Volume 1, Parts 1.50.1

Muhammad Ibn `Umar informed us: Hisham Ibn Sa’d informed us on
the authority of al-Zuhri; he said:
When the number of the Muslims grew and the faith became known and
the subject of common talk, the unbelievers of the Quraysh attacked,
tortured and imprisoned them; they wanted to reconvert them.
Thereupon the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said: Be scattered
in the earth. They said: Where (are we) to go, 0 Apostle of Allah? He
said: That way, and pointed towards Abyssinia, and it was the dearest of
lands to migrate to. Many Muslims migrated; some of them with their
families and the others without them. Ultimately they reached Abyssinia.

Volume 1, Parts 1.50.2
Muhammad Ibn `Umar informed us: Yunus Ibn Muhammad al-Zafari
informed us on the authority of his father, he on the authority of a man of
his tribe; (second chain) he (Ibn Sa`d) said: ‘Ubayd Allah Ibn al-`Abbas
al-Hudhali informed us on the authority of al-Harith Ibn al-Fudayl; they
They (Muslims) migrated secretly and their number consisted of eleven
men and four women, till they reached al-Shu`aybah. Some of them were
riding while others were walking on foot. When they reached (the coast),
luckily two boats of the merchants (were there); they boarded them,
paying half a dinar each. Their migration took place in the month of
Rajab in the fifth year after the commencement of prophethood of the
Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him. The Quraysh followed them; but
when they reached the coast they had boarded (the boats); they did not
find them. They (emigrants) said: We landed in Abyssinia where we got
the best of neighbours, and were therefore in peace about our faith; we
worshipped Allah and we were not hurt, nor we heard any word
displeasing to us.

Volume 1, Parts 1.50.3
Muhammad lbn `Umar informed us; he said: Yunus Ibn Muhammad
related to me on the authority of his father; (second chain) he (Ibn Sa`d)
said: `Abd al-Hamid Ibn Ja`far related to me on the authority of
Muhammad Ibn Yahya Ibn Habban; he said:
The name of the men and women (who migrated) are (I) ‘Uthmàn Ibn
‘Affan) with his wife Ruqayyah, the daughter of the Apostle of Allah,
may Allah bless him, (2) Abu Hudhayfah Ibn ‘Utbah Ibn Rabi`ah with
his wife Sahlah, the daughter of Suhayl Ibn ‘Amr, (3) al-Zubayr Ibn al-
`Awwàm Ibn Khuwaylid Ibn Asad, (4) Mus’ab lbn `Umayr Ibn Hashim
Ibn `Abd Manaf Ibn `Abd al-Dar, (5) `Abd al-Rahman Ibn `Awf Ibn
`Abd `Awf Ibn `Abd Ibn al-Harith Ibn Zuhrah, (6) Abu Salamah Ibn
`Abd al-Asad Ibn Hilál Ibn `Abd Allah Ibn Makhzum with his wife Umm
Salamah, the daughter of Abu Umayyah Ibn al-Mughirah, (7) ‘Uthman
Ibn Maz`un al-Jumahi (8) ‘Amir Ibn Rabi`ah al-`Anzi, the ally of Banu
‘Adi Ibn Ka`b with his wife Layla, the daughter of Abu Hathmah, (9)
Abu Sabrah Ibn Abi Ruhm Ibn `Abd al`Uzza al-‘Amiri, [P. 137] (10)
Hatib Ibn `Amr Ibn `Abd Shams, (11) Suhayl Ibn Bayda, a member of
the tribe of Banu al-Harith Ibn Fihr, and (12) `Abd Allah Ibn Mas’ud the
ally of Banu Zuhrah.

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