Once a funeral procession passed by and the Prophet up for it out of respect. The Companions stood stood up with him. They then asked, ‘O Messenger of God! That was the funeral of a Jew [so why did you stand]?’ The Prophet of God replied, “When you see a funeral procession, you should stand up.” ” I

From this exemplary conduct, we see that the Holy Prophet honoured the humanity of people by standing up for their funeral. It did not matter whether the person is a Muslim or not, a person’s dignity matters because all people, irrespective of their beliefs, are sacred and are thus worthy of honour and respect on account of their humanity. In another narration, it is reported that he said, “Isn’t he a soul created by God?”²

I Set forth by al-Bukhārī in al-Ṣaḥīḥ, 1:441 S1249. Muslim in alṢaḥīḥ, 2:660 S960.

2 Set forth by al-Bukhārī in al-Ṣaḥīḥ, 1:441 S1250. Muslim in alṢaḥīḥ, 2:661 S961.

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