Hazrat Pir Turkman

The first Sufi of Narnaul:
Hazrat Shah Wilayat Khwaja Syed Ataa Turk popularly known as Hazrat Pir Turkman (Radi Allahu Anhu) is a descendent of Hazrat Imam Ali Reza (Alayhissalam)

It is mentioned in some books that Khawaja Usman Haruni had four successors:
1) Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti
2) Hazrat Khwaja Najamuddin Sughra
3) Hazrat Khwaja Sheikh Saadi Langui
4) Hazrat Khwaja Shah Wilayat Pir Turkman
(The shrines of three of these four Sufis are in Narnaul)

His real name is Syed Ataa and popularly known as Pir Turkman he was a native of Turkistan. And after completing the spiritual teachings from his master, he came to India with Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti and traveled from Ajmer to Narnaul, and lived here all his life.

His miracles or the incident of his martyrdom and the construction of Dargah Sharif will be mentioned in the next post.

Dargah Shareef is located at Peer Agha Mohalla, Narnaul in the Mahendergarh District of Haryana.

1 thought on “Hazrat Pir Turkman”

  1. the shajra e nasab of hazrat pir turkman is as follows
    hazrat syed muhammad ata bin syed badar ata bin syed sadar ata bin syed osman ata bin syed ismail ata imam muhammad baqubin syed jung ata bin gunj ata syed shahban ata bin syed mardan ata bin syed asfan bin hazrat syed imam ali raza bin syed imam musa kazim bin syed imam jaffer sadeq bin imam muhammad baquer bin imam zain ul ab.
    idin bin imam hussain bim hazrat imam ali


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