A brief and authentic account of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam character

Hazrat Zarrar bin Zamur Radiallahu anhoo described the virtues of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam which are given in brief, but they contain most of the aspects of his character. They are given below:

He was on the highest possible level of competence. ii. His courage, strength and ability of understanding were unique.
iii. His talks were the spring of grace.
His decisions were always based on justice and truth.

Around him, streams of knowledge were flowing in all the directions.

vi. He was always surrounded by wise people.

vii. He always felt distressed by the decorated and pompous surroundings of the world.

viii. To know the divine secrets and be intimate with Allah, the Almighty, he deeply loved loneliness and darkness of night.

ix He always used to be in tears due to the dread of Allah, the Almighty.

X. He constantly used to be in contemplation and constantly used to concentration on the inner soul.

xi. He always had the minimum food, sufficient to survive and put on necessary clothes.

xii He never behaved with us as a senior person. Whenever we asked him anything, he would answer. Whenever we presented ourselves before him, he used to speak first. Whenever we invited him, he always accepted the invitation.

xiii. In short, he was very intimate with us, yet, in the heart of our hearts, we were so dreadful that in his presence, we dared not talk to each other.

xiv. He always respected and gave importance to religious people.

xv He loved the poor and needy people.

хvi. In his presence, no liar, however strong and important he might be, could dominate over other people.

xvii. The weak would never be disappointed by his just and ethical approach.

xviii. On many occasions, I had witnessed that when the darkness of night was spread everywhere, and the stars were towards the setting, he rises for the prayer (Namaz) and constantly weeps, would grip his beard in his hand and, be so frightened as if he was stung by a poisonous snake. At that time I heard him saying, “O world, do you want to come in my way with all your decorations and ostentations? Go! Go! Go away and try your magic on somebody else. I have divorced you thrice. You cannot attract me. Your age and life are too small to mislead me. You owe many dangerous pits. You have a little number of paths of truth. The journey is very long, and the way is full of pitfalls and risks!”

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