Some Hadiths which tell us How rich and superior was Za’at e Murtazavi AlahisSalam

Hazrat Ali is the Master of the Universe:

More than thirty Sahaba-i-Kiram and, Musnad-e-Ahmad, Sunan Ibn-i. Maja, Sunan-i-Nasai, Tirmizi, Mustadarik Hakim, Tabrani, etc. have reported that Huzur ﷺ had said,

“Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam also is a master of whom I am the master.”

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam – the point of Righteous Axis:

In the chapter named Manakib-i-Ali (Virtues of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam of Sunan-;Tirmizi Vol-2) it has been stated that Huzur gifted Hazrat Abu Bakri Hazrat Umart and Hazrat Uthman this prayer, “O Allah, be kind to them.” Then he gifted this prayer to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam, “O Allah, let the truth go wherever Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam goes.” The clarification of this Hadith has already been given in this chapter. The title of the chapter is, ‘Some Hadiths about cooperating Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam and to support him.’ Here are two more Hadiths about the same subject:

i. The truth will always go with the one which is its personification, and that is none but Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam. (Kanzul Ummal Vol-2)

There will be differences of opinion and discriminations. At that time he (indicating Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam), and his supporters will be with the truth. (Kanzul Ummal Vol-2)

Huzur ﷺ has the same relation with Hazrat Ali AlahisSalam as was of Hazrat Haroon AlahisSalam with Hazrat Musa AlahisSalam

Hazrat Sa’ad Ibn-i-Abi Vakkas Radiallahu anhoo in Sahih Muslim and Sunan-i-Tirmizi, and Hazrat Jabir Radiallahu anhoo in Sunan-i-Tirmizi and Sunan-i-Ibn-i-Maja state that Rasul-e-Khudaki told Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam,

“O’ Ali “From me, you are getting the same designation and position as were given to Hazrat Haroon from Hazrat Musa But after me, there will be no Messenger (Nabi).” (Muslim Vol-2, Tirmizi Vol-2)

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam the vestibule of knowledge and wisdom:

In (Sunan-i-Tirmizi Vol-2) Rasul-e-Khuda has said,
I am the house of wisdom and Ali AlaihisSalam is its vestibule.

“I am the city of knowledge and Ali AlaihisSalam is its gate. Whoever craves for knowledge may come to that gate.”

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is the most loved of Allah and Rasul :

When Hazrat Umar Radiallahu anhoo could not get victory over Khyber, Huzur ﷺ said, as it has been narrated by Hazrat Sahal Ibn-i-Sa’adoledin Sahih Muslim Vol-2, “Now I shall give the flag to those hands to whom Allah, the Almighty will give victory. He loves Allah and his Rasullit, and he is beloved of both.” Throughout the night, the Sahaabas kept on guessing about the fortunate person who was going to get the flag on the following day. But when it was morning, Huzur ﷺ said, “Where is Ali?” People told him, “O’ Rasulallah’t! his eyes are paining.” He said, “Bring him here.” When he came, he applied his saliva in Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam eyes and prayed for him, and, immediately, all the complaints vanished.

By Hazrat Anasab Radiallahu anhoo it has been described in Sunan-i-Tirmizi, Vol-2, that, when bird’s meat was brought to him, he offered this prayer, “O’ Allah, let the person, who is the most loved by you in the whole universe, come to me, so that, he may eat the meat of this bird.” Hazrat Anas Radiallahu anhoo further state, no sooner did Huzurs ﷺ finished the prayer, than, Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam came and ate the meat with him.

Among his nearest companions (Sahaaba-e-Kiram), Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq was the most loved by him. But the Hadiths state that Huzur ﷺ loved Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam more than he loved Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq Hafiz Ibn-i-Hajar writes in Chap. ‘Fazal-i-Abi Bakr’ of Fateh -al-Ba’ari (Al-Hadith):

اللیل Translation: Ahmad, Abu Daud and Nasai have, with proper authenticity, written the description given by Noman Ibn-i-Bashire that Hazrat Abu Bakr sought Huzur’s permission to enter. At that time, he heard a loud voice of Hazrat Ayesha. She was saying, “On Allah’s oath, I say, you love Ali AlaihisSalam more than you love my father.”

This love was to such an extent that once Huzur ﷺ sent Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam with an army and a long time passed yet he did not see Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam. He was so impatient to see him that he raised his holy hands and prayed to Allah, the Almighty, “O Allah, let me not die till I see Ali.

Love to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is a sign of true faith and to be jealous of him is a mark of separation:

In Sunan-i-Tirmizi, Nasai and Ibn-i-Ma’aza it has been mentioned that Huzur ﷺ told Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam O Ali, only the one, who is Momin, will love you, and the one who is unbeliever-atheistic, will be jealous of you.”
(Kanzul Ummah)

On these bases, the nearest companions (Saha’aba-i-Kiram) used to identify the unbelievers. They had jealousy for Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam. Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri Radiallahu anhoo says, “We identify the unbeliever Ansars on the basis of their jealousy towards Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam.” (Tirmizi Vol-2)

For this, only Huzur ﷺ has given special importance to love towards Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam. So much so that he has declared, “One, who has loved Ali, has loved me and one who loved me loved Allah, Allah, the Almighty. And one, who has kept jealousy to Ali, has kept jealousy to me and who has kept jealousy to me has kept jealousy towards Allah, the Almighty.”

The implications of jealousy are such that if they are kept towards Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam, it is as equal as keeping towards Huzur:

Love and hatred are existing at the same level. As it has been mentioned above about the description of the Hadiths, there is an implication that if you take Huzur ﷺ as your master, takes Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam as your master. One of the Hadiths above very clearly records the orders of Huzur ﷺ

Ali also is the master of whom I am the one.”

There is an indication that abusing Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is equal to abusing Huzur ﷺ. Hazrat Umm-i-Salmainit narrates, that Huzur ﷺ declared, “If one has abused Ali, it is equal to abusing me, and, if one has abused me, it is equally as abusing Allah, the Almighty. (Kanzul Ummal Vol-2) There is another indication that injuring Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is same as injuring Huzur ﷺ
It is given in Musnad-i-Ahmad, Tarikh-i-Kabir, Imam Bukhari and Mustadarak Hakim, that Huzur its declared, “If one has injured Ali AlaihisSalam, it is equal to injuring me.” (Kanzul Ummal Vol-2) It is quoted in Adurr-ul-Manthur that one Syrian abused Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam in the presence of Hazrat Ibn-i-Abbas Radiallahu anhoo me who threw stones on him and said, “O’ enemy of Allah! You have hurt Rasulallah ﷺ” Then he recited this couplet, “The people who hurt Allah and his Rasulallah ﷺ are cursed in this world as well as in the other one.”

This indicates the importance of obeyance and disobedience. Obey to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is as good as obeying Huzur ﷺ and disobedience to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is, equally, disobeying Huzur ﷺ. Hazrat Abu Zar Giffari describes in “Mustadarak” that Huzur ﷺ said, “One who has obeyed me, has obeyed Allah, the Almighty, and, one who has disobeyed me, has disobeyed Allah, the Almighty. In the same way, one who has obeyed Ali has obeyed me and, one who has disobeyed Ali has disobeyed me.” (Kanzul Ummal Vol-2)

There is also one more indication that one who has left Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam, has, equally, left Huzur ﷺ. Hazrat Abu Zar Gaffari Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Ibn-i Umar Radiallahu anhoo in Moajam Tibrani that Huzur ﷺ said, “O’Ali, the one who has left you, has equally, left me and the one who has left me, has left Allah, the Almighty.” (Kanzul Ummal Vol-2)

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam with Holy Quran and Holy Quran with Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam :

As it has been recorded by Hazrat Umm-i-Salma Radiallahu anhoo in Moajam Avsat Kabir, Rasulallah ﷺ has said,. “Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is with the Holy Quran, and the Holy Quran is with Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam. These two will never be separated, i.e. both of them will always be together. They both will come to me at Kauthar (one of the pools of heaven).” (Kanzul Ummal Vol-2)

Holy Quran contains all the norms of morality, knowledge, praises, secrets, mysteries and directives for life. It has the principles and guidelines for the taming the sensual self. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is honoured with the depth and height of all the Hadiths. This means Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is in the centre of all the Hadiths, Quranic directives, and rights of people and the ideal of the best behaviour. Practising human, moral and spiritual values is part and parcel of his nature. He is on the top of all the Sufi seekers. His tenure as a Caliph itself is the strong proof of all these qualities. It has also been noted that all the decisions taken about political, social and religious problems indicate that he was always with truth. The people who were against him were not on the right path.


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