The Prophet ﷺ never said ‘no’ to anyone who asked him for something. This was because he was the most generous of people who would give to others even if he did not have any material wealth in his possession. The Companions that he noted would give others so much as though he did not fear poverty. On one occasion, someone asked the Prophet Muhammad to give him a flock of sheep in between two mountains, and the Prophet ﷺ accepted his request. When this person returned to his people, he said: “O my people! By God, accept Islam for Muhammad gives so generously as though he does not fear poverty.”³

Even if the Prophet did not have anything in his possession he would not turn away a beggar.On one occasion, a man came to him asking for money, but the Prophet did not have any. So, he told the man to borrow money in his name, and when the time came he would pay off the debt. Such was the generosity of this noble and blessed man!

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Hazrat Saiyedna Imam Zain-ul-A’abedin AlaihisSalam part 5

Divine Gift of the Miracles

It is said that once while taking rounds of holy Ka’aba, a couple’s hands were stuck to the Sang-e-Asvad. Despite many efforts, they could not be separated. People suggested that their hands should be circumcised. Meanwhile, Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin came there. When he heard the whole matter, he recited ‘Bismillah….Rahim’ and touched the hands. No sooner did his hand touch, than their hands were freed. (Khazint-ul-Ashfiya)

Obedience of a deer

It is said that once he went to the jungle for a walk with some of his companions. When they spread the carpet and were ready to eat, a deer was seen going from there. He called the deer and invited it to eat with him. The deer at once came, ate with him and went away.

A complaint of a deer

(Ma’aslikul Sa’alikin)

It is said that once, when he was on his pleasure-walk in the jungle, a doe came near him and complained. People asked him what it said. He said, “She complains that one of the Quraishs has snatched away its fawn.” Then he summoned the Quraish with the fawn and told him, “O’ man! If you wish that your children should be safe and protected from prison and cruelty, leave this fawn.” He let the fawn go. The doe spoke something and went away. People asked him, “O’ descendant of Rasulallah, what

did it say?” He said, 27. (Ma’asilikul Sa’alikin)

The effect of his Prayer

Minhal-Ibne-Umar said, “Once I had gone to Mecca Muazama with a view to performing Hajj. Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin also had come there with the same purpose. I went to offer him my salaam. He asked me, ‘How is Khazima-Ibne-Kahil ul Asfari? He was involved in Hazrat Imam Husain’s murder.’ I said I had left him alive in Kufa. On hearing this, he raised his hands in prayer and said, ‘O Allah, throw him in the fire of hell.”

The narrator said, “When I came back to Kufa, Mukhtar-Ibne-Ubed had started his journey. He was my friend; hence, I went to meet him. I saw that he also had ridden and ready to move. I went with him. We reached to a house where he stopped. People brought Khazima arrested. Mukhtar ordered, ‘Cut his hands at once!’ The assassin immediately cut his hands. He was placed in the pile of woods and burnt him.”

By seeing this, I recited “Subhan Allah”. Mukhtar asked me the purpose of this recitation. I told him about my meeting with Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin, his wrath and the curse on Khazima. On hearing this, he got down from the horse and thanked again by offering two rakat nafil. My house was on the way. I invited him to dinner. He denied and said, “O’ friend! Allah had accepted Hazrat Ali Ibne Hazrat Imam Husain’ prayer, and Khazima was punished by my hands. And, I took revenge of Hazrat Imam Husain’s killing. I am very happy about this.


The Witness of Hajar-e-Aswad

It is narrated that after Hazrat Imam Husain’s martyrdom, Hazrat Mohammad Hanif Munsib claimed the Imamat. He came to Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin and said, “I am your uncle, and in age also I am senior to you. Please hand me over the holy gifts that you have received from Hazrat Mohammad Sarvar-e-Kainat and Janab Hazrat Aliss.” After this, both of them went to the holy Hajar-e-Aswad and prayed. “0” holy being, who out of us both, according to you, is the rightful claimant of the spiritual heritage of Hazrat Imam Aali Makaam?” The Hajar-eAswad (holy stone) stated in clear words that it was Hazrat Imam Ali Ibne Husain When Hazrat Mohammad Hanif heard, he withdrew his claim. (Ma’asilikul Sa’alikin)

Holy Descendants

Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin had fifteen children. The names of holy sons are as under: (i) Hazrat Muhammad Kunniyat Abu Muhammad-his pen name was Baqir (ii) Hazrat Zaid (iii) Hazrat Imran (iv) Hazrat Abdullah (v) Hazrat Hasan (vi) Hazrat Husain (vii) Hazrat Husain Asghar (viii) Hazrat Abdur Rehman (ix) Hazrat Sulaiman (x)Hazrat Ali and (xi) the name of this son is not known. Baki-ul-Ta’alib gives a description of only ten sons. The names of the holy daughters are (xii) Hazrat Khadija (xiii) Hazrat Fatima (xiv) Hazrat A’aliya and (xv) Hazrat Umm-e-Kulsum Ajmain.

His lineage advanced through Hazrat Baqir, Hazrat Zaid, Hazrat Abdullah, Hazrat Asghar, Hazrat Imran and Hazrat Ali. Their holy descendants continued the divine tradition further.

A Prayer-Solution of all the problems

It is described that once a person saw Hazrat Zainul Abedin praying before Sang-e-Aswad for a long time. When he saw him in (Sajdah) one of the postures of prayer (Namaz), he became curious about what was being recited by him during that posture. He heard the prayer: “O Allah, the Graceful, a poor and weak man craves for your shelter; this helpless begs for your protection, this your beggar prays for divine peace and this slave begs for your divine favour.”

The person says, “On the oath of Allah, the Almighty, I say, whenever I recited this prayer during my narrow circumstances, immediately I found the solution and was out of it.”

A person asked him, “Who, in the whole world, is the most pious and virtuous?” He replied, “The one who recognizes wrong as wrong, may it even not be in his favour. He would accept right as right even if it may go against him. To favour wrong is also a sin and to reject the truth even in the state of anger, is wrong. Momin’s dignity does not permit him to stand with the untruth.”

His death

Because Valid-bin-Abdul Malik gave him poison, he breathed his last on 18th of Muharram-ul-Haram. While some say, he died on Saturday the 12th or 22nd of Muharram-ul-Haram at Medina Munawwara. He was 57 or 58at that time. His shrine is in Jannat-ul-Baqi near that of Hazrat Imam Hasan

After his death

After his sad demise, Hazrat Zainul Abedin’s she-camel put her head on his grave and fell. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Hazrat Muhammad Baqir tried his best to make her stand, but it was in vain. Then he said that it would die on that place only, and, it so happened. and Tashrif-ul-Basar)
(Ma’asilikul Sa’alikin