Volume 1, Parts 1.36.1
He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Hishám Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Sa’ib al-Kalbi
informed us on the authority of his father, he on the authority of Abu
Salih, he on the authority of Ibn `Abbas; he said:
The first born child to the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, was alQasim, who was born at Makkah before his being raised to prophethood,
and after whom his patronymic was Abu al-Qasim. Then Zaynab was
born to him, then Ruqayyah, then Fatimah, then Umm Kulthum, then
after the advent of Islam `Abd Allah was born and he got the appellation
of al-Tayyib (perfumed) and al-Tahir (pure). The mother of all of them
was Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid Ibn Asad Ibn `Abd al-`Uzza Ibn Qusayyi;
and her (Khadijah’s) mother was Fatimah Bint Zà’idah lbn al-Asamm
Ibn Harim Ibn Rawahah Ibn Hujr Ibn `Abd Ibn Ma’is Ibn ‘Amir Ibn
Luwayyi. The first of his children to die was al-Qasim, then `Abd Allah,
at Makkah. Thereupon al-‘As Ibn Wa’il al-Sahmi said: His offspring
have ceased and so he is abtar (without posterity).

Volume 1, Parts 1.36.2
He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Muhammad Ibn ‘Umar informed us; he said: `Amr
lbn Salamah al-Hudhali informed us on the authority of Sa’id Ibn
Muhammad Ibn Jubayr Ibn Mut`im, he on the authority of his father; he
Al-Qasim died when he was two years old.
He (lbn Sa`d) said: Muhammad Ibn `Umar said: Salma, the
enfranchised maid of Safiyyah Bint `Abd al-Muttalib served as nurse in
maternity to Khadijah in her deliveries. She (Khadijah) sacrificed two
goats for a male child and one goat for a female one. Between two births
there was a span of one year and she engaged nurses to foster her
children, arrangement for which was made before delivery.

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