Mushkil Kusha Kaun Hai???


Hadith:Qayamat Ke Qareeb Kitni Bad’tar Harkate Hongi ?

Qayamat Ke Qareeb Kitni Bad’tar Harkate Hongi ?

*Rasool-e-Kareem (Sallallahu Alaihay Wasallam)* Farmatey Hai –
“Uss Waqt Tumhara Kya Haal Hoga ?
Jab Tumhare Naujawan Bad’kaar (Characterless) Ho Jayenge ,..Aur Tumhari Aulaad Tamaam Hadood Phallaang (Limit Cross) Kar Jayeingy ,..

*Sahaba Karaam Ne Arz Kiya:‘ *Ya Rasool’Allah (ﷺ)!* Kya Aesa Bhi Hoga?’
**Aap (ﷺ) Ne Farmaya:*
‘Haan! Aur Uss Se Barh Ker, Uss Waqt Tumhara Kya Haal Hoga, Jab Na Tum Bhalayi Ka Hukm Karoge, Na Burayi Par Aitraaz Karoge!,

*Sahaba-e-Kiraam Ne Arz Kiya: ‘ *Ya Rasool’Allah (ﷺ)!* Kya Aesa Bhi Hoga?’
**Aap (ﷺ) Ne Farmaya:*
‘Haan!, Aur Uss Se Bhi Bad’tar, Uss Waqt Tum Per Kya Guzregi?
Jab Tum Burayi Ko Bhalayi Aur Bhalayi Ko Burayi Samajhne Lagoge.’
*(Ibne Majah Hadees No-484)*


Lihaza Is Se Pahle Ke Ilm Ko Utha Liya Jaye Aur Jahalat Ka Agaz Ho, Hume Taqwa (Allah Ka Khouf) Ikhtiyar Karna Chahiye,
– Apni Aur Apne Nafs Ko Haq-Hidayat Ki Taraf Ruzu Karne Ki Koshish Karni Chahiye, Taaki Hum Bhi Rehmate Allahwandi Ke Mustahiq Ho Sakey.

Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq AlahisSalam part 3


Ahmad-ibne-Umar-bin-Muqaddam Razi said, “A house-fly sat on Mansoor’s face. He tried to drive it away. But it again came and sat. So much so that he was fade up of that. At this time, Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq was sitting beside him. Mansoor asked him, ‘Ay Aba’a Abdullah, why did Allah create a fly?’ He replied, ‘It is created so that it can harass the cruels and tyrants.’ Mansoor, when heard this, was dumb-founded.”


Argumentations (discussion) with the atheists

Instead of useless discussions about religious matters, Hazrat Imam Saadiq used to keep himself busy in practicing and protecting the religion. Below are given some of the examples which show that he always used to keep himself busy in following the commands of Allah, the Almighty and foot-steps of his holy grandfather, Jadd-e-Akram Huzur-eAkdas.

Once, during his stay in Mecca Muazzama, an atheist from Egypt came to him. On asking his name and clan-name, he replied that his name was Abdul Maliq and he was from Abdullah lineage. On hearing this, he asked him whether the land in which he lived was from the skies or the earth. Further, he asked whether his son’s Allah was the Allah of skies or the earth. The fellow could not answer. Hazrat Imam Sadiq asked whether the Egyptian ever went under the surface of the earth? He said, “I do not know what is under it. But it is inferred that there is nothing.” Hazrat said, “Inference or intelligence has no room here. It is the faith that works. Did you ever climb over the sky?” He said, “I neither went to the skies nor do I know what is there.” He was asked, “Did you go to the East and the West? Do you have any information about them?” He said, “No.” This only was the reply to all these questions.

Hazrat Imam Sadiq said, “It is a matter of great surprise that though you have no knowledge of the world under the earth or over the skies, and yet, you boastfully deny the existence of Allah, the Almighty? O’ you cultureless fellow, the learned would never argue with the fool. Do you not see that the Moon, the Sun, day, night, etc. are bound with the perfect law and order? Can you not understand that they are controlled by some superpower? Had there not been the super control over them, they would not have been so regular in their process. Do you not think why the sky does not fall over the earth, and the earth does not go to the sky? Who has held them so? The One, who has held the universe, is our Allah and theirs

His speech was so impressive and effective that the Egyptian was totally convinced, and he, at once, accepted Islam.

Ja’ad Ibn-e-Darham (who was considered to be the leader of the atheists), took some dust and water, kept it in the bottle and left the bottle there. After some time, small insects or creatures were produced in the bottle. He boasted that it was he who created them; hence, he said; he was the master of them. When Hazrat Imam Jafar came to know about the ignorance and foolishness, he summoned him and told him, “If you are the master, tell me how many creatures are there? How many of them are male and how many of them are female? They are going in a particular direction. Tell them to stop and order them to go in the opposite direction.” When he heard this, he was dumbfounded, could not reply and superstitiously escaped from there.

Ten thousand Dirhams

A particular person gave Hazrat Imam Jafar ten thousand Dirhams and went for the Hajj. He requested Hazrat to purchase a castle-like house for PERFRANARE SEAST him. Hazrat Imam Jafar spent the whole amount in the name of Allah, 240 1800 6 the Almighty. When the person returned from the pilgrimage and asked 2007 him about the matter, Hazrat replied that he had purchased a house for him. He further gave him the details of the house. He said, “One of its walls is attached with the holy wall of Huzur Nabi-e-Karim’s house and the other, with that of Maula-e-Kainat Sher-e-Khuda. The third and fourth walls of the house are attached with the holy house of Hazrat Imam Hasan and Hazrat Imam Husain respectively. The person took the details and asked his sons to bury it with him in his grave.” After his demise, people saw that the written detail of the house, given by Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq, was kept on his grave. On the other side of the matter was written that the person in the grave had been obedient and faithful to Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq. (Masalik-ul-Salikin)