The Possessor of Excellent


The Possessor of Excellent
Names and Titles
Prophet Muhammad a had many excellent names and titles.
His name ‘Muhammad’ means ‘the Praised One’.1 This name
was not common amongst the Arabs before him.2 However, it
is amongst the most common names in the world today with
approximately 150 million people in the world bearing this
name with all its different variations in spelling.
Before announcing his Prophethood, Prophet Muhammad
a was known as ‘al-AmÏn’, which means ‘the Honest’.3 This
title was given to him by his society because he was known
for his truthfulness and integrity. Likewise, before he was sent
as God’s Prophet, the Prophets of former communities, such
as Prophets Moses and Jesus d, had given glad tidings of his
coming. They would refer to him by the name ‘A^mad’, which
means the ‘Most Praised’.4 This name is from the same root as
the name ‘Muhammad’.
The Prophet Muhammad a whilst discussing with his
Companions l about the different titles given to the Prophets
f said that he was conferred the title ‘±abÏb All¥h’, which
means the ‘Beloved of God’.5 In the Holy Bible, he is given

1 Set forth by •al-R¥ghib al-A|fah¥nÏ in al-Mufrad¥t, p. 131.
2 Set forth by •al-Qus~ul¥nÏ in al-Maw¥hib al-Laduniyya, 2:38.
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4 Qurôn 61:6.
5 Set forth by •al-TirmidhÏ in al-Sunan, 5:587 §3616. •al-D¥rimÏ in
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the title of the ‘Paraclete’ which means the ‘Intercessor’.1 The
Prophet a is also given this title in Arabic, which is the word ‘al-
ShafÏ¢’.2 This title is given to him because Prophet Muhammad
a will intercede for humanity and seek forgiveness for the
sinners and pray for them to be freed from the Hellfire.

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