Life of Hazrat Syedah Fatima Zahara AlahisSalam..part 2

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam used to stay with Huzur ﷺ After marriage, a house was needed. Hazrat Harisa-bin-Noman Ansari Radiallahu anhoo gifted one of his houses. After send-off, when Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam came to that house, Huzur ﷺ also arrived there. They halted at the gate, sought permission and then entered into the house. He asked for water, prayed on it and sprayed over Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam chest and arms then called Hazrat Fatimah AlaihisSalam. She came abashed. He sprayed the water over her and said, “I have given you in marriage to the best man from my family. “As Hafiz Khatib Baghdadi writes, Huzur ﷺ told Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam, “I have given you in marriage to a man who is the first Muslim in the community of my followers, has great patience and is more mature than anybody else in the community.”

In the Battle of Uhud

Nabi Pakﷺ holy teeth were damaged during this battle. Due to Abdullahbin-Kamima’s attack, two tips of a weapon pierced his holy face, which was removed with great difficulty. When Ibn-i-Kamima killed Hazrat Abdullah-bin-Jubair Radiallahu anhoo who resembled very greatly to Huzur ﷺ, rumour was spread that Huzur ﷺ was martyred. When this news reached Medina, the people who were there, came running impatiently. Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam saw that, blood was flowing from his holy face. As Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam brought wáter, Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam went on washing, but the blood did not stop. Lastly, a piece of the carpet was burnt and kept on the wound, and the flow of blood finally stopped.

The birth of Hasanain Karimain

During the third year of Hijri in the month of Ramadan, Saiyedna Imam Hasan AlahisSalam was born, and Saiyeduna Imam Husain AlaihisSalam was born during Sha’aban of the fourth year of Hijri.

The final departure of Huzur

On the basis of the description that Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam was born in the first year of the Prophethood. A day before his sad demise, he called Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam said something, and she started weeping. Again he called her, told her something in the ear, and she started laughing. First, when he called her, he told her that during that disease, he would die which caused weeping whereas, on the second time when she was called, she was told that out of all his children, she would be the first to meet him. On this, she laughed. This description has been taken from Sahih Bukhari Vol / Chp. 527-533. (It has been described to Hazrat Ayesha SalamUllahAlaiha, and in Chp. 512, it has been described to Masruk by Hazrat Ayesha SalamUllahAlaiha There are some additions in the description to Masruk. Hafiz Ibn-i-Hajar etc. have supported the description by Masruk only. The addition in that is, that, when Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam was called for the second time, in her ears, Huzur ﷺ said, “Will you not be happy to know that you will be leading all the ladies in heaven or all the women of Momins?”

The effect of Huzur ﷺ the final departure on
Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam

Huzur Nabi Pakﷺ sad demise caused such a great sorrow to all the Muslims that the whole world was, for them, gripped in the darkness (As it has been given in Mishkat Chap.547), but Hazrat Saiyeda AlahisSalam , more of that than all. At that time, the words that came out of her mouth were so powerful and effective that even the stone-hearted person also would weep. She said,

Translation: “O my father! Allah summoned you, and you left leaving us. You now reside in the heaven of Firdous, and we are left here. What a pity it is! We are giving this news to Hazrat Gabriels and are also weeping in his front.” (Sahih Bukhari Vol-2)

Her sorrow and pity were so deep that when after the final bath and ablution, his personal servant Hazrat Anas Radiallahu anhoo came, she said, “O Anas, do your hearts accept to put dust on holy body of Rasulallahﷺ ” In this state of mind, a stanza of an elegy came out of her mouth.

Translation: “I have passed through such hardships, that had they fallen on a bright day, it would have been converted into darkness,” What heartblowing words! They speak upon the nerves. It can be imagined from her sorrowful words how unhappy she must have been due to this sad demise. It was so greatly effective that, after this unfortunate blow, she never smiled till the last breath of her life. The strike was so fatal on her heart that she became ill and died during that illness.
(Asad-ul-Ghaba Vol-5, cha. 524)

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