Brief Chapter on Life of Imam Hasan AlahisSalam part 1

Name and Lineage: His holy name, Hazrat Hasan AlahisSalam is well known throughout the world. Huzur ﷺ himself had given this name. The name, Abu Muhammad contains a reflection of his parents and ancestors. Saiyad-i-Shabab-i-Ahl-i-Jannat (a leader in heaven with higher virtues) and Rehanat-un-Nabi (offspring of the Prophet Nabi Pakﷺ) are his appellations or titles. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is his holy father, and his holy mother is Hazrat Fatema Zahra AlahisSalam., the leader of all the women of the human world. That means, his maternal grandfather is Saiyedna Muhammad Rasulallah ﷺ, the emperor of both the worlds.

Birth: He was born during Ramadan Mubarak of Hijri 3. Huzur-i Anwar ﷺ was given an indication. Immediately he came over the spot. The infant was asked for, was brought to him, he said Azaan (call for the prayer) in his right ear and Taq’bir (to be recited just behind the Imam before beginning the group prayer) in his left ear. These words were recited in such a way that they became the centre of Hazrat Imam Hasan’ AlahisSalam life, and all the activities of his life kept on circling around them.

The place of Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam in the heart of Nabi Pakﷺ

The place of Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam and Hazrat Imam Husain AlaihisSalam to was the highest in Huzur ﷺ heart in the matter of love. There can not be a better example of love than this. With love and great intimacy, he nurtured both these grandsons. He provided a unique and miraculous training of prophethood to these children that even the people who deserve heaven, follow their way of life in order to complete and fulfil their worldly and divine duties. Through this practice only, people become worth for heaven. In this way, these two grandsons were the Imams and leaders of all the youth deserving heaven. This was the result of Huzur ﷺ extraordinary training.

Even a little hardship to these children used to disturb Huzur ﷺ. Without a seeing them, he would be uneasy. He used to visit Hazrat Fatema AlahisSalam house, especially to see the children. Huzur Pak ﷺ would make them ride on his holy shoulders.

Sometimes, while Huzur ﷺ used to be in prostrated position (One of the postures during the Islamic prayer-Namaz), Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam or Hazrat Imam Husain AlaihisSalam rode over his holy back. He would not change the posture till the child came down, last he would fall.

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