ACCOUNT OF GENERATIONS AND PERIOD BETWEEN Hazrat ADAM (عليه السلام)AND Hazrat MUHAMMAD(صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم)

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Qabisah Ibn ‘Uqbah informed us: Sufyán Ibn Sa`id informed us on the authority of his father, he on the authority of ‘Ikrimah; he said:

Between Adam and Nuh there were ten generations of believers.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Muhammad Ibn `Umar Ibn Waqid al-Aslami informed us on the authority of more than one scholar; they said:

There were ten qarns between Adam and Nuh and every qarn is a span of one hundred years. There were ten qarns between Nuh and Ibrahim and a qarn was of the span of a century. Between Ibrahim and Musa Ibn `Imrán ,there was a span of ten qarns and a qarn was equal to one hundred years.

He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Hishŕm Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Sŕ’ib Wormed us on the authority of his father, he on the authority of Abu Sálih, he on the authority of Ibn `Abbas; he said:

There was a span of one thousand nine hundred years between Musa Ibn ‘Imran and `Isa Ibn Maryam and there was no fatarah; (Fatarah; It signifies an interval of time between two apostles or prophets) one thousand Apostles were raised from among the Israelites besides those raised among other nations. There was a span of five hundred and sixty nine years between Christ’s nativity and the birth of the Prophet Muhammad(صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم). In the beginning of the period three Apostles were raised and concerning this Allah says: “We ‘sent to them two Prophets whom they disbelieved and we honoured them with the third.” (AI-Qur’an, 36:13) The one by whom they were honoured was Simon who was a hawŕri (Apostle of Christ). The Fatarah was of four hundred and thirty-four years, when no prophet was raised. Christ’s aposles were twelve in number although many people followed him. Among these apostles were a washerman and a hunter; they worked with their own hands and they were chosen persons.

When Christ was raised (to the heavens), he was thirty-two years and six months old. The period of his prophethood lasted for thirty months. Allah raised him to heaven with his body; he is still alive and will return to this world and he will be a king of the whole earth and then he will die like other living beings. (Some modern commentators have interpreted the word rafa’ as Allah took him up unto himself. Pickthal, The Meaning of the Glorious Qur’an, Surah 4:158.)

The village of Christ was Nasirah (Nazareth) and so he is known ‘Isa Nesiri and his followers are known as Nasara. (Followers of a Nasirlayn)

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