Today is Ashura, the saddest day in Islamic history, due to the savagery AhlulBayt endured at Karbala. We are forever indebted to the #shuhadah whose selfless courage and immense faith preserved Islam from dying at the hands of hypocrites!
Allah gave us a shade and Sayyidina ImamHussain (alayhi ‘s-salam) knew that. He did not listen when people said, “Go back to Madinah, they want to kill you in Iraq!” He said, “Welcome! If they want to kill me, I will see my Lord sooner and I’m ready for it.”
Seventy-two humble people faced ten-thousand armed soldiers because they saw the future horizon would be filled with Muslims, It is enough for us to say, “Ya Rabbee, I love Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and his Holy Family!” .

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