Is there any changes in clauses of Azan

The Adhan which that the Ahl ul Sunnah believe was initiated by the Holy Prophet (s). Of interest is the Adhan that Holy Prophet (s) taught to his companion Hadhrat Abu Mahdhoorat according to Mishkat al Masabeeh, Chapter of Adhan comprises of nineteen clauses and statements, not fourteen:
It is narrated by Abu Mahdhoorat that Holy Prophet (s) taught him an Adhan which consisted of nineteen words/clauses and Iqamat consisted of seventeen words/clauses. This tradition has been narrated by Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal, Imam Tirmidhi, Imam Abu Daud, Imam Nisai, Darmi and Ibn e Majah.
Mishkat al Masabeeh, chapter of Adhan, Published in Delhi, Page 140
Can the Ahl?ul Sunnah bring their Adhan in line with the Adhan of nineteen clauses as described by the tradition?


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