*بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ*


*Imām Reza (as)*
*Jo shakhs* aase aamal karne ki *taqat nahi rakhta jisse oske gunah maaf ho* jaye to *oose chahiye ke Muhammad (saww) aur onki aal par kasrat se Salawat padhe* , aaisa karne se oske saare *gunah maaf ho jayega* .

*Imam Reza (as),*
‘Whoever is *Not Capable* of Performing *Actions* to *Expiate* his *Sins* Should *Abundantly* Send Blessings ( *Salawaat* ) on Muhammad and his household For verily this will *Completely Eradicates* Sins.’

Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A)

Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) was born in Kandahar (Afghanistan) on 20 June 1831 in a respected Syed family and his Father’s name was Syed Mohammed Siddiq (R.A). Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) is Alhamdulillah one of the Farzand (Great Grandson) of Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) Baghdad.

Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) was a caretaker in the shrine of Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (Gouse e Paak) for 30 years in Baghdad. Then later, Abdul Shakur (R.A) migrated from Baghdad Capital City to a very small village Tarbha in Odisha in the 1931. Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) migrated to Tarbha on the direct orders of Gouse e Azam Dastageer (R.A)

Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) is commonly known as Hazrat Tarbha Baba. Before Hazrat Tarbha Baba settled in village Tarbha, Tarbha was in a very remote area (very far) and there was no proper access to the village. Prior to his migration to Tarbha, people of Tarbha, used to suffer a lot because of black magic powers. But after Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) migrated from Baghdad to Tarbha, he fought against all the odds and destroyed all the black magic powers from the village.

Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) had the miraculous power given by Almighty Allah with which Tarbha Baba cured many incurable diseases of several patients. Patients with diseases like Cancer, Leprosy and many more incurable diseases were immediately cured by Hazrat Tarbha Baba. This is one of the greatest Karamat (Miracle) of Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A). Thousands of people from India and even foreign countries still visit Hazrat Tarbha baba and take his blessings.

In the Sufi order, Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) is very well known Awliya’Allah (friend of Allah), that during his reign even other Awliya Ikraam used to visit him from far away places. Almightly Allah has blessed him with so much mystic power that it is believed that sweat (aroma) was coming out of his blessed body even after he left this world.

And Allah Almightly has given him so much power that he once made a dead boy alive in front of everybody. People from Tarbha Village, still discuss about his several karamats (miracles) and because of Hazrat Tarbha Baba, many people refer the name of Tarbha Village with love and respect as Tarbha Shareef (Tarbha Sharif)

Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) performed Hajj for several times. Though he was a very rich man but he never lived a lavish life, he lived in a small house (hut) and prayed five times Namaz. He was very much particular about Namaz (Salah) and he always insisted people to pray five times Namaz (Salah). Later he built a grand mosque at Tarbha Sharif. Tarbha Baba is also very well known for his charitable works.

Many people believe he lived for 184 years but as per passport, he was 154 years old when he left this mundane world. He left this world in the year 1984 on March 16 (Friday) at 10:05 PM. Every year Urs Mubarak is celebrated in Tarbha Shareef, where Lakh’s of people of different religions (Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs) come and take the blessings of Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A)

People from all over the world love Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) and call him with various names. Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) is popularly known as Hazrat Tarbha Waale Baba (Tarbha Baba) or as Hazrat Fakeer Baba (Fakir Baba). His blessed full name is also written with respect as Al Quthub Ur Rabbani Hazrat Sayed Shah Abdus Shakoor Jilani (R.A).

People from Pakistan and Afghanistan call him Pathan baba or Khan baba or Kabuli baba because he is from Kandahar (Afghanistan). People from Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka call him with love and respect as Darba Appa or (Dharba Appa), Appa means elder brother.

People from different countries come and take the blessing of Hazrat Tarbha Baba. The Darbar (Tomb/Shrine) of Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur (R.A) is a symbol of Peace, Love and Harmony among the different religions. In the Sufi order, Hazrat Tarbha baba is Al Qutub Ur Rabbani urf Jilani and one of the greatest Awliya’Allah (friend of Allah) of the Indian subcontinent and his Darbar is commonly known as Tarbha Shareef (Tarba Sharif).

His Dargah Shareef (Tomb/Shrine) is located in Tarbha under Sonepur District, Odisha, India. Tarbha village is 30 km away from City Balangir. Trains are available only till Balangir, from Balangir you can take a Taxi or Auto