According to Jabir b. Abd Allah :“A woman from al-Ansar said to Allah’s Messenger , ‘0
Allah’s Messenger ! Shall I make something for you to sit on, as
I have a slave who is a carpenter?’ He replied, ‘If you wish.’
So, she got a pulpit made for him. When it was Friday, the
Prophet sat on that pulpit. The date-palm stem, near which
the Prophet used to deliver his sermon, cried so much that it
was about to burst. The Prophet came down from the pulpit
to the stem and embraced it and it started groaning like a child
being persuaded to stop crying and then it stopped crying.’”
Reported by al-Bukhari, al-Tirmidhi, al-Nasai and Ibn

In another tradition:
“(When the Prophet delivered the sermon, he used to stand
by one of those trunks till the pulpit was made for him,) when the
pulpit was made for him, he used it instead. Then we heard the
trunk emitting a sound like that of a pregnant camel till the
Prophet came to it, and put his hand over it, then it became
Reported by al-Bukhari.

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[The Friday], 3/102, $ 1396. Ibn Ma’ja in al-Sunan, Bk.: Iqamati al-Saltl wa
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Set forth by al-Bukhari in al-Sahih, Bk.: al-Manaqib, [Excellent merits],
Ch.: The signs of Prophethood in Islam, 3:1314, $ 3392. And in Bk.: alJumma’, [The Friday], 1/125, $ 876. al-Bayhaqi in al-Sunan al-Kubra, 3:195,$


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