Zikr e Hazrat Khuwaja Syed Ameer Kulal Rehmatullah alaih


Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq AlahisSalam part 6


Every part of his personality and life was a good fortune and success for the Muslims. A real man of Allah (Momin) lives every moment of his life strictly according to the instructions of Hazrat Rasul-e-Khuda. Instead of giving instructions, he lived the life according to the commands of Allah and guided the community to live like that. With the grace of Allah, the Almighty and the blessings of Hazrat Muhammad he exhibited many miracles and said that, that would be continued till the Day of Judgement. Below are given some of his miracles:

Some miracles as Gifts of Allah

The story goes like this. Once he was going for the pilgrimage of Holy Ka’aba. On the way, he rested near a withered date-tree. He requested the tree for the dates. Immediately the tree turned into a green tree and produced fresh dates. When an Arab saw this, he was wonder-struck. He said it was magic. Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq said it was not magic but the grace of Allah. Further, he said, “If I say now, your face will be turned into that of a dog.” No sooner did he say this, than his face was turned into that of a dog. When the Arab witnessed, he was dumb-founded and was very unhappy. Very shamefully, he begged for forgiveness. Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq forgave him, prayed for him, and his face was again turned into the original one. (Masa’alik-ul-Sa’alikin)

Bringing the dead birds to lives

In the same way, a person narrated an episode of Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah in the presence of Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq that Hazrat Ibrahim cut four birds and mixed pieces of their flesh, then again brought them to life. He said, “Do you want to see the miracle?” The person said, “Yes, O’ Ibn-e-Rasulallah ” He asked for the following birds, i.e. peacock, crow, hawk and pigeon. Then he cut them in pieces and mix their flesh and then call all the birds one by one and they came to life. (Mas’aalik-ul-Sa’alikin)

Fear of Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq on Caliph Mansoor

Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq also had to pass through many trials and tests. But all the rivals and enemies were failing due to the divine grace of Allah on him. One of the rivals was Caliph Mansoor. The story of his vicious plan goes like this. Once the Caliph Mansoor told his wazir to ask Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq to be present in his court so that he could kill him. On this, the wazir said that it did not fare to kill a Saiyed, a person of seclusion. The Caliph was very angry and said, “You obey my order and do as I say.” The helpless soul went to call Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiqs. The Caliph Mansoor briefed his people, “When Imam Jafar Sadiq, enters into the court, I will remove my crown, which will be an indication to you to kill him at that very moment.” When the Imam came to the court, Mansoor glanced at him, got up from his throne and welcomed him warmly. He led the Imam to his seat and requested to sit. He honoured him and sat before him. The slaves appointed for the killing were astonished, as the decided programme was absolutely different than the one being followed. Mansoor requested the Imam to say if he wished anything and added, “This slave of yours is prepared to fulfil any of your wishes.” The Imam said, “My only wish is, please, henceforth, do not call me in your court, because, that prevents me from the worship of Allah, the Almighty.” When Mansoor heard this, he saw him with great respect. During all this time, his body was trembling, and he was quite uneasy. When, after the imam left, the wazir asked Mansoor about the change of the programme, he said, “When I saw Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq entering the gate of the court, I saw a furious python with him. My whole throne was in his wideopened jaw. He was telling me, ‘If you harras the Imam, I will swallow you along with your throne.’ I was so much afraid that I could not even remember the previous plan.” (Tazkirat-ul-Auliya)



From the mercy of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ his mercy towards animals. He taught his followers that even animals have rights and that we must show them mercy and kindness. He warned his Companions from harming or abusing their animals. On one occasion, the Nabi Pakﷺ came across an emaciated camel that was tied up to a column. Seeing this distressed him. Nabi Pakﷺ told his Companions to fear God with respect to these animals, as they will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement in their treatment regarding them.

On another occasion, Nabi Pakﷺ passed by a man who was milking a sheep. Nabi Pakﷺ said: “When you milk her, leave some for her lamb because it is one of the gentlest of animals.’

Speaking of the rights of animals, Nabi Pakﷺ also said: “Ride these animals as long as they are healthy, and do not take them as seats (when not riding).”³ And: ‘God orders you to treat these beasts of burden well when you put them to work and keep them at their places, and when afflicted with drought, hasten with them until they are agile and energetic.””

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इस्तिकलाले बिलाल

इस्तिकलाले बिलाल
(बिलाल का साबिते कदम रहना )

1 हज़रत बिलाल रज़ियल्लाहु तआला अन्हु जब इस्लाम ले आये तो आपको तरह तरह की तकलीफें दी जाने लगीं । उमैया बिन ख़ल्फ जो मुसलमानों का बदतरीन दुशमन था। जिसके आप गुलाम थे, आपको सख्त गर्मी में दोपहर के वक़्त तपती हुई रेत पर सीधा लिटा कर उनके सीने पर पत्थर की बड़ी चट्टान रख देता था ताकि वह हिल न सकें। कहता था कि इसी हाल में मर जाओ अगर ज़िन्दगी चाहते हो तो इस्लाम छोड़ दो। मगर हज़रत बिलाल इस्लाम में ऐसे सरमस्त थे कि इन मुसीबतों की बिल्कुल परवाह न फरमाते । ज़ालिम आपको रात के वक़्त जंजीरों में बांध देते और कोड़े मारते। अगले दिन उन ज़ख़्मों को गर्म ज़मीन पर डाल कर ज़्यादा जख्मी करते। ताकि बेकरार होकर इस्लाम से फिर जाएं या तड़प-तड़प कर मर जाएं। मगर अल्लाह रे इस्तिकलाले बिलाल ! आप इश्के हक में ऐसे सरशार थे कि अहद अहद के नारे लगाते और यादे हक में गोया यही फरमाते थेहलक़ पर तेग़ रहे सीने पे जल्लाद रहे । लब पे तेरा नाम रहे दिल में तेरी याद रहे ।।

एक दिन हज़रत सिद्दीके अकबर रज़ियल्लाहु तआला अन्हु ने आपको इस हाल में देखा तो उनको ख़रीदकर आपको आज़ाद करा दिया। आपको इस इश्क़ व इस्तिक्लाल का यह सिला मिला कि आप बारगाहे मुस्तफ़वी के मोअज्ज़िन बने और सफ़र व हज़र में हमेशा अज़ान की ख़िदमत उन्हीं के सुपुर्द होती । (असदुल गाबा व हिकायातुस-सहाबा सफा १२) सबक़ : दुशमनाने दीन ने अल्लाह वालों पर हमेशा सख़्तियां कीं । अल्लाह वालों ने हज़ारहा मुसीबतों के बावजूद अम्न व इस्तिक़लाल को कभी न छोड़ा। हज़रत सिद्दीक़े अकबर रज़ियल्लाहु तआला अन्हु बड़े ही सखी और मुसलमानों के खैरख़्वाह थे।