’s consciousness connecting with the divine in a deeper way.

Traditionally, Sufis practice khalwa by isolating themselves for a maximum period of forty days with or under the instructions a spiritual advisor (Murshid) and repeating the names of Allah continuously as prescribed by the Spirtual Master (Murshid/Shaykh). This period of forty days may vary and be less than forty as well, depending upon the spiritual state of the Seeker (Murid) which is advised by the Spiritual Master.

Khalwa is an essential part of Islamic spirituality, and without practicing khalwa it can be hard for the faithful to find true knowledge, enlightenment, and closeness to the divine will. Khalwa is a kind of dhikr, or religious practice done for the remembrance of god. Once a major element of Sufi practice, khalwa has become less frequent in recent years.

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| Habeeb Sohail Al-Aidroos |
A particle of dust beneath the blessed Sandals of his Ancestors.❤😇

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