European Education.jpgEurope introduced into the East concepts and ideologies that were based on the repudiation of the fundamentals of spiritual belief and the rejection of an Omnipotent Power holding sway over the entire universe, of that Supreme Consciousness which brought the world into creation and in whose hands lay the dispensation of it (Beware It is He who doth create and it is He alone who rules); Concepts introduced by Europe had their origin in the denial of the Unknown, the Supernatural, Divine Revelation, Apostleship and the transcendental values—this was the common feature of all the branches of thought brought by the West no matter whether they dealt with biology and evolution or with ethics, psychology, politics or economics. However varied may be their field of study; they all had as their meeting ground the materialistic approach to man and his world and the interpretation of the all phenomena along  the materialistic lines.

These ideals and concepts invaded the East and penetrated deep into the inner recesses of its soul. This Western materialistic philosophy was undoubtedly the greatest religion preached in the world after Islam. It was the greatest religion from the point of view of the extensiveness of its scope, the profoundest religion from the point of view of the depth to which its roots went and the strongest religion from the point of view of the capacity it possessed for conquering the hearts and minds of men. The educated and intelligent section in the Muslim countries was simply bewitched by it; it delightfully drank it in and assimilated it eagerly. It became a follower of the new faith almost in the same way as a Muslim follows Islam or a Christian follows Christianity, to the extent that it now adores it with all its heart, reveres its ideals and swears by the greatness of its founders and torchbearers. It propagates its teachings, denounces the creed that may run counter to it and forges links of brotherhood and fraternity with the other followers of the new faith. Thus, this new faith became a sort of international family.

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