Gruesome and Cruel Act’s of Muavia..

On behalf of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam after Hazrat Kais bin Sa’ad Radiallahu anhoo Hazrat Muhammad Ibn-i-Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo was working as viceroy at Egypt. In Egypt, there was a place named Khurtaba, where Muavia’s persons viz. Muavia bin Khadij and Basar Bin Abi Irtat had been permanently staying from the beginning. They had a strong aversion against Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam and had a rich experience of many wars. On their instigation, the people of Khurtaba turned rebels. For help, Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam sent Hazrat Ashtar Nakhai Radiallahu anhoo who was a very brave, fully experienced and pious man. Historians state that,
“On the way, by giving poison, Amir-e-Muavia put an end to Ashtar Nakhai, and a huge army sent to Egypt under the headship of Amr bin A’as. This was not to his satisfaction. Hence, in addition to this, he himself headed a big army and went there. On reaching to Egypt, he encircled Hazrat Muhammad Bin Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo army in such a way that some of his soldiers died of the firing and the remaining ran away from the battlefield. Hazrat Muhammad Bin Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo also hid himself in a ruined mouse. But the spies of Amr bin A’as found him out. Muavia bin Khadij killed him mercilessly, and the holy dead body was put in the dead donkey stomach and cremated.”

This is the force of power, as a result of which, gruesome actions were taken against the holy dead body of Hazrat Muhammad Bin Abu Bakr Radiallahu anhoo , the loving son of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq Radiallahu anhoo . There is a vast difference between the Caliphate Regin and the power of ruling! Because of this type of actions, the whole of Egypt came under a dreadful impression of Amir-e-Muavia. The whole region was under his control and ruling. He handed over the powers to Amr bin A’as as an incentive for the support Amr bin A’as provided to Amir-e-Muavia.

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was ready to arrange for rescue Egypt, but, he was accidentally martyred. After capturing Egypt, Amir-e-Muavia spread his battalions to Hijjaz, Iraq, Jazira and Yemen for raids. They used to loot the people and torture them; by this, they were adding to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam troubles. But when Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam army reached to the spot for the encounter, they ran away. This looting inspired the people of Kerman and Faras, and they also rebelled. But Hazrat Ali sent the troops of the army and the rebellious were controlled. When the mutiny was over, Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam behaved with the Iranians in such a nice and affectionate way that each one of the Iranians was impressed deeply and said that Amirul Mominin Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam behaviour was so good that the Nausherwan’s behaviour and his justice were forgotten.

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