“Indeed, I am a mercy gifted (to the worlds),” the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said. Mercy is the defining character of the esteemed Prophet; he is mercy incarnate. God sent Prophet Muhammad for no other purpose but to bring God’s mercy to all creatures. God say, And, (O Esteemed Messenger,) We have not sent you but as a mercy for all the worlds. [Q.21:107.] Thus, the mercy of Prophet Muhammad is a universal blessing which encompasses all human beings, irrespective of their religion, race and gender.

Set forth by al-Darimt in al-Sunan, 1:21 S15. Ibn Abi Shayba in al-Muşannaf, 6:325 $31782. Set forth by Abu Dawud in al-Sunan, 4:215 S4659.


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