Volume 1, Parts 1.54.1
Muhammad Ibn `Umar informed us on the authority of Mubammad Ibn
Salih Ibn Dinar, `Abd al-Rahman Ibn `Abd al-`Aziz and al-Mundhir Ibn
`Abd Allah, he on the authority of some of his companions, he on the
authority of Hakim Ibn Hiram; (second chain) he (Ibn Sa`d) said:
Muhammad Ibn `Abd Allah related to us on the authority of his father,
he on the authority of `Abd Allah Ibn Tha’labah Ibn Su`ayr; they said:
`Abu Talib and Khadijah expired within a period of one month and five
days between their deaths; thus two calamities befell the Apostle of Allah,
may Allah bless him. He, therefore, stayed in his place, going out only
rarely. The Quraysh had now apparently succeeded in what they had not
succeeded so far, and had not even cherished any hopes. Abu Lahab
received this information and came to him, and said 0 Muhammad ! do
what you like and what you were doing when Abu Talib was alive. By al-
Làt ! no body will have access to you till I die. Ibn al-Ghaytalah abused
the Prophet, may Allah bless him; so Abu Lahab approached him and
abused him. He ran away crying: 0 people of the Quraysh! Abu `Utbah
has become apostate. When the Quraysh came to Abu Lahab, he said: I
have not abandoned the faith of `Abd al-Muttalib, but I shall defend my
brother’s son if he is persecuted till he does what he wants. They said:
Well done ! very good ! you have done justice to the demand of kinship.
The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, remained in this condition for
several days. He used to go out and come back and no person from
among the Quraysh interfered with him. They were afraid of Abu Lahab.
‘Uqbah Ibn Abi Mu’ayt and Abu Jahl Ibn Hisham came to Abu Lahab
and said to him: Has your brother’s son informed you where the abode of
your father is? Abu Lahab said to him: 0 Muhammad ! where is the
abode of `Abd al-Muttalib? He said: Near his people. Abu Lahab went to
them and said: I asked him and he has said: Near his people. They said:
He believes, that he is in hell. Then he said: 0 Muhammad ! will `Abd al-
Muttalib enter the hell? The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said:
Yes and whoever dies on what `Abd al-Muttalib died (i.e. in the faith of
`Abd al-Muttalib) will enter hell. Thereupon Abu Lahab said: I shall not
cease to be hostile to you till eternity, [P. 142] since you believe that `Abd
al-Muttalib is in hell. He and the Quraysh began to treat him harshly.

Volume 1, Parts 1.54.2
Muhammad Ibn `Umar informed us; he said: `Abd al-Rahmán Ibn `Abd
al-`Aziz related to me on the authority of Abu al-Huwayrith, he on the
authority of Muhammad Ibn Jubayr Ibn Mut`im; he said:
When Abu Talib died, the Quraysh, turned hostile to the Apostle of
Allah, may Allah bless him, and became bold in his opposition; so he
went to al-Ta’if with Zayd Ibn Harithah; this happened a few days before
the end of Shawwàl of the tenth year from his being commissioned to
Muhammad Ibn `Umar giving another chain said: He stayed there
for ten days and there was no leading person whom he did not approch
and talk to. They did not respond and fearing that their youngmen
(would respond), they said: 0 Muhammad ! go from our city and proceed
to the place where your mission has been accepted. They induced their
foolish men to pelt him with stones till the feet of the Apostle of Allah,
may Allah bless him, bled; Zayd Ibn Harithah shielded him. Ultimately
he (Zayd) was wounded in his head. Thereupon the Apostle of Allah, may
Allah bless him, returned to Makkah full of grief. Not a single man had
responded to him except a woman. At Nakhlah, (Nakhlah al-Shámiyah
and al-Yamaniyah were two valleys at a distance of one night’s journey
from Makkah) he was offering his night prayers when a party of the genii
consisting of seven members of Nasibin (Nasibin was the headquarter of
the tribe of Rabi’ah) passed by him. They heard him reciting the Sarah al-
Jinn (no. 72). The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, was not aware
of their presence till the verse, “And when We inclined toward thee
(Muhammad) certain of the jinn, who wished to hear the
Qur’àn” (Qur’an, 46:29) was revealed to him. It refers to those jinn who
inclined towards him at Nakhlah. He halted at Nakhlah for a few days.
Zayd Ibn Harithah said: How will you enter there, referring to the
Quraysh: they have banished you? He said: 0 Zayd! verily, Allah will
make for us a way in what you see, and verily Allah is the supporter of
His faith and helper of His Prophet”. Then he retired to Hira and sent a
person (who was) a member of the khuza`ah to Mut`im Ibn ‘Adi (with
the message): I came under your protection. He said: Yes. He called his
sons and people and said: Put on your arms and take position near the
pillars of the Ka`bah. I have promised protection to Muhammad.
Thereupon the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, entered (the town)
with Zayd Ibn Harithah and approached the Ka`bah. Mut`im Ibn `Adi
stood on his steed and proclaimed: 0 people of the Quraysh! I have taken
Muhammad in my protection, so none should attack him. The Apostle of
Allah, may Allah bless him, went to the Rukn (Black stone), kissed it and
offered two rak’ahs of prayer and returned to his dwelling while Mut`im
Ibn `Adi and his sons were encircling him.

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