Our Saint distributed sweets and semi tahbands to his loyal devotees. In this connection his close association urged him to keep servant to look after him during his travels to which request he accepted after their repeated pressure. Daim Ali Shah Sahib was specially appointed as his companion servant.From now onwards his travels were confined with India and for recreation he often visited Oudh and North Western Frontier cites. When his devotees of Bihar repeatedly urged to pay a visit to their place he went to Azimabad and after many years he visited Agra also. He enjoyed frequent travels and they had become second nature to him.

SARKAR WARIS AS A GUEST In every place his stay did not exceed more than three days. He was very particular that his host should not be subjected to bear the heavy burden of his stay and even servants were instructed not to ask anything from his host. Such of those servants who ignored his command they were dispensed with.

SARKAR WARIS FOOD HABITS Further Sarkar Waris food habits were simple and as such not a burden to the host. Once he spent a night and halted a tottering decayed house of his old devotee Hafiz Ramzani a poor person of scanty means. He served him boiled gram mixed with salt in an earthen trough and pleaded his inability to provide better dishes as he had only so much gram and nothing more in his house. Our Saint ate this ordinary food with great relish and praised his host courage and frankness. Further he never troubled his host to provide modes of conveyance since he preferred walking to other modes of conveyance.When he fell ill at Shikohabad and became weak, his devotees entreated him to travel carts. They were worried and afraid that if he were to walk it would be adverse effect on his health and they would become the target of the public for not providing the carriage to travel. More over it would be a sad reflection upon their so called devotion to neglect providing means of
prevention to the life of such a noble and dignified person. Even if they reached Deva Sheriff with Sarkar by walking what could they answer to Munira Bibi Saheba who would accuse them of endangering her brother’s life out of greedy or money. After due consideration he complied with their request but preferred walking whenever his health was sound. But later on due to debility he resorted to make use of palanquin for travelling. There was also no necessity for his host to provide furnished and comfortable rooms for his stay and even preferred to stay in thatched houses.

According to the way of life of high ranking mystics it is evident they were prepared to endure every inconvenience enjoyed upon them.

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