Quran aur Hadith ki Roshni mein Yaum e Mubahila

img_20210804_1113287837408404759551993.jpgThe 24th day of Islamic month Zil-Hijj is celebrated as Yaum-E-Mubahila. The day is considered auspicious as it marks the victory of Muslims over Christians in the event of Mubahila that occurred in the 10th of Hijri. The historical perspective of the event reveals that Najran was a fertile land in Yemen and its residents were idol worshippers like Arabs. A priest named Femeon preached in Najran and soon its entire population converted to Christianity. The region became a powerful center of Christians who also raised a church and named it ‘Kaba-e-Najran’. After the conquest of Mecca, Islam started spreading rapidly. The Holy Prophet started sending emissaries to the tribes who had not yet accepted Islam. He sent a similar message to the Christians of Najran. The Prophet offered them to either embrace Islam or give ‘Jazia’ – a kind of fee to live under the protection of Muslims. The Bishop of Najran invited all the scholars and influential people and asked them to suggest what reply should be given to Prophet’s message.img_20210804_1113003167805268438794769.jpg

After deliberations, they decided to send a mission to Madina to negotiate with Muslims. A 14- member lavishly dressed delegation, reached Medina with great pomp and show under the leadership of Aqib Saidawar and Abu Harisa. The Prophet however did not pay any attention to the delegates when they entered the Masjid-e-Nabuwi. After a while, they got out of the Masjid and arrived at the house of Imam Ali. They mentioned the whole incident to him and urged him to suggest way to earn an audience with Hazrat Muhammad. Imam Ali told them to get rid of their silk dresses and gold ornaments as they depicted their superior mentality and ask them to dress simply. When they followed the instructions, Prophet Muhammad agreed to have discussions with them. After exchange of views, the delegates refused to accept the explanations proving incorrectness of their beliefs. At this juncture, Allah send down the famous Ayat-e-Mubahila of the Quran ,declaring “ who disputeth with thee therein after the knowledge hath come unto thee, Say ! (O’ Our Apostle Muhammad !) (Unto them) come ye, let us summon our sons, and (ye summon) your sons, and (we summon) our women and (ye) your women, and (we summon) ourselves and then let us invoke the curse of God on the liars ! Prophet recited the Ayat and invited delegates for Mubahila – praying to God to destroy and banish the liars.
The Prophet selected a place close to Madina for Mubahila and the next day the Christian delegation reached the designated place. Hazrat Muhammad took with him Imam Hasan, Imam Hussain, Bibi Fatima and Imam Ali. He sat down under a tree and said “when I pray to Allah, you all should say ‘Amen’. When the delegates saw a woman, two children and only one man with the Prophet they got scared. Abu Harisa replied to their concern with these words” O my friends, I am seeing such bright faces that if they pray that God move this mountain from its place then the mountain will be moved. I warn you not to have Mubahila with them or you all will be destroyed and banished.” Then, the brother of Abu Harisa, Karz ibn-e-Alqama stated “O my fellows, it appears that Muhammad is the same last apostle and Prophet that has been mentioned in our sacred books. We should not have Mubahila with them because anyone who had Mubahila with the Prophets in the past were destroyed. Look around you and observe that the signs of your destruction are appearing.” When the delegates y looked around, they found the entire atmosphere had changed and it appeared that a furious storm is in the offing. They backed off from the contest and requested that their friendship be accepted. Prophet Muhammad accepted their request and allowed Najranees to remain on their faith and pay Jazia to live under the protection of Muslims. Since then 24th Zil Hijj is celebrated as a day when Islam established its superiority against another revealed religion. The event also proved closeness of Prophet’s Ahle-Bait to Allah. No doubt, the event of Mubahila is a joyous occasion and it is rightly celebrated as an Yaum e Mubahila.

But while celebrating the unique victory of Islam in Mubahila every year, we also need to look at the current state of affairs in Islamic and Christian countries. A cursory glance would reveal that Muslim world faces the challenges of sectarian violence, poor healthcare, poverty, violations of human rights, illiteracy, lack of progress, dictatorship, absence of political transparency and regional divisions. On the other hand, the Christian or western world looks far ahead in terms of tackling these issues. These nations are enjoying stable life at least materialistically and most of them are capable of providing security, rights, food and health care to every citizen .United states and Russia seem to be controlling the affairs of many a Muslim countries in the current scenario. The situation obviously raises the question as to why the Muslim world is behind its Christian counterpart. The event of Mubahila only gives reply to this legitimate question. A look at the Islamic history would reveal that Muslims are lagging behind for not following the teachings of those whose shining faces had scared the delegates. How can Muslim world attain desired progress without following the Islam propagated by Prophet Muhammad and his Ahle-Bait? Who does not know who introduced Islam as a religion of progress, innovation and development and who is trying to portray it as a religion that does not believe in harmony and peaceful co-existence?


Mubahle ka Waqiya aur Aayat-e-Mubahla Gawah hai ke jo bhi Allah Rasool SAW aur Ahle Bayt Pak ke khilaf jayega wo jhoota hai!!*
Alaihim Afdalus Salawatu was Salaam

“Phir Aye Mehboob, Jo Tum Se Isaa k Baare Me Huzzat Kare Iske Baad Tumhe Ilm Aachuka To Unse Farmado Aao Hum Bulaye Apne Bete Aur Tumhare Bete Aur Apni Aurato Aur Tumhari Aurato Aur Apni Jaane’in Aur Tumhari Jaane’in Phir Mubahila Kare To Jhuto Par Allah Ki Laanat Daale”

(Surah Al Imraan Ayat 61)

Ye Aayat E Karima Nazraan k Isaiyo k muttalik Naazil huwi Jo Huzoor Nabi E Rehmat صلى الله عليه وسلم se Hazrat Isaa k Muttalik Bahes Karne Aaye the, Yeh Shaher Arab Me Isaiyi Mazhab Ka Bahot Bada Markaj Tha. Is Shaher E Nazraan me Ek Bahot Bada Girzaghar (Church) tha Jaha Bade bade Arab k Padri Rehte The, Unka Sardar Tha Abdul Masih uski raay k begair us Shaher k Isayi Koi Kaam naa karte.Ye Log Asr k wakt Apne Wafd k saath Madina Munawwar pahuche Jo Munazra Karne aaye the.

Allah K Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم ne Jab Ye Wajeh Bayan Kar Diya K Isaa Alaihi Salam Allah Tabarwa’taala k bheje Ambiya Alaihi Salam aur Swaleh Bande Hai Bete Nahi Jaisa Isayo Ka Batil Akeeda hai ispe Chand Isaiyo ne Munazra (debate) Ki par wo koi dalail na laa sake aur Huzoor Nabi E Karim صلى الله عليه وسلم ne unhe dalail se wajeh kiya k jab Isa Alaihi salam bin baap k paida huwe to unhe tumne Khuda maan liya jab ki Adam Alaihi Salam ko naa baap ki jarurat huwi naa maa ki ALLAH ne unhe Qudrat e Kamila se paida kiya Aage phir ALLAH Taa’la ne ye AYAT E MUBAHILA naazil ki jisme Isayo ko kaha gaya wo leke aaye apne ahle o aayal ko Aur Huzoor Nabi E Karim Apni Ahle bait ko aur Ek Dusre k halaakat ki dua kare taaki Haq wajeh hojaye.

Ispe Isayo ne Kaha K Wo gaur o fikr karke jawab denge natiza ye huwa k unme jo Nazran ka sabse Bada Padri Abdul Masi (ARCH BISCHOP of Nazran) Se Mashwara kiya To Usne Kaha Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم Allah k bheje Rasool صلى الله عليه وسلم Hai unse Mubahila naa karna agr Aalam e Dunya Me Isayat ko bachana chahte ho to wapas chale jao warna koi Isai Rooh e Jamin me nahi bachega par uske mashware k baad bhi kuch log Nabi e Karim صلى الله عليه وسلم k pass Jaa pahuche to dekha Huzoor Nabi e Karim صلى الله عليه وسلم ki Godh e Mubarak Me Hazrat Hasan aur Hussain Radi the aur Hazrat Ali Aur Fatima Tuzahara Radi Allaho Azmain k piche the Huzoor Nabi e Karim صلى الله عليه وسلم Ne Kaha Mai Jo Dua Karu Tum Aamin kahna
Is haal ko dekh k Isayo pe aisa Raub Taari huwa k unke bade padri ne kaha k Mai aise Chehre Dekh Raha Hu agar ye Aamin kahde to ALLAH pahad ko yaha le aayga aur hum sab halak hojaynge bil aakhir Isaiyo ne Mubahile Se rahe farar ekteyar kar liya ye Is Aayat E Karima Ka Mukhtasar Sa Pas Manzar Hai ab Hum Hadeees E Sahi Se Bhi ye

*Hadees Sharif*

_“Amir bin Saad Bin Abi Waqqas Bayan Karte Hain Ki Jab Aayatey Mubaahila Naazil Huwi :_
*“Farmado Aao Hum Bulaye Apne Bete Aur Tumhare Bete Aur Apni Aurato Aur Tumhari Aurato Aur Apni Jaane’in Aur Tumhari Jaane’in Phir Mubahila Kare To Jhuto Par Allah Ki Laanat Daale”*

*(📖Surah Al Imraan Ayat 61)*”

*To Huzoor Nabi E Akram صلى الله عليه وسلم Ne Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Hasan Aur Husain RadiyAllahu Ta’ala Anhuma Ko Bulaaya Phir Farmaya :*
*Ya Allah!*
*Yeh Mere Ahle Bait Hain.”*

*📚References :*
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