The Prophet’s ﷺ political career is a testimony to his struggle to establish peace. Within a short period of ten years, he united the warring Arab tribes under a single banner. This political feat had not been achieved in Arabia before this. The disunited Arab tribes, which once lived in a state of anarchy, were united under the rule of the law which subsequently brought peace to Arabia and the wider Middle East. The Prophet ﷺ achieved this by teaching the value of peace and security, such as his saying: “A Muslim is the one who provides peace to other Muslims through his words and deeds,” and “The true believer is he whom people trust with regard to their lives and their properties.”

* Set forth by al-Bukhart in al-Sahih, 1:13 S10. Set forth by al-Tirmidht in al-Sunan, 5:17 S2627


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