[Ankabut 29:17] “You worship only idols instead of Allah, and only forge a clear lie; indeed those whom you worship instead of Allah do not control your sustenance – therefore seek your sustenance from Allah, and worship Him, and be grateful to Him; it is towards Him that you will be returned.”

[Ahqaf 46:5] And who is more astray than one who worships those, instead of Allah, who cannot listen to their prayer until* the Day of Resurrection, and who do not even know of their worship! (* Will never listen.)

[Ahqaf 46:6] And on the day when people are gathered, they will become their enemies, and will reject their worshippers. (The idols will give testimony against the polytheists.)

[Aa`raf 7:194] Indeed those whom you (the disbelievers) worship besides Allah are slaves like you – so call them and they may answer you, if you are truthful!

[Aa`raf 7:195] Do they have feet to walk with? Or have they hands to hold with? Or have they eyes to see with? Or have they ears to hear with? Say, “Call upon your ascribed partners and conspire against me, and do not give me respite.”

It is wrong to use the Verses related to Kuffaar and Idols and fit towards The Pious Servants of Allah and the ordinary Muslims. Our belief is that the True Helper is Allah Tha’ala. And it is Allah Tha’ala who has appointed helpers from within His servants to assist the creation with His permission as it is proven from The Holy Quran and Hadees

Syedna Abdullah Ibn Umar considered the Kharjis and the heretics as the worst beings in creation, and he said: They went to verses which were revealed about the disbelievers and applied them to the Believers. (Bukhari)

Narrated Abu Sa’id al-Khudri and Anas Ibn Malik : The Holy Prophet said: Soon there will appear disagreement and dissension in my people; there will be people who will be good in speech and bad in work. They recite the Qur’an, but it does not pass their collar-bones. They will swerve from the religion as an arrow goes through the animal shot at. They will not return to it till the arrow comes back to its notch. They are the worst among the people and animals. Fortunate is the one who kills them and they kill him. They call to the book of Allah, but they have nothing to do with it. He who fights against them will be nearer to Allah than them. The people asked: What is their sign? He replied: They shave the head. (Bukhari)


Some people argue that once the pious have died – their ability to help anyone ceases. So, why do people still go to their graves to seek help?

We, the Ahl as-Sunna wa’l Jama say that when the pious die, their ability to help others does not diminish and end. They are alive in their graves and the power of their souls become stronger than when they were alive. If you cover a living person with a blanket, he would not be able to recognise those who pass by, but it has been proved from narrations that the deseased can recognise and hear the footsteps of those who pass by the grave. A living person cannot understand what the birds are saying, but the deceased can hear and understand exactly what they are saying. Also, a living person cannot travel millions of miles faster than the blink of an eye, but the deceased can travel many millions of miles faster than the blink of the eye. An example of this is when one sleeps, one can travel many miles and break the physical laws of this world. In the same way the deceased can break the laws of this world, as their spiritual bodies are stronger.

Asking the Prophet and Saints for assistance is permissible when it is believed that the help is actually from Allah Himself, and that these personalities are merely the reflections of His assistance. Muslims ascribe to this belief alone and there is no ignorant person who deems a Saint to be Allah, And also in

[Fatihah 1:4] You alone we worship and from You alone we seek help (and may we always).

Here, it should be understood that to ask for assistance from anyone other than Allah, by putting full trust and not thinking of it as a marvel of Almighty Allah, is prohibited. But, if the attention is towards Allah and then to think of a person as the splendour of Almighty Allah and by keeping the means and wisdom of Almighty Allah before you, if one asks from anyone other than Allah, then this is not far from the Wisdom of Almighty Allah.

This action is permissible and allowed in Shari’ah. To ask for help in this way is not really asking from someone but Allah, but in reality it is to ask from Allah.” [Tafseer Azeezi]

Further, if it is Shirk to seek assistance from Ambiya and Awliya after their demise, then it has to be Shirk even during Their worldly life, because there is no divivsion in Shirk (associating partners with Allah).
As long as a person bears this fact in mind that the True and Real Helper is Allah Ta’ala and no matter whom he asks from, it will be through the Mercy of Allah Tha’ala, then it is permissible to ask from such a person. This can never be termed as Shirk.

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