Are you Munafiq check your self…

What the Prophet said about those who fight, hate, or abuse his Ahlul-Bayt
The Messenger of Allah said:
“Loving Ali is the sign of belief, and hating Ali is the sign of hypocrasy.”
Sunni references:
– Sahih Muslim, v1, p48;
– Sahih Tirmidhi, v5, p643;
-Sunan Ibn Majah, v1, p142;
– Musnad Ahmad Ibn I anbal v1, pp 84,95,128
– Tarikh al-Kabir, by al-Bukhari (the author of Sahih), v1, part 1, p202
– Ililyatul Awliya’, by Abu Nu’aym, v4, p185
– Tarikh, by al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi, v14, p462

This tradition of Prophet was popular to the extent that some of the companions used to say:
“We recognized the hypocrites by their hatred of Ali.”
Sunni references:
– Fada’il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v2, p639, Tradition #1086
– al-Istiab, by Ibn Abd al-Barr, v3, p47
– al-Riyad al-Nadirah, by al-Muhib al-Tabari, v3, p242
Dhakha’ir al-Uqba, by al-Muhib al-Tabari, p91

Also Muslim in his Sahih narrated on the authority of Zirr that:
Ali (RA) said: By him who split up the seed and created something living, the Apostle (may peace and
blessing be upon him) gave me a promise that no one but a believer would love me, and none but a
hypocrite would nurse grudge against me.
Sahih Muslim, English version, Chapter XXXIV, p46, Tradition #141
Abu Huraira narrated:
The Prophet (PBUH&HF) looked toward Ali, al-Hasan, al-Husain, and Fatimah, and said: “I am in
the state of war with those who will fight you, and in the state of peace with those who are peaceful to
Sunni references:
(1) Sahih al-Tirmidhi, v5, p699
(2) Sunan Ibn Majah, v1, p52
(3) Fada’il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v2, p767, Tradition #1350
(4) al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v3, p149
(5) Majma’ al-Zawa’id, by al-I laythami, v9, p169
(6) al-Kabir, by Tabarani, v3, p30, also in al-Awsat
(7) Jamius Saghir, by al-Ibani, v2, p17
(8) Tarikh, by al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi, v7, p137
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(11) Dhakha’ir al-Uqba, by al-Muhib al-Tabari, p25
(12) Mishkat al-Masabih, by al-Nawawi, English Version, Tdadition #6145
(13) Others such as Ibn IIabban, etc.

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