PROPHET IDRIS AlahisSalam and PROPHET NUH AlahisSalam

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Hishŕm Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Sŕ’ib al-Kalbi informed us on the authority of his father, he on the authority of Abu Sŕlih, he on the authority of Ibn `Abbás; he said:

The first Prophet raised after Adam was Idris and he was Khinukh (Enoch) Ibn Yaridh (Jared), and he is al-Yŕridh. So many of his noble deeds ascended the sky in one day, as from all mankind did not ascend in one month. So Iblis became envious of him and made his people disobey him. Thereupon Allah raised him to a high abode. Allah made him enter heaven and said: I am not going to extern him. This is from a long narration about Idris. Then Khinukh begot Mattushalikh (Methuselah) and several others, but he was the custodian. Then Mattushalikh (The word signifies: The Prophet died) begot Lamik (Lamech) and several others, and he was the trustee. Then Lamik begot Nuh.

He (Ibn Sa’d) said: Hishŕm Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Sŕ’ib al-Kalbi informed us on the authority of his fahter, he on the authority of Abu Sálih, he on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas; he said:

The day when Nuh was born, Lamik was eighty-two years old. (According to Genesis (Chapter V, verses 28-29) he was one hundred and eighty-two years old (182) There was none in those days to prohibit people from undesirable deeds, so Allah sent Nuh to them. He was four hundred and eighty years old (480) when he began preaching his mission, and continued for one hundred and twenty years (120). Then (Allah) commanded him to make an ark. He made her and mounted her when he was six hundred years old (600) they were drowned who were to be drowned. (Cf. Genesis, Ch. 7) He lived after leaving the ark for three hundred and fifty years (350). Nuh begot Sam (Shem), the complexion of whose children is white and tawny, Ham whose children were of black and white complexion, and Yáfith (Japeth) whose children were of fair and red complexion, and Kin’ŕn (Canaan) (According to old Testament Canaan was the son of Ham and thus a grandson of Nuh; but he was not drowned, vide Genesis. Ch. 9, V. 18) who was drowned. The Arabs call him Yam as their proverb says: The head of our uncle is Yam. The mother of all of them was one.

Nuh made the Ark at Nawdh and there the deluge started and Nuh boarded the Ark and with him were his sons and daughters in-law, the wives of his sons, and seventy-three (73) descendants of Shith, who had joined the fold of Islam; and thus there were eighty (80) people in the Ark. He loaded two pairs of all living species. The Ark was three hundred (300) cubits long, by the cubit of Nub’s grand-father, and its width was fifty (50) cubits and its, height was thirty (30) cubits and it was six (6) cubits above water-level. It was closed but had three outlets; some of them were lower than the others. Then Allah made rain fall for forty nights and forty days. When the wild beasts and fowls suffered on account of rain, they came to Nuh and with him they grew tame; he loaded in the Ark two and two from every pair and bore the corpse of Adam which served as a screen between the males and females. They had boarded the Ark when ten days of the month of Rajab had passed and emerged from it on the tenth of Muharram. It is why he fasts on the tenth of Muharram who fasts. The water gushed in two halves; to this Allah refers in His words: “Then opened we the gates of heaven with pouring water”. In this verse … signifies … `pouring water’. “And caused the earth to gush forth springs, so that the waters met for a predestined purpose”. (AI-Qur’an, 54:11-12) In this verse … signifies … (We split the earth). In this way the water gushed in two halves, one half from the heavens and the other half from the earth and the water overflew the highest mountain by fifteen cubits. The Ark, therefore, with all in her, moved and went round the earth in six months. She did not rest on any thing till she approached the sanctuary (Haram) but did not enter it and went round it for a week. The house (of Allah) that Adam had erected was raised to the heaven to save it from being submerged and the same is known as Bayt-al-Ma`mur, and the Black Stone was placed at Abu Qubays. Then round the sanctuary she {the Ark) went on with her passengers till she reached al-Judi, which is a mountain close to the two castles of Mawsil. She stopped at Judi after six months, then it was said to her: “A far removal for wrong doing folk”. (Al-Qur’an, 11:44) When she came to rest upon al-Judi, it was said: 0 earth ! swallow thy water and, O sky ! be clear of clouds” … signifies … (control). “And the water was made to subside”. (Al-Qur’an, 11:44) The earth drenched it, so the water that had fallen from the sky turned into oceans.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: The remainder of the water of the deluge flew into the valley of Hismá where it remained for forty years after the Deluge; then it dried away. After that Nuh disembarked from the Ark in a village, and every one of them (his companions) built a house for himself, and so it was called Suq al-Thamanin (Market of eighty persons). All the descendants of Qabil were drowned. All Nuh’s forefathers upto Adam were believers.
He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Nuh cursed the lion to suffer always from fever, (hummá); prayed for the dove for love and cursed the crow to get insufficient sustenance.

He (Ibn Sa’d) said: Qabisah Ibn ‘Ugbah al-Suwa’i informed as: Sufyan Ibn Sa’id al-Thawri informed us on the authority of his father, he on the authority of `Ikrimah; he said:

There were ten generations between Adam and Nuh and all of them were believers.

He (lbn Sa’d) said: Then the narration is connected with that of Hishŕm lbn Muhammad Ibn al-Sŕ’ib on the authority of his father, he on the authority of Abu Salih, he on the authority of lbn ‘Abbas; he said:

Nuh married a woman from the family of Qabil, who bore him a son named Yunatan. This boy was born in a village towards the east Ma’al Nur shams. When the town Sug a1-Thamanin could not suffice for them they all shifted to Babil (Babylon) which was erected between the Euphrates and al-Sarat and its limits were twelve by twelve farsakhs, and its gate was, where the houses of Kufah, over its bridge to the left side, are today built. They multiplied and their number reached one hundred thousand, and all of them were believers. When Nuh disembarked from the Ark, he interred Adam at Bayt al-Muqaddas and Nuh died.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: ‘Abd al-Wahhŕb Ibn `Ala al ‘Ijli informed as on the authority of Sa’id, he on the authority of Qatadah, he on tie authority of al-Hasan, he on the authority of Samrah:

Verily the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)said: Sam (Shem) is the progenitor of the Arabs, Ham that of the Abyssinians and Yáfith that of the Romans.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Khalid Ibn Khidásh Ibn ‘Ijlan informed as: ‘Abd Allah Ibn Wahb informed us on the authority of:

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Hisham Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Sa’ib informed us on the authority of his father, he on the authority of Abu Sálih, he on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas; he said:

Allah revealed to Musa: Verily thou and thy people and the inhabitants of al-Jazirah (the isle) and the inhabitants of al-`Al (the upper `Iraq) are the descendants of Sam Ibn Nuh.
Ibn `Abbas said: The Arabs, the Persians, the Nabateans, Indians, Sindhis, and Bindis are the descendents of Sam Ibn Nuh.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Hisham Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Sá’ib informed us on the authority of his father; he said:

The Indians, the Sindhis and the Bindis are the descendants of Yufir (Ophir) Ibn Yaqtan (Joktan) Ibn `Abir (Ebar) Ibn Shalikh (Salah) Ibn Arfakhshad (Arphaxed) Ibn Sam Ibn Nuh.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Makrŕn was son of al-Bind. And Jurhum, Jurhum’s name was Hudhrum (Hadoram) Ibn ‘Amir Ibn Saba’ Ibn Yaqtan Ibn `Abir Ibn Shálikh Ibn Arfakhshad Ibn Sam Ibn Nuh and Hadramawt (Hazarmoreth) was Ibn Yaqtan Ibn ‘Abir Ibn Shálikh; and Yaqtan is the same as Qahtan Ibn `Abir Ibn Shalikh Ibn Arfakhshad Ibn Sam Ibn Nub according to the narration of those who assign a different lineage than that of Isma’il to him.

The Persians are the descendants of Faris Ibn Babras Ibn Yasur Ibn Sam Ibn Nub.
The Nabateans are the descendants of Nubayt, Ibn Mash (Mash) Ibn Iram (Aram) Ibn Sam Ibn Nuh:
‘Imliq is the same as ‘Arib and Tasim and Arnim are the sons of Ludh Ibn Sam Ibn Nuh.

‘Imliq was the progenitor of the ‘Imlags. And to them belong tale people of Barbar whose genealogy is as follows: Barbar Ibn Tamila Ibn Mazarab Ibn Fárán Ibn ‘Amr Ibn ‘Imliq Ibn Ludh Ibn Sam Ibn Nuh. As regards Sunhajah and Kutamah, they are the descendants of Fariqis Ibn Qays Ibn Sayfi Ihn Saba (Sheba). It is said that ‘Imliq was the first person to speak Arabic when his people had migrated from Babil. They along with the Jurhumites were known as al-‘Arab al-‘Aribah.

Thamud and Jadis were two sons of Jathir (Gether) Ibn Iram Sam Ibn Nuh.
‘Ad and ‘Abil were the sons of ‘Us (Uz) Ibn Iram Ibn Sam lbn Nuh.
The Romans were the descendants of Nitti Ibn Yunan (Javan) ibn Yáfith Ibn Nuh.
Nimrudh (Nimrod) was the son of Kush (Cush) Ibn Kan’an Ibn Ham lbn Nuh. The same who ruled Babil in the days of lbrŕhim, the friend of the Compassionate.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: The Banu ‘Ad were known in their time as ‘Ad Iram. When they suffered disaster the Thamud were known as Thamud Iram who are the Nabateans. All of them professed Islam’. They lived in Babil till it came under the sway of Nimrudh Ibn Kush lbn Kan’an (Canaan) lbn Ham Ibn Nuh, who asked them to worship the idols, and they complied. In the evening they were talking Syriac but next morning Allah confused their talk, and none could understand what the others spoke. The descendants of Sam spoke eighteen languages, and the descendants of Ham spoke eighteen languages and the descendants of Yafith spoke thirty-six languages.

Allah made `Ad, `Abil, Thamud, Jadis, `Imliq, Tasim, Amim and the descendants of Yaqtan Ibn `Abir Ibn Shalikh Ibn Arfakhshad Ibn NO understand Arabic.

Yunŕtan Ibn Sam had prepared their flags in Bŕbil, so the descendants of Sam halted at Majdal, which is the navel (This signifies that it was the place from where, the Earth began to expand) of the Earth. It lies between Satidama sea on one side and between Syria and Yaman on the other. Allah bestowed on them prophet-hood, the Scriptures, beauty, and white and tawny complexions.

The descendants of Ham settled at a place known as Darum where western and southern winds blow. Allah gave them less of white and tawny complexions and populated their cities and kept plague far off. In their land the trees of tamarisk, arak (a thorny tree), `ushar, ghaf and palm grew, and the sun and the moon appeared to be in motion there.

The descendants of Yafith settled at Safun where the northerly and easterly winds blow and their complexion is an admixture of red and black colour. Allah has separated their land and it is extremely cold and He separated their sky so none of the seven planets moves above their head because their settlement falls under the Ursas, the Sagittarius, and Farqadayn. They always suffer from plague. Subsequently the people of `Ad settled at al-Shihr; they perished in a valley known as Mughith. They were succeeded by (a tribe) Mahrah at al-Shihr.

`Abil settled at Yathrib and al-`Amaliq at san`á before it was called san`á. Then some of them migrated to Yathrib from where they drove away the `Abils and settled at Juhfah. A flood swept them and so the place was named Juhfah.

The Thamud settled at Hijr and its adjoining places, where they perished. Tasim and Jadis settled at Yamamah, (Yamamah was noted for her sharp vision; she could see people moving at a distance of three days’ journey) and this name was given to it because of a woman of that name. The (Amim) settled at the land of Ubar, lying between al-Yamamah and al-Shihr, where they perished. Nobody can reach there these days because the jinn have seized it. Ubár was named after Ubar Ibn Amim.

The descendants of Yaqtan settled in Yaman which was given this name because they walked to the right side (of the Ka`bah). A group of the descendants of Kin`ŕn Ibn Ham settled in Syria which was named Sham being to the left side (of the Ka`bah). Syria was the land of the Kananites; subsequently the Israelites came and put them to sword and turned out the surviving persons. Then Syria became the land of the Israelites who were attacked by the Romans who put them to sword. Some of them were externed to `Iraq and a very few of them remained there. Then the Arabs seized Syria.

Faligh or Falikh (Peleg) Ibn `Abir Ibn Shalikh Ibn Arfakhshad Ibn Sam Ibn Nuh divided the land among the descendants of Nuh as we have described in the book.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Abu Usán,ah Hammád Ibn Usámah informed us: al-Hasan Ibn al-Hakam al-Nakha`i informed us: Abu Sabrah al-Nakha`i informed us on the authority of Farwah Ibn Musayk al-Ghutayfi, subsequently called al-Muradi; he said:

:I went to the Prophet(صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and said to him; 0 Apostle of Allah ! should I not fight against those who have lagged behind (in joining the fold of Islam) in the company of those who have come forward (to embrace Islam)? He said: Yes, Then an afterthought came to me and I said: No ! 0 Apostle of Allah ! I mean the people of Saba who are very powerful and strong. Thereupon the Prophet appointed me the commander and permitted me to fight against the people of Saba. When I came out from his presence, Allah revealed something about them (the Saba). Thereupon he inquired; What al-Ghutayfi has done? Then he sent for me but I had left. (The Apostle of Allah) asked me to return.

When I reached the Prophet I found him sitting amidst his Companiois; he said to me: `Ask your people (to embrace Islam) if they respond, accept it and if they reject do not be hasty, unless you have a talk with me. Thereupon a man asked: What is Saba? Is it a land or a woman? The Prophet said: Neither a land nor a woman but a man who is the progenitor of ten Arab tribes six of which settled in Yaman and four in Syria. Those who settled in Syria are Lakhm, Judham, Ghassŕn and ‘Amilah and those who settled in Yaman are Azd, Kindah, Himyar, al-Ash`arun, Anmar and Mudhhij. Then a man asked; Who are the Anmar? The Prophet replied; Those whose sub-thbes are Khath`am and Bajilah.

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