Prophet Muhammad laid the foundation for the elimination of slavery in the pre-modern world. Through his Prophetic wisdom, he instituted a gradual and systematic method of bringing an end to slavery. He tied religious observance and piety with the freeing of slaves, and he had outlawed unjust economic practices that bound people into slavery. The Prophet said: “Whoever frees a believing slave, then for every part that he freed, God shall free a part of him from the Hellfire.”¹

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ also instituted rights for slaves. He said: “Your slaves are your brothers whom God has placed under your authority, so whoever has a brother under his authority, should feed him from what he eats and clothe him with what he wears. Do not burden them with what is too much for them to bear. When you ask them of (a difficult task), assist them.”

Set forth by al-Bukhārī in al-Ṣaḥīḥ, 2:891 $2381. •Muslim in alSahih, 2:1147 S1509. 2 Set forth by al-Bukhart in al-Şahih, 1:20 $30. Muslim in al-Şahih, 3:1283 S1661.

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