Name that ruled the hearts of Sufi saints and momeen

“ALI”-: Name has ruled the hearts of Arifs, Saints of all times, and even has been a ray of hope for polluted hearts. Name of Ali (A) makes Darwaish spin in axis, Sufis lose themselves and Mystics chant … … Aik wird hai dam dum Ali Ali .
Ali (A) is for whom Laal Shahbaz Qalandar said:
Haiderium Qalandram Mastam
Banda e Murtaza Ali Hastam
Peshwa e tamam Rindanam
Ke Sag e Koo e Sher e Yazdanam!

I am Haideri (relating to Haider), Qalandar and Mast (intoxicated with inspiration)
I am a slave of Ali Murtaza
I am leader of all saints
Because I am a dog of the lane of “Allah’s Lion
Who is this Ali (A)?
Ali ( The exalted one) is also called Ailya, Haider, Murtaza , Asadullah, Shair e Khuda( Lion of Allah), Wajahullah( Allah’s Face), Yaddullah ( Allah’s hand), Lisaan Ullah ( Allah’s tongue), Aain ullah( Allah’s eye), Ameer ul Momineen ( master of the faithful), Imam ul mutaqeen ( Leader of the pious), Abul Aimma ( Father of Imams), Mushkil kusha ( solver of difficulties ), Fatah e Khaiber ( one to conqueror of Khaiber), Budh Shikan ( destroyer of Idols), Babul ilm ( Gateway to the city of knowledge), Abu Turab ( father of sand) ,Sa’aqi e kosar (one who will quench the thirst of believers from the stream of Kauthar), Qaseem e Jinnah o Naar ( Divide of Eden n Hell), Wali Ullah (Friend of Allah), Nafs e Rasool saw (Part of Rsasool saw) etc.
Ali (A) was exclusively born inside Ka’abah and He is the first martyr in the house of God during prayer.

Ali (A) opened His eyes in Rasool e Khuda (saw)’s arms. He was married to the most pious lady of all worlds, leader of all women of Eden; Daughter of Prophet (saw), Fatima tul Zahra (S). His sons, Hassan (A) and Hussain (A) are Leaders of the youth of Heaven.

Ali (A), as a solider, protected Rasool e Khuda (saw) and steadfastly fought on His signals. He had the special role of protecting Rasool e Khuda (saw) when most of the Muslim army fled from the battle of Uhud.

Ali (A) is the one for whom “Zulfiqar” (sword) was sent form Allah through Hazrat Jibraeel (A) during the battle and it was said:

“There is no brave youth except Ali and there is no sword which renders service except Zulfiqar.”

Ali (A) was the Prophet (saw)’s Alamdar (bearer of the flag). He was the one who slept on the bed of Prophet (saw) on the night of Meeraj. Quran praises Ali (A) saying:

“And among men there is who sells himself (soul) seeking the pleasure of God; and verily, God is affectionate unto His (faithful) servants.” -Chapter 2 verse 207

Ali (A) is the one for whom Prophet (saw) said: “Man Kuntu Mola Fahaza Ali un Mola”

“Ali is with Haqq (truth) and Haqq is with Ali – O Allah (SWT) turn Haqq in the same direction in which Ali turns”

“Looking at the face of Ali is Worship”

“O Ali … I love the person you hold dear… and I hate the person u dislike.”

“O Ali Your fight is my fight, your resolution is my resolution… My fight is Allah’s fight, and my resolution is Allah’s resolution. The one who resolves with you resolves with Allah.”
“Nobody knows Allah except me and Ali. Nobody knows me except Allah and Ali. Nobody knows Ali except Allah and me.”
“It is Ali who will distribute heaven and hell among mankind.”

“Whoever wishes to see Adam in his knowledge, Noah in his piety, Ibrahim in his forbearance (patience), Musa in his strength, and Isa in his worship and devotion should look at Ali ibn Abi Talib.”
“I am the city of Knowledge and Ali (A) is the gateway.”

Imam Ali, Abu Turab (A) was the only one who declared ‘Saluni, Saluni Kabla an Tafkiduni’ – ‘ask me, ask me, before you do not find me amongst you.

Dr. Alama Iqbal said:
“Har Ke Dar Affair Garden Bu Turaab;
Baaz Gardaanad Ze Maghrib Aaftaab
(In spiritual exaltation, if anyone can achieve the status of Bu Turaab, then he will be able to cause the sun to rise from the West.)”‘

Ali (A) is the heart of love and reverence; center of hatred and revulsion. His devotees love him passionately and His enemies hold equally intense grudge against Him.

Ali (A)‘s love and devotion roots in the hearts where God lies. He was blessed with companions like Mesam e Tammar, Ammar e Yasir, Owais e Qarni, Hani, Malik e Ashtar and many more who gave their lives but remained faithful to Ali (A).

Ali (A) encountered worst people as enemies too. But it is pleasantly alarming, that Ali (A) became their identity… the very person they wanted to erase from history.

Ali (A)‘s door of wisdom is open for all. I wonder what is in Ali (A) that the whole world is chanting his name… Hindu poet Devi Roop Kumari couldn’t also resist saying:

Nisaar e Murtaza hoon…Punjetan say piyar kerti hon
Khizan ji s per na aaye uss chaman say piyar kerti hon
Aqeeda mazhab e insaniyat me kab zaroori hai
Main butt parast hon. ek budh shikan say piyar kerti hon

Ali (A) is whom I Love… I pursue.

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