Volume 1, Parts 1.33.1
He (lbn Sa`d) said: Muhammad Ibn `Umar lbn Wáqid al-Aslami
informed us: Al-Dahhàk Ibn `Uthman informed us on the authority of
`Urwah lbn al-Zubayr, he on the authority of his father; he said:
I heard Hakim Ibn Hizàm saying: The oath of al-Fudul was taken after
the return of the Quraysh from the battle of al-Fijar, and the Apostle of
Allah then was twenty years of age.

Volume 1, Parts 1.33.2
He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Muhammad Ibn `Umar said: Some one other than alDahhak informed me; he said:
The Battle of al-Fijar was fought in the month of Sháwwál, and this oath
was taken in the month of Dhu al-Qa`dah. It was the best of treaties that
had ever been concluded. The first person who took the initiative was alZubayr Ibn `Abd al-Muttalib. Thereupon the Banu Hashim, Zuhrah and
Taym assembled in the house of `Abd Allah Ibn Jud`án who prepared
food for them. Then they took an oath and entered into an agreement
saying: By Allah ! as long as the ocean drenches wool we will be with the
oppressed until he gets recompense for his rights and we will see that all
receive equal treatment. The Quraysh called this the Oath of al-Fudul.

Volume 1, Parts 1.33.3
He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Muhammad Ibn ‘Umar informed us; he said:
Muhammad Ibn `Abd Allah related to me on the authority of al-Zuhri,
he on the authority of Talhah Ibn ‘Abd Allah Ibn `Awf, he on the
authority of `Abd al-Rahmán lbn Azhar, he on the authority of Jubayr
Ibn Mut’im, he said:
The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said: I do not like to break the
oath which I had taken in the house of Ibn Jud`àn even for red camels
(na`am). (The members of the tribes of) Hashim, Zuhrah and Taym
swore to side with the oppressed till the sea drenched wool, and if I am
called fot I know I shall (heartily) respond; it was (known as) the Oath of
al-Fudul. Muhammad Ibn `Umar said: We do not know any one having
taken such an oath before Banu Hashim

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