Volume 1, Parts 1.56.1
Muhammad Ibn `Umar al-Aslami informed us; he said: Usámah Ibn
Zayd al-Laythi related to me on the authority of `Amr Ibn Shu`ayb, he
on the authority of his father, he on the authority of his (`Amr’s) grandfather;
(second chain) he (Ibn Sa`d) said: Musa Ibn Ya`qub al-Zam`i
related to me on the authority of his father, he on the authority of his
(Musa’s) grand-father, he on the authority of Umm Salamah; (third
chain) Musà said: Abu al-Aswad related to me on the authority of
`Urwah, he on the authority of `Ayishah; (fourth chain) Muhammad Ibn
`Umar said: Ishag Ibn Hazim related to me on the authority of Wahb Ibn
Kaysàn, he on the authority of Abu Murrah the mawla of `Aqil, he on the
authority of Umm Hani daughter of Abu Tálib (fifth chain) he (Ibn Sa`d)
said: `Abd Allah Ibn Ja`far related to me on the authority of Zakariya
Ibn `Amr, he on the authority of Abu Mulaykah, he on the authority of
Ibn `Abbas and others; their consolidated narrations are:
The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, was taken by night on the
seventeenth night of First Rabi` before Hijrah, and one year before the
blockade in the mountainpass of Abu Talib, to Bayt al-Muqaddas. The
Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said: I was mounted on a beast
whose size was between a donkey and a mule, with two wings in its
thighs, which came up to its hoofs and were set in them. When I went
near it to ride, it became restive. Thereupon Gabriel placed his hand on
its head and said: 0 Buràq ! are you not ashamed of what you are doing?
By Allah no servant of Allah has ridden you before Muhammad, more
honoured in the sight of Allah. It felt ashamed till it was covered with
sweat, and became calm; then I muounted it. It moved its ears, and the
earth shrank to such an extent that its hoofs (seemed to touch its surface)
at the end of the range of our sight, It had a long back and long ears.
Gabriel accompanied me and he never lost touch with me nor did I till we
reached Bayt al-Muqaddas; and al-Buraq reached its halting place. It
was tied there and it was the place where the beasts [P. 144] of the
Prophets were tied before the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him. He
(Prophet) said: I saw the Prophets who had assembled there for me. I saw
Abraham, Moses and Jesus and, I thought there must be some one to lead
them (in prayers); Gabriel made me go forward till I offered prayers in
front of them and inquired from them (about their mission). They said:
We were commissioned with Unity (of Allah).
Some of them (narrators) said: The Prophet, may Allah bless him,
had disappeared that night, so the members of family of `Abd al-Muttalib
went out to search him. Al-`Abbas went to Dhu Tuwa and began to
shout: 0 Mubammadp! 0 Mubammad! The Apostle al Allah, may Allah
bless him, said: I am here. He said: 0 my mother’s son! You have worried
the people since the (beginning of the) night, where had you been? He
said: I am coming from Bayt al-Muqaddas. He said: In one night? He
said: Yes. He said: Did you experience anything which was not good? He
said: I did not experience anything but good. Umm Hani said: He was
taken on this journey from our house. He slept that night with us; he
offered al-`Isha prayers, and then he slept. When it was pre-dawn we
awoke him (to offer) morning (prayers). He got up and when he offered
morning prayers he said: 0 Umm Hàni! I offered al-Ishá prayers with
you as you witnessed, then I reached Bayt al-Muqaddas and offered
prayers there; then I offered morning prayers before you. After this he
got up to go out; I said to him: Do not relate this to the people because
they will belie you and harm you. He said: By Allah I shall relate to them
and inform them. They wondered at it and said: We have never heard a
thing like this. The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said to
Gabriel; 0 Gabriel ! my people will not confirm it. He said: Abu Bakr will
testify to it; and he is a1-Siddiq. The narrator added: Many people who
had embraced Islam and offered prayers went astray. (The Prophet
continued,) I stood at al-Hijr, visualised Bayt al-Muqaddas and described
its signs. Some of them said: How many doors are there in that mosque? I
had not counted them so I began to look at it and counted them one by
one and gave them information concerning them. I also gave information
about their caravan which was on the way and its signs. They found them
as I had related. Allah, the Almighty, the Great, revealed: “We appointed
the vision which We showed thee as an ordeal for mankind”. (Qur’an,
17:63) He (Ibn Sa`d) said: It refers to the vision of the eye which he saw
with the eye.

Volume 1, Parts 1.56.2
Hujayn Ibn al-Muthanna informed us: `Abd al-`Aziz lbn `Abd Allah Ibn
Abi Salamah informed us on the authority of `Abd Allah Ibn al-Fad1, he
on the authority of Abu Salamah he on the authority of Abu Hurayrah;
he said:
The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said: I found myself in al-Hijr
while the Quraysh were putting questions about my nocturnal Journey.
They asked me about Bayt al-Muqaddas which I had not fully
recollected, so I became nervous like which I had never been. Allah
brought it before me and I was looking it what they were asking about;
and so I informed them. I was shown the group of the Prophets and lo!
Moses was standing and offering prayers, and lo ! he appeared to be
hardworking as if he was a member of the tribe of (Azd) Shanu’ah, lo!
`Isa Ibn Maryám was offering prayers standing, and the person most
resembling him is `Urwah (P.145] Ibn Masud al-Thaqafi, and lo! Ibrahim
was offering prayers standing and the person most resembling him is
your companion, referring to himself. When it was the time of prayer I
led them. When I had finished the prayers, a person said to me; O
Muhammad ! it is Malik, the warden of hell, salute to him. I turned to
him, and he was the first to offer me greetings (salám).

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