Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.)

  • Name: Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.)
  • Titles:
  • Silsila: Qadriya, Naqshbandiya
  • Predecessor: Hazrat ka’afi Alehir Rehman (R.A.) 
  • Successor: Hazrat Maulana Abdul Rab (R.A.)
  • Date of Birth: 8th Muharram, 1322 Hijri, 26th March 1904
  • Date of Wisaal: 6th Jamid-ul-Awwal, 1401 Hijri 13, March 1981
  • Date of Urs: 5th and 6th Jamid-ul-Awwal
  • Resting at: Dhamnagar, district – Bhadrak, Orissa, India
  • BORN
Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) was born in Bhadrak district, on 8th Muharram, 1322 Hijri (Monday 26th March, 1904)
Hazrat Maulana Abdul Mannan and Hazrat Hikmatun Nisha
  • PEER
Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) got bait from Hazrat ka’afi Alehir Rehman (R.A.) in silsila Aaliya Qadriya Naqshbandiya.
  • KHILAFAT (Got Khilafat from)
  1. Hazrat Hakim Syed Mohammad Ahsan Sahib (Silsila Aaliya Qadriya – Naqshbandiya – Mujadadiya)
  2. Hazrat Ashrafi Mayan (Silsila Aaliya Qadriya – Maariya – Manawariya and also silsila Chistiya – Nizamiya – Ashrafiya)
  3. Hazrat Maulana Ziauddin (Silsila Qadriya – Chistiya)
  4. Hazrat Maulana Zahoor (Silsila Hashmiya)
  5. Hujjatul Islam Maulana Hamid Raza (Silsila Aaliya Qadriya – Barkatiya – Rizwiya)
Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) learned Qur’an from Hazrat Saah Mujibur Rehman & Farsi from Hazrat Maulana Safaqat Hussein. Studied in Ravenshaw collegiate school but left after 8th standard. Gone to Allahabad to join madrasa subhaniya and after that for higher studies gone to Madrasa moiniya – usmaniya, Ajmer Shareef. Then Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) went to jamiya naimiya for learning Hadith from Hazrat Sadul Afazil Allama Naimuddin Muradabadi (R.A.).
After completion of studies Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) joined as headmaster of madrasa subhaniya after death of his peer Hazrat ka’afi Alehir Rehman (R.A.) and done this for free of cost didn’t took any remuneration.
Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) got married to Hazrat Umme Salma Bibi on 9th, rajjab, 1340 Hijri and also went for his first hajj pilgrimage.
  • Made hajj for six times in his life
1st Hajj -1341 Hijri
2nd Hajj –1955 AD
3rd Hajj -1967 AD
4TH Hajj -1972 AD
5TH Hajj -1974 AD
6TH Hajj -1980 AD
1.Maulana Goolam Geelani Mirathi
2.Hafiz-e-Millat Maulana Abdul Aziz (Mubarakpur)
3.Maulana Refaqat Hussein.
4.Maulana Moinuddin Baljawi.
  1. Maulana Abdul Rab (Muradabad)
  2. Maulana Nizamuddin (Muradabad)
  3. Allama Aashiqur Rehman
  4. Mufti Mohammad Aslam (Muzaffarpur)
  5. Maulana Mushtaq Ahmed Nizami
  6. Maulana Masuud Hasan (Muradabad)
  7. Maulana Abu Turaab.
  8. Maulana Abdul Quddus (Bhadrak)
  9. Qari Nemaqtullah.
  10. Hazrat Abduttawwab Paksarawan
  11. Hazrat Allama Sheikh ul Hadeeth Abul Fathe Muhammad Nasrullah Khan
Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) had Khilafat from all the four silsila. He was khalifa of Hazrat Huzzatul Islam Hamid Raza Khan (R.A.) and Hazrat Ashrafi Miyan (R.A.) of Kichhochha Shareef. His khalifa Hazrat Maulana Abdul Rab’s Mazar is in Muradabad
Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) belonged to a Zameendaar family but lived like a general man. He used to ride bicycle not cars. He helped several poor people in his life. Also helped poor children to study. He didn’t have any children but adopted one namely Maulana Abdul Wahid and also made him his first SAJJADA NASHIN. He also passed away now the SAJJADA NASHIN is Hazrat Goolam Mohammad. Hazrat loved to travel a lot. Doing Ziyarat. He went to Baghdad Shareef four times and also once stayed there for 40 days and went to hajj when Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A.) ordered him.
  1. Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) showed several of his disciples Makkah and Medina. And also ziyarat of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) and Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A.)
  2. Once Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) was in Muradabad and was there to meet Hazrat Naimuddin Sahib. When he was on the way he saw the river is full of water, which he had to cross because it lays on the way his disciple Hazrat Maulana Abdul Rab sahib said Hazrat we all flow in this water. Then Hazrat replied “don’t worry I know swimming you hold my hand”. Maulana Abdul Rab Sahib said I was shocked to see when we reached the other side of the river the water didn’t went over Hazrat knees.
  3. Once in a rainy day he was coming by a cycle in heavy rain but didn’t get wet.
Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) passed away on 6th, Jamid-ul-Awwal, 1401 Hijri, 13th March 1981 on Friday at 5:45 p.m. In Mumbai.
The famous Dargah of Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana Habibur Rehman Qadri Abbasi Hashmi is situated near Orrisa. 
Dargah of Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) is situated at Dhamnagar, district – Bhadrak, Orissa. About 125 k.m. From capital Bhubaneswar.
  • URS
Urs of Hazrat Huzoor Mujahid Millat Maulana (R.A.) is celebrated for two days on his death anniversary 5th and 6th Jamid-ul-Awwal.