Account of Hazrat Abu Mutallib and Hazrat Abu Talib custody of THE APOSTLE OF ALLAH


Volume 1, Parts 1.29.1
He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Muhammad Ibn `Umar Ibn Waqid al-Aslami
informed us; he said: Muhammad Ibn `Abd Allah related to me on the
authority of al-Zuhri; (second chain) he (Ibn Sa`d) said: ‘Abd Allah Ibn
Ja`far related to us on the authority of `Abd al-Wahid Ibn Hamzah Ibn
`Abd Allah: (third chain) he (Ibn Sa`d) said: Ma`mar related to us on the
authority of Ibn Abi Nujayh, he on the authority of Mujàhid; (fourth
chain) he (Ibn Sa`d) said: `Abd al-Rahmàn Ibn `Abd al-‘Aziz related to
us on the authority of Abu al-Huwayrith (fifth chain) he (Ibn Sa`d) said:
Ibn Abi Sabrah related to us on the authority of Sulayman Ibn Suhaym,
he on the authority of Nàfi` Ibn Jubayr; the consolidated narrations are:
The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, was with his mother ‘Aminah
Bint Wahb. When she died, his grandfather `Abd al-Muttalib took his
custody, showed such attachment as he had not even shown to his own
children. He (Prophet) used to go close and near to him and he could
enter (the place) where he was alone and sleeping. He (Prophet) used to
sit on his bed. When `Abd al-Muttalib observed it, he would say: Leave
my son who appears to be attached to sovereignty.
A large number of the people of Banu Mudlij said to `Abd al￾Muttalib: Take care of him, since we have not noticed a foot print more
like to that which is in the Maqàm (of Ibrahim in Ka`bah). `Abd al￾Muttalib said to Abu Talib: Hearken ! what they say. Subsequently Abu
Talib began to take care of him. `Abd al-Muttalib said to Umm Ayman
who was nurse-maid of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him; 0
blessed one ! do not neglect this son of mine, because I found him with
boys close to jujube tree and verily the people of the scriptures believe
that this son of mine will be the Prophet of this nation. `Abd alMuttalib
did not take his meal but would say: Fetch my son to me. Thereupon he
was brought [P. 75] to him. When `Abd al-Muttalib’s death approached,
he left a will for Abu Talib directing him to take into his custody the
Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him. When his last moment came he
said to his daughters: Mourn for me while I am hearing. Every one of
them expressed her grief in a verse. When he heard the verses of
Umaymah, he became tongue-tied but he began to move his head in
approbation, meaning that she had recited truth and that he was as
described by her, and the same were these:
“0 my both eyes ! shed tears and weep for one, who has been of good
disposition and who has been generous in bestowing gifts. He possessed (130 of 471)11/24/2012 7:06:10 PM
Ibn Sa’d’s (public_html/religie/hadith)
greatness, nobility, fortune, and was of excellent features and a supporter
of the needy. (Weep) for Shaybat al-Hamd, the possessor of noble
qualities, greatness, honour and pride.
Forbearing, and a man with fortitude in trouble, possessing many
virtues and noble deeds.
His superiority over his people is as clear as the light of the moon.
All these qualities were of no use when death approached, consequent
on the turning of nights and the stroke of fate”.
He (Ibn Sa’d) said: ‘Abd al-Muttalib died and was interred at alHajun. His age was eighty-two years and it is also said that he was one
hundred and twenty years old. The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless
him, was asked: Do you remember (the incident of) the death of `Abd alMuttalib? He said: Yes! I was then eight years old. Umm Ayman said: I
saw the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, weeping that day behind
the bier of `Abd al-Muttalib.

Volume 1, Parts 1.29.2
He (Ibn Sa`d) said: Hishám Ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Sa’ib informed us on
the authority of his father; he said:
`Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim died before al-Fijar and he was one
hundred and twenty years old!


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