Ya Waris

In this connection Hakim Sabdar Ali Shah Warisi, compiler of “Jalwaiy Waris” writes that on
the way to Medina our Saint carne across a mosque where a majzoob (a Saint always absorbed
in Divine meditation) Mohammad Saleha was residing. When our Saint entered the precincts of
the mosque the majzoob embraced him saying, “Take this in your charge” and gave up his life.
After this Sufi embrace, Sarkar Waris Ali Shah’s face was bathed in Divine lustre. Apparently
this is such an incident about which many religious persons feel proud, if we view it deeply
there id adverse criticism about it. For instance our Saint himself has said, “While travelling in
Arabia I met with a religious person who on seeing me said that he was waiting for me since
seventy years and would entrust to me his charge. For, a real person is one who distributes his
income to others while a coward is one who takes advantage of others property. The lion eats
its prey and does not even sniff at others kill. “He further stated.” I met a venerable person in
Arabia, who asked me what I was searching for and said that he would fulfil my desire. In reply
I said, “What is not available in our family.” The pride of surrender to the will of God is also
prevailing in the family of God’s Lion (an appellation of Hazrat Ali). From this saying of our
Saint one can infer his grand temperament, spiritual exaltation and his hatred to take
advantage of others spiritual attainment. Whatever he obtained it was from Divine favour and
gift of heritage from his family. It is rather regretting to note that the compiler of his biography
has mentioned that the majzoob Muhammad Saleh entrusted the Divine gift to our Saint which
is contrary to his rank and divinity of temperament.

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