Egyptian doctor proves the number of lmams in the Quran.

*Egyptian doctor proves the number of lmams in the Quran*

-Dr. Magdy Wahba El Shafei Khatib. Lecturer at the Al-Azhar Mosque (Retired) discovers new numbers from the Holy Quran and has become the talk of every reader, Rose Al-Yousef magazine Egyptian exclusive news!

There is no doubt that the numbers in the Quran have their meanings and that is not vain at all. For example, the word “day” was repeated in the Qur’an 365 times, the same number of days of the year as well as the word “month” repeated in the Koran 12 times, the same number of months and many examples.

* The word ‘Imamate’ was mentioned in the Quran 12 times, which is the same number of the Imams of the house of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household) They are:

Imam Ali peace be upon him and his Sons the leaders of the Youth in Paradise (Hassan Hussein) and then the nine children of Imam Hussein peace be upon them all which is recognised by the Muslims ..
And the verses are :

البقره 124
التوبه 12
هود 17
الاسراء 70
الانبياء 72
القصص 5
الحجر 79
السجدة 24
يس 12
القصص 41
الفرقان 74
الأحقاف 12

And this amazing result encouraged me to calculate the number of the word (infallibility) in the Quran. because the Shiites claim the infallibility of their Imams and the number of infallibles they have are [14]

They are the Prophet(pbuh) and the Twelve Imams(as) in addition to Fatima Zahra (as)

The answer here is that the word infallibility was mentioned in the Qur’an and the number of infallibles mentioned is 14 times:

النساء 146
آل عمران 101
النساء 175
المائدة 67
آل عمران 103
يوسف 32
يونس 27
هود ( كلمتان بنفس الآية ) 43
الأحزاب 17
غافر 33
الممتحنة 10
الحج 78

Then after that I calculated the word of the Al-Kisa (garment) in the Holy Quran. because the Hadith-ul-Kisa (owners of the garment) as narrated in the Sahih from Umm Salamah. and the number of those mentioned are five:

the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Imam Ali and Fatima Zahra and Hassan and Hussein (as) and after the end of that, I found the word appeared in the Quran five times as well:

البقرة 233
البقرة 259
المائدة 89
المؤمنون 14
النساء 5

Is there anyone who is prudent or knows ????

Do they not ponder over the Holy Quran or the hearts are lock.

The follower of Islam, What is your opinion of this miracles ???

Is it not worth that the whole world sees and knows (I am a twelver) and I have all the pride of a pro-Shiite …?

The number of sources of fountains Prophet Moses miraculously opened for his people(Israelites) to drink from were 12 source

The months in a year are 12 months

The tribes during Prophet Moses era (Israelites) were 12 tribes.

And the captives
The Zodiac 12

And the Apostles 12

The word Tawheed : there is no god but Allah (لا اله الا الله) is 12 characters long

While Muhammad Messenger of Allah (محمد رسول الله) 12 characters

And when Prophet Mustapha(النبي المصطفى ) has 12 characters long

And when honest secretory ( الصادق الامين) is12 characters

And the Imams of the people of the House 12 Imams

And when: Commander of the Faithful( امير المؤمنين) 12 characters

And Fatima Zahra(فاطمة الزهراء) 12 characters.

And Hassan and Hussein(الحسن والحسين) 12 characters

And Hassan al-Mujtaba(الحسن المجتبى) 12 characters.

And Hussein martyr(الحسين الشهيد) 12 characters.

And when :Imam Sajad(الامام السجاد) 12 characters.

The :Imam Baqir(الامام الباقر) 12 characters.

When Imam Sadiq(الامام الصادق) 12 characters.

And :Imam Kadhim(الامام الكاظم) 12 characters.

When: Imam Redza (الامام الرضا) 12 characters.

When: Imam Jawad(الامام الجواد) 12 characters.

When: Imam Hadi(الامام الهادي) 12 characters.

And:Hassan al-Askariالحسن العسكري ))
12 characters.

And: Imam Al-Mahdi (الامام المهدي) 12 characters.

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