Jung e Siffin part 6

Dangerous results of the dangerous announcement

The fact that the arbitrators were entrusted such an important responsibility of giving justice on the basis of the Holy Quran and Sunnate-Rasulallah was pushed in the background. Their duty was only to let the people know the decision, about Hazrat Aliments and the rival group, which can be justified by the Holy Quran and Sunnat-e-Rasulallah ﷺ. Everyone who knew the Holy Quran and the Hadith accepted that to respect and obeyed, the selected Caliph was compulsory for all. The group that did not follow this was rebellious. Hence, Muavia and his party were rebellious, and the martyrdom of Hazrat Ammar Radiallahu anhoo proved it like the light of the midday Sun that they were far away from the commandments of the Holy Quran and Sunnat-e-Rasulallalh. Thus, it was resolved that they should come back from the revolt and should obey Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam . But alas! The arbitrators overtook the consideration of the Holy Quran and Sunnat-e-Rasulallalhits and opened the gateway for Tulqa Muavia and his people to disobey and open revolt against Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam. Committing blunder, they said, they had cancelled Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam selection as a Caliph. As a result of this, Muavia and the people of Syria’s rebellious activities were supported, and day by day, they became more and more popular and stronger. This helped them in confirming their power. Amr Ibn-e-A’as committed a great mistake by betraying Abu Musa Ash’ari and said that both of them had consented to cancel Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam name as a Caliph. Again he, maliciously, asked Hazrat Abu Musa Ash’ari to announce and said he would follow him in the announcement. But when he went to the dais, he made a twisted announcement (which has already been stated above). Was it anything less than treachery? When Hazrat Abu Musa Ash’ari came to his senses, he shouted, “O Amr Ibn-eA’as, what blunder you have committed? You have betrayed me. You have cheated me and have committed a great sin.”

The lovers of justice have considered Amr Ibn-e-A’as’s this activity as a fraud and sheer lie. So much so that Imam Suyuti, who is a great scholar of the Holy Quran and Sunnat-e-Rasulallah het, till today there is no one so brilliant in the Hadith as him, and he has never written a single word against anybody, he also in his book, Tarikh-ul-Khulfa writes, “This was Amr Ibn-e-A’as’s fraudulent activity, and he was a liar.” When, during the battle of Siffin in Syria, the rivals put the Holy Quran on the lances and declared the cease fire and added that Holy Quran would be the arbitrator between them, that also was a Amr Ibn-e-A’as’s deep, vicious plan and it was a great conspiracy.

About this matter, some people say, it was a mistake of the whole community. But are frauds and lie also the religious group-mistake? It should always be kept in mind that the Ummat scholars always believe that relation to the final decision about any matter, it is absolutely wrong to guess. When there is a solution according to the Holy Quran and Hadith, it is strictly prohibited, rather it is anti-religious, to arrive at any conclusion on the basis of guesses and inferences. This is, in a way, the avoidance and insult of the Holy Quran and Hadith.

To be cautious of Amr Ibn-e-A’as and Muavia people and progenitor

It is an open truth that Amr Ibn-e-A’as had used fraudulent ways and means in the pious field like Islamic governmental system which was, in fact, a matter of life and death for the Caliphate Reign. It was a blunder. Tulaqa Muavia also had taken a very wrong course of action by going against and fighting along with his army with Amir-ul-Mominin Sayyiduna Ali Murtuza AlahisSalam, equal to whom there was none, nay, till today none could follow his footsteps. As a result of this, Muslims were massacred in the battlefield of Siffin, and instead of Caliphate Regin, kingship was established and authorized. All the people at large should keep away from them. A better way was to proceed further cautiously, Allama Sadruddin Taftazani writes in Taftazani Sharhulakaidin’nisfia: Translation: In the eyes of the pious, learned. scholars, it is not imparted to contempt Muavia and his group because, according to the commandments, though they had cheated the real Caliph and revolted against him yet, such acts do not allow the rival liable for contempt.

Impact of the Declaration of Abu Musa Ash’ari and Amr Ibn-e-A’as

After the declaration made by the above two gentries, all the people who were present there and witnessed the whole proceedings realized that the actions taken against Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam were absolutely illegal, against the true justice and without the reference to the Holy Quran and Sunnat. They were authorized as arbitrators on the conditions that they would give their final decision depending on Holy Quran and Sunnat-e-Rasulallah. Also, they were warned that if their decision were against the Holy Quran and Sunnat-e-Rasulallah it, it would not be accepted. Hence, it was the duty of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam to reject the decision which was against the Holy Quran and Sunnat-e-Rasulallah it. He performed his duty, rejected the decision and explained the reasons for the rejection. He said, “You had appointed Abu Musa Ash’ari and Amr Ibn-e-A’as as mediators to give a decision based on the Holy Quran and Sunnat-e-Rasulallah . But they pushed these norms back. They ignored the Allah orders and used their own prudence and discretion power, and gave such a decision which was an open insult and disrespect to the Holy Quran. It was not based on the commandments of the Almighty. Thus, the decisions of both of them were against religious traditions. None of them arrived at an acceptable decision.”

After declaring his decision, Amr Ibn-e-A’as, in a very happy mood, went to Tulaqa Muavia and informed him about the sacred message. He told him, “I have made you Amir-ul-Mominin.” Then he initiated his discipleship from Amir-e-Muavia. In fact, neither Ibn-e-A’as had any power to make anybody Caliph, nor Amir-e-Muavia could be made Caliph by him. Wrong is always wrong. Amir-e-Muavia and his party were still mutineers and Munafiq Amr Ibn-e-A’as called him Caliph, but Hadith-e-Rasul ﷺ called them rebels. In the whole of Islamic legality, there is not a single section that can support this action of Amr Ibne-e-A’as. According to Holy Quran-e-Majid, Sunnat-e-Rasulallah , public opinion and the jurisprudence, this act was absolutely wrong and deserved outright rejection. They, including Abu Musa Ash’ari, were instructed to give the decision a based on the Holy Quran and Sunnat. How could they have the power to give a decision against the Holy Quran and Sunnat? Under this situation, to cancel the Righteous Caliphate and to appoint a rebel as a Caliph was extremely a villainous act. The truth was the truth, and lie was lie. Everyone knew that Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was a Righteous Caliph. All the moralists of Islamic philosophy had supported this view. A basic book of Hanafite Islamic philosophy, Fath-ul-Qadir (the last para of Cha.-Adb-ulQazi) says,

Translation: During the period of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam, the truth was only with him because the initiation of Caliphate done on his hand was absolutely true, and its planning also was perfect. Hence, he was on the side of truth during the battle of Jamal and at Siffin during the fight with Muavia. It was Huzur ﷺ prophecy for Hazrat Ammar Radiallahu anhoo that the rebellious group would kill him. And, Muavia’s group had assassinated him. In this way, the prophecy of Huzur ﷺ clarified and proved that those people were rebellious.

This description is the explanation of this part of the para. (Hidaya-eAakhirin-last para): “During the time of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam, the truth was with him (Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam).”

Hence, whatever had been done even by Amr Ibn-e-A’as etc. against Hazrat Ali Murtaza AlahisSalam was absolutely unfair. It was so much unjustifiable that none would accept it as a rightful deed.

Due to Amr Ibn-e-A’as’s wrong procedure of work, he, not only imposed the faulty system of government on the community on the one hand and the other, he put Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam who was a true and authorized Caliph and was trying his level best to perform his duties in the right way, actually was in a lot of trouble. By this act he prove that he is also Munafiq. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was aware of the danger that was a going to be created. He was sure that he had Muawia, and his people established their governance, Qaisar o Kisra would be the rulers. He, therefore, said in one of his addresses, “By Allah, if these people are your
was a rulers, they would interact with you like Qaisar o Kisra.” After Amr Ibn-e-A’as’s this activity, the danger that was imaginative, openly seen. The people, who were behaving like black sheep during the battle of Siffin, were also fully exposed, and they publicly supported them. They did not support Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam in the efforts of defeating the rivals. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Umar Radiallahu anhoo also was one of them. He, with a great affliction, expressed that it was the blunder he committed. He accepted that he committed a sin of supporting the rivals and was extremely sorry for not supporting Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam in his efforts of doing away with the powers of the rivals. Throughout his life, he was the prey of guilty consciousness for this of his misdeed. So much so that he said:

Translation: “I have never repented for anything. But, I am really very sorry for not supporting Hazrat Alim in the fight with the rebels.”
(Leelkabir Jama-ul-fawaid Vol-2)

This was such a great repentance that he realized that Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was trying in the right direction to save the system of traditional way of Caliphate and was creating an iron wall for its protection so that, the proper system which has already been established, would not be damaged by the vested interests and the world-wide system of Khilafat-e-Rasulst should not be the kingship of Qaisar o Kisra.

Had all the wise companions of Huzur ﷺ i.e. Hazrat Ibn-e-Umar etc. left their policy of supporting the rebellious elements and helped the advocate of truth by supporting Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam and his path of truth openly and opposed the rebellious elements, the rivals would have surely submitted and accepted the Caliphate Regin with respect. Had they done this, the rivals could not have dared to establish their power. Now, they felt sorry as to why they were supporting the rivals and more so why they did not support Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam and not fight against the rebels. They regretted that they were deprived of the proud of becoming Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam associates. They could have, very well, created an iron wall around Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam and protected the system. Now, they repented because they were deprived of that pride. They regretted this throughout their lives.

Some elderly persons were ashamed and were begging for forgiveness. It is given in Imam Ibn-e-Abdul-bir Istiab (Vol-2) that Hazrat Asaruk Ibn-eAzda was sorry and begging for forgiveness for not supporting Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam

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