Zikr e Sahaba e Nabi Pakﷺ Hazrat Kulsoom Bin Alhadm (R.A)


Hazrat Saiyed Imam Mohammad Baqir AlaihisSalam part 1

Hazrat Saiyed Imam Mohammad Baqir

Birth; 3rd Safar-ul-Muzaffar, in 57 Hijri / 672 AD Death; 7th Zilhajj, 114Hijri

Saiyed Sajjad ke sadke me saajid rakh mujhe, Ilm hak de Baqir Ilm Hadi ke vaste.

“For the sake of Saiyed Sujad, O Allah, make me humble For the sake of Baqir Ilm Hadi, O Allah, give me true knowledge.”

The Fortunate Birth

He was born on Friday, the 3rd Safar-ul-Muzaffar, Hijri 57 three years before the Karbala episode.

Holy Name and the Lineage

His holy name was Muhammad Kunniyat Abu Jafar and titles were Sa’ami, Baqir, Shakir and Hadi. (Ma’asilikul Sa’alikin)

His Honourable Teachers

In Hadiths, he was one of the loved disciples of his holy father Ma’ajid Saiyedna Ali-Ibne-Husain,Ibne-Abbas, Ja’abir-bin-Abdullah, Abu Sa’id Khudri, Hazrat Bibi Ayesha, Hazrat Bibi Umm e Salma etc.

His Holy Respected Mother

Hazrat Imam Hasan’s holy daughter, respected Bibi Fatimah is popularly known as Umm-e-Abdullah-was his mother.

Prophecy of (Basharat) Rasool e Maqbool

Hazrat Imam Baqir says, “Once I went to Jabir-ibne-Abdullah, the Companion of Rasul to offer him my greetings. He was asleep covering himself with a sheet of cloth. I offered him Salam. After replying my Salam, he asked, who I was. I told him, ‘I am Muhammad, the son of Hazrat Ali, the son of Hazrat Husain. On hearing this, he kissed my hands and said, ‘O son of Rasulallalh, Congratulations. I offer my greetings to you.’ I greeted him in return. Then I asked him to say something about his meetings with Rasul-e-Khuda. In reply, he said, Hazrat Muhammad had prophesied that I would see his child. He further told me to offer the child, Salams on the meeting.’ > “”

(Khazinat-ul-Ashfiya Vas-i-hul Tawarikh)

His Physical look

He was short in height and had a wheatish complexion. His face and way of life resembled those of his holy ancestor. (Ma’asilikul Sa’alikin) BARE

The reason why he was addressed as Baqir

It has been said in Sava’aik Muharika that Baqir is an abbreviation of Baqr-ul-Arz. The meaning of Baqr-ul-Arz is the one who splits the earth and reveals its secret, i.e. an ample amount of knowledge. He did away with the ambiguity that was about the rights, hardships, witty sayings, secrets of path etc. For this reason, he was addressed as Baqir.



The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught gentleness, saying: “Shall I not inform you of whom the Fire is forbidden and who is forbidden for the Fire? He is the one who is near to people due to his good moral character, he is gentle in his temperament and he is considered very easy (to deal with) from his conduct (for such person, the Hellfire is forbidden).”1

God praises the Prophet for his gentleness saying: (0 My Esteemed Beloved!) What a mercy of God that you are lenient with them! Had you been stern and hard-hearted, people would have deserted, scattering away from around you. So pardon them, and pray for their forgiveness, and consult them in (important) matters. [Q.3:159.]

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