The Most Humble

The beloved Prophet of God ﷺ  was humble and he loved
humbleness and humility. He ﷺ disliked pride and arrogance.
From his humility,1 he a would sit on the floor, eat sitting on
the ground and accept the invitations of slaves and eat the food
that they ate. He ﷺ would partake in the household chores
with his family and would sit with the poor and weak. He ﷺ  taught others to humble themselves and not to feel superiority
over others, as the one who thinks he is superior to others will
be brought down by God.2

1 Set forth by •Muslim in al-Sahih, 4:2198 §2865.
2 Set forth by •al-Bukh¥rÏ in al-Sahih, 5:2255 §5724. •al-TirmidhÏ
in al-Sunan, 3:337 §1017. •al->Tabrani in al-Mu¢jam al-KabÏr, 12:67
§12494. •al-BayhaqÏ in Shu¢ab al-¬m¥n, 6:290 §8192.

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