The Prophet ﷺ never said ‘no’ to anyone who asked him for something. This was because he was the most generous of people who would give to others even if he did not have any material wealth in his possession. The Companions that he noted would give others so much as though he did not fear poverty. On one occasion, someone asked the Prophet Muhammad to give him a flock of sheep in between two mountains, and the Prophet ﷺ accepted his request. When this person returned to his people, he said: “O my people! By God, accept Islam for Muhammad gives so generously as though he does not fear poverty.”³

Even if the Prophet did not have anything in his possession he would not turn away a beggar.On one occasion, a man came to him asking for money, but the Prophet did not have any. So, he told the man to borrow money in his name, and when the time came he would pay off the debt. Such was the generosity of this noble and blessed man!

¹ Set forth by al-Bukhart in al-Sahih, 5:2244 $5686. 2 Set forth by Muslim in al-Şahih, 4:1806 $2312.

3 Set forth by Ahmad b. Hanbal in al-Musnad, 2:33 $4880. 5 Set forth by al-Tirmidhi in al-Shama’il al-Muhammadiyya, p. 294 $356. al-Maqdist in al-Aḥadīth al-Mukhtära, 1:181 $88.

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