Letter of King of Yemen

Exactly 1000 years before birth of Prophet ﷺ, a king of Yemen died, named Tubba Himayri, when he was on visit of his kingdom with nearly 400 scholars, they reached Madinah, the scholars told the king that last Prophet of Allah ﷺ is about to come, He ﷺ will be born in Makkah and will migrate to this city (Madinah), they told him all the details of beauty and attributes of our Prophet ﷺ which were written in torah and previous books of Allah! The king fell in love for the Prophet ﷺ and ordered to make 400 houses in Madinah for those scholars, and gave each of them a house, and built a big double storied house in middle (which is shown in photo above) for the most knowledgeable scholar of them, also the king wrote a letter with gold for Prophet ﷺ and gave it to that scholar to pass it to generation by generation until it reached the generation which finds Prophet ﷺ, it was written in it “from Tubba Himayri to Muhammad the son of Abdullah, the last of Prophets ﷺ! I accept whatever Allah revealed upon you!, I accept whataver are the conditions of faith, and all the rulings of your Shari’ah (so on), and please do intercession for me on the day of judgement”,
Finally the letter reached Prophet ﷺ and He ﷺ knew about it already and when Prophet ﷺ came to Madinah he resided in the same double storied house which is shown in photo above, later it was destroyed by wahabis Saudis after they captured Madinah in 1923

Ref : extracted from Tarikh Dimashq Vol 11 page 13 by ibn Asakir

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